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Wed Jul 27, 2022 9:13 pm
It’d been another while before Madara went on another job. It seemed like she only took them on when she was out of cash, which for the time being was exactly what she was. She probably would have gone back to the same old mission giver that had set her and some partner she had up with some nice rewards… but he’d run off last time she went to that area. She didn’t think the journey was worth going all the way back there for so she just went somewhere else. It’d be a shame not working with the same ol’ teammates again but it wasn’t like she was committed to them or anything.

Madara arrived at a shady looking mission giver in the area. The town was a piece of crap with sewage spewing from the street vents and poverty stricken people slaving away at their tasks for the day. The only ones that looked well off were the travelers who mainly came here for the same reason: missions. Madara asked for a mission suitable to her level or above and was given something to do with destruction of property. Well, she wasn’t exactly a destruction time of girl but she was told that someone else would be accompanying her and that she should wait at a hotel in that town for her teammate.

So Madara made her way to the town and sat in the lobby in anticipation of meeting her teammate. She hoped that it was someone strong because she didn’t have much to offer but genjutsu. Sure she could be of use when disposing of the guard shinobi, but as for taking the buildings down… well she would figure that out when the time came. As for now, she had to focus on putting on a brave face and potentially strong arming her partner into doing all the hard work…

Madara would be wearing a flak jacket, quite the departure from her normal garb. She’d have an assortment of throwing weapons in her pockets along with some explosive tags. Those were expensive though, so she hoped she wouldn’t have to use them. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail so that it wouldn’t get in the way and most of it was tucked into the back of her shirt so that it couldn’t get ruined in the inevitable battles.

At Madara’s side were two foxes. She hadn’t summoned them or anything, but they were tagging along with her for the day. Her hope was that after the day was over they’d find it worth answering her call in battle. They were both pretty weak but she felt a connection to animals which made it hard not to make friends with all of them, even the ones that didn’t trust her for now. The foxes were bored, mainly because they were confined to the small lobby and instructed not to make too much noise. Where was this mission partner anyway? Why was he or she making her wait!?

“Oh god, you again,” Madara thought before  almost  saying it out loud. Instead  she offered a friendly smile and a head nod to the man she’d gone on two missions in the past with. She stood  to her feet and walked over while the foxes darted around excitedly.

“Hey, nice seeing you again,” she said while approaching, “don’t mind these two, they’re just following me for some reason. I thought a little demolition might be exciting for them. Speaking of which, five buildings… do you have anything more destructive than just those swords? I’ve got a half decent fire jutsu but I’m not betting on it being a quick takedown.”

Madara pulled out the mission details that had five X marks across five buildings that were bunched together in the area. The details  predicted a couple guards that would serve as protection for the buildings of interest, which told Madara that they could probably get away with destroying at least a few without issues. It was those final buildings that they’d have to be in a hurry for.

Madara would head to the nearest building on the list, if her partner would accompany her. “So, you’re always alone,” Madara would comment, “at least when you’re on missions with me… do you have any others that you frequently partner up with? It kind of sucks being alone and vulnerable all the time.”

The foxes would busy themselves  with sniffing and running around, though they always returned back to Madara every few minutes to check in with her and tell her about all the stuff they found. It was a  pain in the ass for her to deal with but it was the price to pay to form a “bond” with them. As if she needed more stress in her life.

In any case Madara intended to arrive at the first building soon and if  there weren’t any signs of resistance  she would launch her fire jutsu at the windows  of  the building to set it ablaze. She didn’t know exactly what her partner had to bring to the table but if he had any destructive power to lend then there were four other buildings just asking to be torn down…

“Heh, not alone… wonder how that must feel. I haven’t had a good friend I could talk to for a while now.” Madara was a little bitter that her companion was better off than she was socially. Somewhere in that little head of hers she wanted to think that all shinobi didn’t have or need anyone. But alas, she had to widen her world view now and accept that the only one holding her back was herself.

