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The Childhood [Flashback] Empty The Childhood [Flashback]

Thu Jul 28, 2022 7:32 pm
Madara was outside one summer morning enjoying what was a surprisingly strong breeze that all but eliminated the scorching heat from reaching her body. The grass in the back yard felt divine, like a warm bed that heated her just enough to balance out the chill of the wind. She was laying down and looking up at the slightly cloudy sky. Oh how she wished it would just rain and drop a metric ton of water on her face. Just the thought of being cold for once in this hottest of seasons was enough to send a pleasant shiver through her body. Things could not get any more peaceful which of course meant that things could only get worse.

Madara had just drifted off to sleep when a shrill shriek rang throughout the neighborhood. A family with six children lived not too far away and they seemed to want to whole world to know when they woke up. Madara jolted awake and before she knew it the kids were running around like little demons. They were all under ten years old and far too young for Madara to enjoy playing with. The older of the bunch had recently got into play fighting and they didn’t take it easy. Their enabling father got them all wooden training weapons and let them go wild. “Just let them figure it out” was what he’d always say when people complained. The weaponry was made of soft wood but it still hurt and could still cause damage.

“Let’s get her!” called a squeaky voice from behind Madara. She turned and she was filled with dread as three kids came charging at her while wildly swinging their weapons. There was only one thing to do: run. She scrambled to her feet and took off as she could. She wasn’t an athlete but it wasn’t hard to keep her distance from people so young. She ran round and round her house all while wishing they would bother anyone else. Her sprint quickly turned to a jog and just when she thought she’d worn out the kids she saw that they’d split up to catch her. Now there were brats in front of her and behind her.

Madara’s muscles weren’t alacritous enough to move out of the way in time. Within moments she collided with the two who were in front of her and shortly afterwards the one behind her jumped on top of her as well. Madara was thankfully saved by her mother who came out with a pan in hand. The annoyed woman brandished the pan at the kids until they ran off.

“Oh dear,” Mother said when she saw Madara’s sorry state. She walked over and helped her daughter up.

Madara triumphantly held up one of the play swords with a wince spread across her face. “I managed to nick one as they ran away.” She was fairly certain that the kid knew that she’d taken it because they’d tried to take it with them. The kid had been unable to pull the sword out from under Madara’s belly. Hopefully they wouldn’t be back to get it anytime soon.

Mother’s face turned from worry to annoyance in an instant. “It’s hard to feel sorry for you when you do things just as bad as them. Go on, git. Give it back to them before they come looking for it.”

Madara thought that her mother would appreciate that she’d taken the weapon but her mother had always been a goodie two shoes. “FINE” Madara said angrily. She stomped off down the street. She held the sword in her hand, which was really more like a dagger since it was made to be used by much smaller people. She wanted very badly to whack those kids a few times over the head with hopes that they might gain some common decency.

Madara did not, in fact, have any intention of actually giving it back. She walked far enough down the street so that her mother couldn’t possibly see her anymore through the foot traffic crowd. She then changed her angle such that she would loop around to her own back yard. She wanted to give the weapon a try. She had never handled a weapon before unless one considered a kitchen knife a weapon. She thought that if she kept it on her maybe those kids would think twice before ambushing her next time.

The only difficulty would be getting behind the tree where her mother wouldn’t be able to see her, especially when her mother would surely be looking to check whether Madara had done what was asked of her. She thought about how best to conceal the weapon. She experimented with putting it under her pants and shirt and tying her pants a little tighter at her hip so that the weapon wouldn’t fall. It would be on the side her mother wouldn’t see as Madara walked. It took several adjustments so that it wouldn’t uncomfortably poke her skin and it forced Madara to walk at a weird angle but eventually she deemed that it was going to have to do.

The sword was not very well hidden and its tip definitely made her pants look weird as its bearer walked. It was good enough to fool her though, as she just gave Madara a passing glance as she passed in front of the window. She wasn’t holding the weapon which was all she’d been looking for. Madara grinned when she didn’t hear any yelling. She then disappeared behind the tree where she would be out of view from inside her home.

