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Wakamo Usami
Wakamo Usami
Vagabond (D-Rank)
Vagabond (D-Rank)
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Helping the Elderly Shop Empty Helping the Elderly Shop

Wed Jul 27, 2022 11:23 am

Usami stands in front of the market for the village, well if you can call it one. Besides the one "hut" that she think was where all the basic goods were, there were a few other stalls to the side of it.  These held fresh crops, vegetables and bread. Deciding that she needs to spend what meager funds she has wisely, Usami heads over to these stalls and looks at the food. 

As she stares at vegetables on displayed at one of the stall, Usami hears a noise to her side. Looking over, she sees that a very elderly woman was looking at the ground. Following the woman's gaze, Usami frowns as she see's that woman's own groceries have fallen onto the ground. Looking up and around, and seeing no one offering to help the elder woman, Usami sighed quietly and walked over.

"Oh dear...what do I do now?" the woman grumbled, struggling as she tries to bend over to pick up what she dropped.

"How about you let me help you?" the woman turns towards the Usami, who  steps in and starts grabbing each of the dropped fruit and vegetables before putting them in the woman's bag.

"Oh why thank you child. You didn't have to do that; I am still spry enough to handle things like this.", the woman smiles and tries to lift her arm only to barely move an inch.

Shaking her head, Usami states "It's fine ma'am.  I don't see anyone else coming to help, and I have nothing better to do until the next carriage comes by."  

"So what else do you have to get? I rather not leave you alone like this."

The woman looks confused by this, but sighs audibly as she points to the grocery store. "I was only going to get this, but since I need to rebuy some things and if you are offering your assistance, we can go in there for what I want." 

The woman starts to walk slowly towards the store, waving her hand "Come along, or we will be here all day." 

As Usami watches the elderly woman, she shakes her head again but smirks and thinks to herself, Just like mother.

Then she follows after her.


What should have been a 10 minute trip, took several hours. Usami was walking beside the elderly woman, holding about 7 bags of groceries and good. They weren't too heavy, not she was that exhausted; just the speed of the elderly woman and how meticulous she was with her shopping, made the day dragged on.

However they stopped before a home that was not too far from the market. 

"Abel, Genevieve, come help with groceries"

"Yes grandmama!" shouted two voices that ran out. Usami could see they were kids age of 8, and covered head to toe in dirt.

"What did I say about playing while I am not around?" 

The kids giggled, only annoying the elderly woman, as they dashed over; Abel grabbing 4 bags and Genevieve grabbing 3.

"Thank you for helping lady." 

"Thanks for helping grandma!"

They smile then ran back in as the elderly lady was still trying to move over to them to snatch them.

"No don't go inside til I get to clean you both. Oh bother." She sighs and looks over to Usami. 

"Thank you for the help. It takes a lot just to manage them. Can't trust them yet to help me shop."

"It's no problem ma'am" Usami smiles and begins to walk away.

"Wait, let me give you something---"

"No it is fine ma'am. Simply shopping was reward enough as is." Usami gives another smiles, which only confuses the elderly woman, and walks away.

As she heads back to the market to get food for herself, she hums softly to herself, singing a tune her past.

She calls her own mother...and how stubborn she was when it came to anyone helping her.

She was a handful....but being around her made life that much better....I miss you mom.. Usami quietly thought to herself.

[ WC: 673/500]
1,000 Ryo
+5 AP
WC: 250/250 for Puppet Art: Ventriloquism
+4 stats to Vigor
23 WC in Bank
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