On the topic of offensive attacks, the partner turned out to have fire based attacks too. They both had fire and genjutsu… all that Madara needed to do to catch up was learn how to use swords. Not that she cared to because ew… swords and gore and blood. Maybe that was one difference she was happy to have. The two of them set the first two buildings ablaze quite easily and they didn’t even have to worry about screaming. It wasn’t something that Madara had considered, but she could tell that her partner was listening for those sounds. Maybe he wasn’t as heartless as some of the other people out there.

“I’m sure there’s nobody worth saving here. It’s a dying town so I bet anyone that would have worked in these buildings is long gone to another city.” She said this as they ventured into the third building. The foxes she came with darted inside and wanted to look for something they could blow up that would cause the whole building to collapse.

“Oh? I haven’t heard from her since that first mission… I hope nothing bad happened to her. Have you heard from her? I kind of miss her antics.” It only took a couple minutes to find the primary support beams for the building which would probably bring it all down if destroyed. Before Madara thought to launch her fire jutsu though, the two shinobi would hear a bunch of shouting in pain.

“What’s wrong?” Madara asked as she turned a corner. She saw that each fox had dug their teeth into the legs of some poor criminal who had a baton in his hands.

“We’re under attack!” the guard shouted into a radio while he maintained a bewildered look. It was obvious that he had been sleeping just minutes earlier.

“Under attack?” came a voice from the other end of the radio.

The thug didn’t get to say much else after Madara paralyzed him with a genjutsu. “Nice work you two,” she complimented the animals.

The mission was going quite well by Madara’s standards. Her foxes had found the criminal and now all she had to do was dispose of the guard and the friend that he’d alerted. It appeared that the guards were in different buildings though because nobody came quickly enough to stop them from taking down their hideouts. Afterwards, Madara had a chat with her friend who agreed that today had been fun and he’d be happy to join her in battle if she happened to call for him. Madara had no intention of bringing him into any real danger, but she had to form a bond with himone way or another. This was a lot simpler in the grand scheme of things.

Madara shooed the foxes away because she thought things would get ugly soon. The foxes were reluctant to go, but they did leave after Madara told gave them an annoyed shove. She didn’t want them to get into danger because she suspected the other guard would be a lot more difficult to tackle. She feared they would never find their way home. Madara wished they were summons so they could just poof away to travel… it seemed so simple and easy.

Anyways, they still had two more buildings to deal with. The partner went off to deal with those while Madara chose to deal with the alerted guard. He wasn’t that hard to find. Well, there were two of them. They were both on top of the final building who did their best to use water jutsu to put out all the fire jutsu that were thrown at what they were charged to protect. Madara made sure to make their job as difficult as possible by putting them under a genjutsu and manipulating their surroundings to make them think that the fires weren’t being put out by the water. In the end they used such forceful jutsu that they only compounded on the destruction of their buildings.

Madara half expected them to retaliate once they finally realized that they were under a genjutsu. They clearly had access to powerful jutsu but they focused so much on fixing damage than they did on stopping more damage for occurring. It just went to show that even powerful shinobi didn’t have the answer to every problem. Plus, they had no business in exacting revenge on the attackers which was why they didn’t even bother pursuing after the partner left. The guards had simply been too busy doing whatever insurance workers did in their down time and now they had royally screwed up by letting the valuable buildings fall into disrepair.

Surprisingly, nobody seemed to care about the buildings’ destruction. There weren’t any people working there and the area was already much of a ghost town. Why any insurance company would choose to continue a policy with such a high value under these conditions were beyond her. At least it wasn’t her money that had gone to waste. In fact, she’d made money off this operation. At the end of the day, Madara was left alone with a pocketbook full of money that only added to her huge cash reserves. She now carried a ton of cash on her wherever she went which was very unsettling. She thought of hiding it all somewhere… but not here. Maybe what she needed to do was get a bank account. A bank would solve a lot of her problems like finding a safe place to stay and keeping her things safe when she wasn’t using them. It had to beat trusting her things to an inn room that could be broken into at any moment.