Madara laboriously pulled the weapon out from under her clothes and held it as she’d seen the kids hold it earlier. She swung it a few times and felt very unnatural doing so. It was clearly not a high quality weapon and the balance was poor. She felt that she would somehow be better off kicking someone in the shins than trying to land a solid blow with the sword. Her dominant arm swung the sword wildly several times as she tried building up the power of her swing but all that did was cause the weapon to fly out of her hand. Madara watched with dread as the sword flew out from behind the cover of the tree and out into plain view of her home.

Madara gulped and slowly peeked from behind the tree. She firstly looked at the windows in her home to check whether her mother was still there. She was there, but she was turned the other way. Madara then scanned the yard to see where the weapon had flown off to. A chill ran down her spine when she saw that it was too far to quickly run out and get. She sighed and dropped prone on the ground and inched her way across the ground. She did not look very stealthy and anyone who happened to look in her general direction would instantly know that she was up to no good. She still had not learned how to make herself look natural while sneaking around.

Minutes passed and Madara still wasn’t half way to the sword. She realized that she was wasting her time since she could have just walked over to the weapon and grabbed it by then. She sighed and adjusted her stance so that she would be crawling across the ground. This was considerably faster and she was able to grab the sword and take it back behind the tree without getting spotted. Luck had been on her side as her mother was too busy to pay her any mind.

By the time Madara stood back up with the sword in hand she was already tired. All the running around earlier combined with crawling all that way made the girl want to go take a nap. She wasn’t all into this sword stuff anyways. The thrill of trying something new had quickly worn off once she realized she was no good at it. Her only motivation at this point was to get good enough to fend off the kids and she felt like being able to swing the sword wildly was good enough. It wasn’t like she actually wanted to hurt them or anything.

“Okay let’s do this!” she hissed. She focused on the open space in front of her and gripped the handle of the sword as hard as she could. She then swung as hard as she could over and over again. It was not long before her arm was just as tired as her legs, so she switched arms and repeated her practice. She was considerably worse with her non dominant hand, so much so that she seemed to lose grip every two or three swings. When that arm got tired as well she leaned the sword against the tree and went inside to get some rest and some lunch. Hopefully nobody would notice it until she figured out a better place to hide it.

The next day was a little more interesting. It was already fairly late in the morning when Madara finally got done with her chores. She had been sent around town by her mother and was finally on her way back home. This was becoming a more regular occurrence since this was supposed to teach her more about responsibility. However once she was done with her chores she was basically free to do whatever she wanted, unless her parents needed more help of course. As it so happened, there was nothing else for her to help with later.

Madara didn’t have any plans for her day so she looked at buildings she passed. She wasn’t hungry yet so food was out of the question. She didn’t have any money left anyways so that eliminated basically every business. Everything except for the library which Madara was surprised to see. She had passed this place so many times in her life and she never thought to stop by the library. Sure, she’d been there in the past but only a handful of times with her parents when she was much younger. Now that she knew how to read she might actually find something worth reading.

Madara walked into the library and was shocked with just how quiet it was. She was used to the buzz of conversation in the background basically wherever she went so to have all that disappear in an instant was a very strange experience. She walked up to what had to be some sort of employee who was busy writing something down. There was a little note on the desk that said that the employee’s name was Lissie. That was a rather unique name, Madara thought and it was the first time she’d ever heard it.

“Hi,” Madara said quietly, “I haven’t been to the library in a long time, how does it work again?” Of course she remembered the basics, that the library was divided into sections and such but that was about all she remembered.

Lissie didn’t even notice that she’d been spoken to until Madara talked a little bit louder and leaned over the desk. Whatever it was that Lissie was working on was clearly important to the woman. Madara couldn’t tell if she was writing some sort of report or maybe even writing her own book judging by the stack of papers next to the woman.

“Oh!” Lissie said, “Sorry, didn’t see you there.” She set down her writing utensil and looked attentively at Madara. “Well, this is a library. You can read any book you like so long as you don’t take it from the library. If you pay a one time membership fee you can borrow up to three books at once. Also try to keep quiet.”

“Okay… thanks.” Madara said. She realized that she would need more help because she didn’t know the first thing about finding books or even what kind of books they had. She felt bad about interrupting Lissie, who had quickly gone back to writing, but she decided to anyways.

