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Almost There [Travel To Yuga!] Empty Almost There [Travel To Yuga!]

Tue Aug 02, 2022 12:48 pm
The young vampire had enjoyed his time in the Frost Country, it was short lived but it was a great experience.  Nothing was too expensive and they had quality services.  The food was exquisite and provided him with a new cultural experience while  learning about the history of the land to the south of his home.  He enjoyed listening about the tales and myths of the land and observing the norms and moores of the land.  He was certain the villages would be an amazing time to visit during the festive season.  Though one thing he loved the most was hearing the crunch underneath each footstep.  He did not like leaving a trail, it was important for some, like for those who get lost but Kinko did not want to be tracked.  But, he did love the crunch of each step, it made each step that much more enjoyable.  He was certain the next country would be nice in it's own way as well but maybe not as friendly.  The Frost Country was oddly friendly to him, maybe because his pale skin looked good in the snow, or maybe they thought he was freezing to death.  Either way, it was a perfectly pleasant experience and he would leave a 5/5 star review at the inn he stayed at.

With the crunch of the snow started to fade away, he realized how hard walking on stone, earth, and dirt was.  The main roads soon started to suffer in quality. "Ahh..." he said under his breath, knowing that he was drawing closer to his destination.  The sun glared at him, much more than in Frost Country, almost warning him to stop going forward but Kinko would press on.  His feet only ached in the sense that he was traveling and he could have done this much easier by wheel.  Kinko was going to have to get used to traveling lightly, he did not mind this lifestyle.  He felt closer to the spirits this way, he felt closer to himself.  Though, he was not a fan of the constant pressure of the outside world.  He never knew who to trust or when the bandits would jump out at him.  He knew it would happen but never knowing when would not let him drop his guard down.  To walk so long, so far with a high guard was draining, especially when there was no one with him.  

However, it would not take even a single night for Kinko to get to where he needed to be.  This country certainly was gleaming with spiritual presences, some friendly, some demonic but friendly, and he knew he could feel the presence of malicious beings.  He knew there was a body of people that were keeping them alive, he wondered if the world would be better without them.  Though, this was not Kinko's task, not his reason to depart from his land.  Soon, he would find exactly what he was looking for as the wind started to blow him towards his new home.

[WC: 506]

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Niento Takami
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Almost There [Travel To Yuga!] Empty Re: Almost There [Travel To Yuga!]

Sat Aug 27, 2022 6:47 pm
Are you exiting this? If so add exit down at the bottom and you’re good to go
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