“Where should I make a bank account,” she thought to herself. She didn’t have a good answer at the moment. Maybe she would ask the partner for a suggestion next time they met up. It was one of many things she wanted to ask him… if only she could hold onto his attention for that long. He was certainly not the talkative type!

The next day Madara went on a surveillance mission. She was tasked with observing a criminal hideout while invisible. She found herself at the window of some kind of dungeon where people were trafficking people.

“I am the night… I am the one who makes his enemies cower in the blackness of the void. I am the assassin, the best of the best… Noone can cross her.” Madara heard the words spoken, recited. She watched a woman who was tied down which was about normal for this place. She was in another room, waiting for something to happen. Truth was, there wasn’t much else for her ‘to’ do. She had spent a great deal of time sitting patiently on the floor and waiting to finish reciting his lines. They were the same lines she’d heard him say to other girls, right before he kidnapped them.

The kidnapped girl was eighteen today, a fact that she and her captor were both aware of. It frightened Madara to no end because she knew exactly what that meant. Her mission brief said this kind of thing would happen many times before as well. This captor had captured seventeen year olds, waited until that one day they were morally old enough to take advantage of and then… Madara didn’t like to remember those sounds. Just the thought of what had happened to her peers made sweat form on her palms and temples. She wanted to escape. Today had to be the day…

“You ready wench?” the captor called from the other room. Madara was the only girl in the building but she still didn’t answer. Why would she ever answer to that word? The girl never been called that before.

“I asked,” her captor said much more loudly this time, “are you ready wench?” he stormed into the room and threw open the door. He reeked of alcohol and body odor that hadn’t been washed for far too long. He walked with a stumble, obviously still drunk from the night before. It took all Madara could manage to not gag even from far way.

“I’m not a whore!” the captive girl shouted back. She struggled to get free from her rope restraints unsuccessfully and topped over.

“You are now. I’ve been waiting for this day for years. It’s your birthday you know… the BIG one. After today you’re going to be daddy’s little whore for every town we go through. You’re going to earn me a lot of money. And if you can’t, then you’re dead, just like the rest of them.” The man didn’t waste any time getting undressed. He was already in some heavily stained undergarments and removing them took just a bit or two. The captive girl, meanwhile, hadn’t been wearing much either. It wasn’t like she had the option of what clothes to wear… what she had was what she had. She tried to push what she just heard from her head. She wasn’t a whore, she wasn’t…

“I’m not…” she said with teary eyes. She knew that she wasn’t now but if what she was being told was true then soon… she would just be a whore. She couldn’t do much to stop what was about to happen though. Thoughts of escaping ran through her mind. The window, that escape path she’d been preparing for months now… if only she knew what was going to happen today she would have tried her damndest to get out the previous day.

“It’s time you learned how to please. All these years I’ve fed you, clothed you, and you can finally repay the debt. Now get those clothes off or they’re going to get torn off.” The door was slammed shut, the window was latched and locked. Now there was no escape, unless Madara was able to rescue the girl and overpowered the man… and came up with some amazing plan to get away without any of his friends stopping her.  

Madara recognized the malice in the captor’s voice. She watched as the girl quickly slid out of her clothes then curled into a ball. She regularly assumed this pose when she knew she was going to get beaten. She didn’t know why, but it hurt less that way.

“No no, this isn’t a beating. This is a pleasing. Get up.” The captor pulled her up and forced her limbs apart only to thrust her back onto the bed. “Okay, if you want a beating too I can make that happen…”

“No wait…” she yelped at the crack of a belt. She sat on her knees and looked teary eyed at her captor’s stomach. How could she bring herself to look in his eyes? “What do you want me to do?” Of all the things she could come up with, she hoped they would let her keep some of her dignity.