“Excuse me, can you help me find a book to read?” she pleaded.

Lissie looked up again, clearly puzzled. “Uh, sure. Here is how we categorize books. Just go to the section you want.” She tapped a piece of paper that listed where the various categories of books were.

Madara shook her head. “Can you actually come show me? I’ve never done this and I would like some help.”

Lissie just smiled at the girl and said, “well, you’ll never learn if you don’t try. Give it a go and if you still can’t get it come get me.” She then went back to writing and scratching her head to remember what it was she’d been thinking about.

Madara was visibly upset that she hadn’t been able to convince her to help but she could understand that it would be annoying if everyone needed personal assistance. She stormed off until a loud shushing sound reminded her to soften her footsteps. She walked around the library and wondered what kind of book she even wanted to read. She highly doubted someone would write a book about her interests which were mainly focused around cracking open locks and thievery. Still, she gave it an honest try since she figured there had to be something in the nonfiction section that interested her.

As Madara explored the library, she wished she was better at multitasking. Every time a particularly interesting title grabbed her attention she would totally forget that she was supposed to be quiet. Her steps would grow heavy and she wasn’t very gentle with handling the books themselves. It was a learning process for the girl who got better with every passing minute. She developed a routine of pulling out a book when the title interested her, flipping through a handful of pages, and then putting it back. There really wasn’t much that she thought would be engaging to read. There was a bunch of history and information about other places in the world. There were books about how to grow plants, take care of livestock, and to sew. She recognized that a lot of this information would be helpful to know, if someone wanted to live a normal life, which she did not.

Madara made it all the way back to Lissie about an hour later and said, “I looked all over and didn’t see anything that I wanted to read.”

Lissie sighed and got up. “Alright then, come with me. What is it you’re looking for, exactly?” It was not unusual for younger people to need help after all and often they only needed to be shown once or twice.

“I was looking for something about locks, I think would be most likely to be in a library. I saw a lot of books that teach you how to do stuff so why isn’t there anything about locks?” Madara said as she hurried to keep up with the woman’s fast pace.

Lissie said, “hm, locks. I believe we do have one about locks but it’s checked out right now. You’ll have to come in when it’s due. But, I think I can help you out. A lot of these big lengthy books are stuffed full of information, you just need to know how to find it.” She pulled out a book that detailed how people used to live in the past. She flipped through and within a few minutes had found a handful of pages about what kinds of locks people used way back when and how they worked. She gave the book to Madara and said, “once you get more used to looking through books for information you’ll get a sense of how to find the information you’re looking for.” Lissie went on to grab a couple other books for Madara to search through on her own.

“Thank you so much!” Madara said a little too loudly. She took the books to a desk where she began to search for and read relevant pages.

Most of the information that Madara came across was seemingly uninformative to a casual reader but was immensely useful to Madara. For example, it was good to know what kinds of locks were used for something like a front door as opposed to a shed. Madara could tell that many of the locks that used to be used were still used in present day because she’d picked those locks before. Of course, there was no detailed information as to how the locks were made or any in-detail descriptions as to how the locks worked. Surely that information would be found in that other book that was currently checked out.

“Who checks out that kind of book anyways,” Madara whispered to herself as she wondered just how many people like her there were.

Madara was unable to find any information about modern locks in the books Lissie had given her and she wasn’t able to find any other books with any good information in them. She would have asked Lissie for more help if she didn’t have at least some respect for the woman’s time. “Maybe next time,” she told herself.

When Madara was finally ready to leave the library she realized that she did not remember where exactly she had pulled the books from. She decided to just leave them on the desk because she didn’t think that she would be doing anyone any favors by just putting the books back wherever. She waved “bye” to Lissie, not that she noticed since she was seemingly always busy with her writing.

“That was a nice time,” Madara thought. Going to the library was like a blast to the past, except she got to read something factual instead of the fictional stories that her parents used to often read to her. “I might have to get a copy of that book. Maybe I should try a book store next time. If it’s too expensive it might be worth trying to steal the book from the library, or the book store. I’ll have to look at just how big the book is.”

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