Madara acted quickly to put the man into an illusion to think he was having his way with the girl but really he was just paralyzed. Soon after Madara released him from the illusion. The man then said “Get up. There’s still work to do. You’ll get used to your new duties soon enough. That doesn’t mean you get to slack on your regular workload.” There was a certainness to his voice that Madara didn’t doubt. This horrible event was the first of many, if she was to be a whore. Somehow she didn’t think that doing ‘it’ with others was going to be any less horrible than it had been with her owner.

The captive girl was very confused. She pulled on her rags, only drenching them in the sweat she had then she threw on the jacket and retrieved some materials. They were going to go looking for animals. It was the cheapest form of meat the bastard could get his hands on and why not bring his bastard with him to help carry the load?

The captor looked around at all his traps and all that was left was one unconscious dog. What a shame. He would drag it, along with a handful of birds, back to his house and tie them up separately from each other. The captive girl tagged along, and was the one to clean the traps with some water and pick up some feathers. It was an easy job, only it seemed hard today after what happened in the morning.

Having earned at least a little bit of an hour, the girl wrapped up her fieldcraft helping chores then went up to the roof to go bird watching. She put her fingers over her eyes as a visor which would let her peer into the trees without the sun interfering with her sight. She was looking for nests with birds in them. Specifically, she was looking for eagles, but she wasn’t too sure what differentiated an eagle from a regular bird nest so she would have to make some wild guesses.

Before she could even start to really enjoy nature she heard her captor’s whistle. She sighed heavily then walked down the makeshift stairwell that creaked with every pound of her weight. Time to go back to her room and sit there until her captor needed her again. And that wasn’t going to be for a half dozen hours at the least.

Madara left and came back the next day. She wished she could just bust in there and deal with these villains but she knew that she had to keep her distance. She had orders. Rescuing this girl was not the main goal, the goal was to shut down the entire operation. If these scumbags got exposed then the other parts of the operation would go into hiding. No, this needed to be a big bust.

Captivity was rarely an enjoyable experience. Even worse as a someone who had been given a heinous purpose by a cruel captor. The captive sat on a bed, not even her own, and waited patiently. She’d been here since the morning and it was already the evening all without any food. She’d been afforded a bathroom hour, which was nice, and had even gotten cleaned up, which was also nice. She didn’t get something for nothing though. Something was expected of her, she could feel it. She didn’t get treated this well just for nothing.

Any penny her captor spent on her was always expected to be returned to him several fold by exploiting her for her skillset. She wasn’t good at too much. Maybe acting, but this was hardly the environment she was used to. She liked to do things on the side of the street. There she could find people as depressed as she was and brighten their days. These rich sounding people outside her door sounded way too happy for her to ever be able to please. The captive turned her face from looking at that door to look out the window for a few moments. It was boarded up. She could just barely make out the weather through the cracks in the wooden boards, but that was about it.

The room was warm, though the fireplace was almost out of wood. She would have added more, if her hands weren’t wrapped by cloth. She didn’t bother struggling to get out of them just to resolve this minor inconvenience. If worst came to worst she would just snuggle up under the blankets and sleep. Though she thought sleeping before she knew nothing was expected of her or not was a bad idea. Besides, she heard noises outside of her room. It was sounding like a band being set up. A band? She loved to dance and sing, and act among other things.

“I wonder if they’ll let me out to enjoy,” she thought while finally getting up from the bed. She shuffled her feet to the door to press her ear against the wood. It was weak. She bet she could have gotten a running start and slammed into it if she really had to hour it down. She’d be mistaken of course, but it was a nice thought to have given her circumstances. Being captured was a lot easier to deal with mentally if she could logic a reason not to escape. For now, the thought of being invited into the party was enough to make her happy.

Midnight came and went, Madara still heard noises outside the room. She wanted to go home but she knew something was going down tonight. Something big. It was like a party was going on in the other areas of the house. Occasionally someone would come into the room, realize they had stumbled into a bedroom by accident and left. Only on one such occasion did someone seem to want to stay. This one, big and rotund in every way called out from behind his shoulder, “this the right room?” the captor walked up behind him and said, “mhm.”

The captive hands were released from the ropes. There was a simple trick to undoing the knot but for the life of her she couldn’t figure it out. She knew it had to be simple because it only took a moment to undo them… but she was always made to close her eyes while her captor worked on the knot. Maybe it needed two free hands to take off the restraints, or maybe there was some chakra at play. Either way, just being unrestrained reminded her of just how futile trying to escape was. She couldn’t leave through the window, that door was only going to lead to the party, and to try either she was going to have to go through her new guests.                                                          

“How long do I have?” asked the newcomer. The captor stroked his unshaven chin and looked Madara over. He thought of all the things his captive had done that had dissatisfied him over the past couple days. He thought a lot longer than one might think, making her uncomfortable with every passing moment. She shifted awkwardly as a gust of wind blew through the cracks of the window and moved her hair this way and that. Only when her captor’s eyes turned down to look from her eyes to her body did she realize what was probably going to happen.

“Half a hour, not a bit more,” the captor said with a frown. For some odd reason he didn’t feel comfortable with his own cruelty this time. Something about sharing what was his just… didn’t’ sit right in his deranged mind. He shrugged off his doubts then closed the door with a loud slam that made the music pause for a couple seconds.

“Half a hour,” the visitor said to the captive with a grin, “you’ll be worth every bit I spent.”

“What do you mean?” the captive asked. She acted like she didn’t know what he was talking about. Maybe she could act her way out of this? “Why am I tied up? Can’t you see that I’m being held against my will? Let me out of here or I’m going to tell the authorities on you the moment I get free!”

“Is that right? I don’t buy it. Who do you think you’re fooling?” He didn’t look like the gullible type but he was spending precious minutes of his half hour carrying on this conversation. The captive sought to draw this out as long as possible. She did just that, telling an elaborate story of how she’d been lured here this morning with promises of attending a party and she’d been kidnapped by her captor. She told of her parents who were wealthy and had connections with the police. She might have gotten away with just a few lies, but the story she wove was so full of holes and unbelievable that after a couple of minutes her visitor realized that she was full of crap.

The visitor took his hands and pushed Madara hard, making her tumble onto the floor. “Do you take me for a fool?”

“No, I’m trying to help you!” she whispered loudly. She pleaded, “I beg you, help me escape, you’ll be rewarded dearly.”

“By your fake rich parents? Ha!” The man towered over her and curled his fingers into a fist. He just saw a slave in need of punishment. It’d been too long since he had had fun in this region and he was hungering for some good physical abuse.

“I’ll do whatever you want, I promise just don’t keep me here,” she sobbed. Her efforts to seduce the man, to redirect his desires from her to potential riches were failing spectacularly.

“Tell you what, you give me the best treatment I’ve ever had and I’ll consider it. Get to work now, you’ve taken up so much time that you might not be able to finish the job.”  

Teary eyed and willpower broken, the captive sat on her knees and rubbed her eyes with her forearm. Madara from the window acted again. She was invisible so it wasn’t hard for her to work her genjutsu without being detected. She froze the man in place and the captive girl just took this as a blessing from god. Soon enough there was a familiar voice.

“Half hour is up.” It was her captor. He looked over at the two curiously. “what have you two been up to? By the looks of it you just barely started.”

“She talked a lot,” the visitor said with a shrug, “get out of here, this’ll be quick.”

“if you’d like to buy another half hour, pay up,” the captor said.

“Your bitch gave me a half hour worth of lip and you want me to pay to finish what she should have done already? Fuck off.”  

It was now or never, Madara thought. She burst through the window and launched a flaming jutsu that set the captor and his guest on fire. She then got the girl and drug her out of the window.

“It’s alright, just stay here. I’ve got people coming to get you,” Madara said calmly. She then ran inside and started making arrests left and right. There were so many people at this disgusting party that the jails would probably be full.

After going home that night Madara dreamt of her past. She dreamt of a time before she became a shinobi. It had been late at night when Madara woke up. It was one of those nights where the time of day didn’t seem to affect the temperature at all. She was sweating all over which made the prospects of falling back asleep very bleak. She got to her feet and rubbed her eyes to wake herself up. She squinted her eyes to try finding her small dresser. She had moved it a few weeks ago and was still getting used to finding it with her eyes closed. She shuffled her feet across the floor and eventually kicked the wooden furniture by accident. Her toe throbbed despite having moved fairly slowly across the floor. She felt around on top of the dresser until her hand made contact with a cup where she usually had some water. She lifted it and felt a sense of disappointment wash over her. It was almost empty. She dumped what little was in the cup down the back of her shirt and was sad that it didn’t make much of a difference to her situation.

Madara leaned her butt against the dresser and waited patiently for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. She thought about whether she should fetch some water from the kitchen and decided that was the way to go. She would have to be quiet though. She didn’t want to wake anyone and besides, it would be perfect practice for sneaking around. She shuddered at that thought because she knew she sucked at it. Last time she tried doing that she’d ended up with bruised and scraped forearms. The memory was fresh in her mind but the heat egged her on.

Madara shuffled her feet across the floor as she headed to her bedroom door. She tried to slide her feet slowly and to listen to the floor to gauge whether she was going too quickly or not. This was considerably easier to do at night when everything was quiet than in the middle of the day where the creaks weren’t always audible. If the lighting was a little better she would have taken mental notes about where the creaks were the loudest so she could avoid them next time.

Try as she might to keep quiet, the floor still creaked under her weight. Luckily she hadn’t woken anyone up. She could still hear the snores of her parents in the adjacent room. She knew that was likely to change as soon as she tried to open her squeaky door. She turned the handle and slowly pulled which drew a steady loud squeal from the hinges. She heard one of the snores stop for a moment but then they continued as before. She had an idea to open the door to the beat of the snores to reduce the noise. Every snore she would inch the door open just a tad.

“Just a little… more…” she whispered as she methodically opened the door and at last it was open just enough for her to try squeezing through. This proved to be a lot more difficult than she’d anticipated. She had vastly underestimated just how much space she needed to make it through the door so as she quickly slipped through the gap she’d made she accidentally pushed the door. It swung wide open and the squeak was loud enough to stop both her parents’ snoring.

“Oh come on, how can they sleep through those snores right next to their ears but as soon as a door opens they’re all ears?” She grumbled.

“It’s me,” she said, loud enough for them to hear, “I’m just getting some water.”

The answer was good enough for the sleep parents. They quickly fell back asleep and it was up to Madara to make sure they didn’t wake up again. At least getting back through her doorway was going to be easy. For now, she had to deal with her dreaded hallway. She no longer cared about waking her parents since they already knew what she was up to. She shuffled her feet identically to how she’d navigated around her bedroom. There was basically no light in the hallway so she kept a hand against a wall to make sure she was not going to bump into it. She could faintly see moonlight coming through the kitchen window. It shined right on a bucket of water, which was exactly what she was after.

The floor creaked with almost every step and Madara felt discouraged. She wondered why she ever thought she could quietly move around. A few minutes of thinking like this made her give up on her shuffling. She’d only grown more thirsty now that she could see the water and she officially gave up on trying to be sneaky. She jogged to the water and then realized that she had left her cup in her room. She smacked her forehead but she supposed it didn’t matter. She grabbed another cup on the counter and used that instead.

A wave of relief washed over her body and finally she felt at peace. The water was not exactly cold but it was certainly less warm than the air. The breeze that came in through the kitchen window cooled her body as well. Ordinarily Madara would have just gone back to bed but she was far too awake for that. She would have to find some way to occupy her time until she tired out.

Madara peered out the kitchen window. The moonlight illuminated the neighborhood. There weren’t many lights visible. There was only really one establishment that stayed open this late and it was a bar at the end of the street. She could see the warm glow from the windows and she suddenly got an urge to go over and check it out. She’d never been there at night. She clumsily clambered through the window and landed roughly on the dirt covered ground outside. She scanned her surroundings and couldn’t pick up on anyone else outside. All she saw were the vague shapes of houses and now that her eyes had adjusted to the glow of the tavern down the street that was all she wanted to look at.

At first the trip had been very easy going. All she had to do was walk down the street, how much more complicated could it get? But no, when she got about half way there she started getting distracted by the weird noises of the night. She wasn’t used to being out at night either so she didn’t really know which noises were benign and which worth worrying about. She became scared fairly quickly and broke into a jog. She was not fit by any means but she knew she would feel a lot safer once she got to the tavern. It’d been so long since she’d actually felt the need to run that she found it difficult to do. She swung her arms wildly and pounded her feet very inefficiently and it wasn’t long before she toppled over onto the ground because of a stitch that formed in her side.

“Why did I think this was a good idea?” she asked the sky as she breathed laboriously on the ground. The stars didn’t answer her but she did feel some sense of safety from the sounds of the tavern. She couldn’t hear any people just yet but she picked up on the music. She wondered how the people in the surrounding homes managed to get any sleep at all. She picked herself up and tried to jog a little more but it was no use, she had to walk the rest of her journey.

As Madara neared the entrance of the tavern, she began to notice people outside. People were constantly entering and leaving the tavern and some were just hanging out in the nearby area. She thought that maybe, just maybe these weren’t the sorts of people that she should be getting close to. She didn’t know if they were watching her or not, but she assumed the worst. She rushed inside the tavern and started walking around. She saw the typical bar scene. There was plenty of music, booze, gambling, and food. Most importantly, it was safe. She wasn’t going to get abducted so long as she stuck around. She found a nice spot in the corner and just sat there. She eventually became very tired and fell asleep on the table in front of her.

Madara was eventually roughly shaken awake by powerful hands. The owner of the hands said “Hey we’re closing, you gotta go. Where are your parents?”  

“Um, I came by myself,” Madara said as she looked up at a burly man who wasn’t wearing a shirt. She hadn’t thought she’d get in trouble or anything. Besides, what exactly had she done wrong?

“At home? So why have you been sleeping here for hours? This isn’t an inn you know. From what I can remember you didn’t even buy anything. Listen kid you’re going to get into trouble if you make a habit out of this.”  

Madara fumbled her words and tried to think of an excuse but the man didn’t seem to care. Madara was picked up and promptly tossed out the front door of the establishment. “Don’t come back unless you plan on spending money!”  

Luckily it was daylight and Madara was able to make it home safely. After which she was sternly scolded by her parents who were worried sick about her.
(end flashback)


6200 wc
At AP and stat cap
Using 25% discount

Learning S rank of this jutsu for 1875 wc (2500*.75)
I learned the A rank version already here:

Learn this jutsu for 3750 wc (5000*.75)

Put 575 wc towards partially learning S rank of
I learned the A rank version here
Kosuke Sashihara
Kosuke Sashihara
Vagabond (D-Rank)
Vagabond (D-Rank)
Stat Page : Ko's Chart
Health: 300 | AP: 1440
Vigor: 100 | Chakra: 150
Speed: 40 | Strength: 10

Remove Remove Medical Remove Remove Remove Remove Remove Space Time Default
Remove Earth Remove Remove Remove Default
Clan Specialty : N/A
Village : Vagabonds
Ryo : 90500

Collection of grind Empty Re: Collection of grind

Thu Jul 28, 2022 8:34 pm
Uchiha Madara wrote:6200 wc
At AP and stat cap
Using 25% discount

Learning S rank of this jutsu for 1875 wc (2500*.75)
I learned the A rank version already here:

Learn this jutsu for 3750 wc (5000*.75)

Put 575 wc towards partially learning S rank of
I learned the A rank version here


-Note: Please update the Power Rank on your stat page from C to B
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