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When your partner has summons but you don't Empty When your partner has summons but you don't

Sun Jul 24, 2022 7:43 pm
Madara looked down at the mission, or as she’d think of it, a chore, she’d been handed and saw that she was supposed to work with one of her neighbors. She’d worked with this particular neighbor before. A devlish grin spread across her face as she realized that this was the chance she was hoping for. Now she could finally give her a piece of her mind! She didn’t bother even reading what the chore even was about since the only thing that mattered was meeting up with the girl for now. Plus she was pretty much a diva compared to herself… she doubted that there was anything in these details that her senior wouldn’t be able to handle.

“Katie you swine!” Madara shouted as soon as she came into eyesight, “I’m still not over how you left me all by my lonesome self last time! You better not get any bright ideas for this one… and if you go off to visit your friends again I’m going to freak!” Madara went on, but her temper quickly died down. She accepted her yelling coolly and offered apologies so Madara really couldn’t escalate it further. She guessed someone like her had a whole different set of things to worry about than petty arguments…

As they walked towards their destination Madara would inquire about what Katie had been up to recently and ask how she gained access to the ability to turn into a monkey. She had always wanted to be able to summon and had gone through the effort of making a contract with a summon family only for it to get shredded up when she was deemed unworthy. Plus there was the whole thing about her being unable to learn more specializations due to some mystical characteristic that prevented her from learning much else.

As the trip went on, Madara thought it a good time to read over the chore details and ask Katie what her plan was, if she had any. So long as it didn’t involve ditching her again… she would probably benefit from her wisdom.

Madara listened intently to Katie’s story and showed signs of interest for much of it. She had never come into contact with someone who practiced the sage arts nor had she heard much about it. She knew that kages of old had sage modes that had helped them win wars but it seemed like more of a mythic ability than something that was actually attainable. Yet Katie had supposedly learned the basics from a kage and then trained for five years with the monkey summon family in order to master it. It all sounded like a lot of work but Madara couldn’t deny that it had worked. During their last mission she had used this sage mode when shit went down and had come out victorious all while defending two helpless women. It was impressive and now that they had some time to talk it was becoming clear that Katie was someone worth having in her sphere of influence. If she hadn’t been so dangerous last time she might have dared to try wrapping around her finger… but that seemed like a bad idea. She didn’t know the nature of their relationship, but a politician’s family wasn’t one she wanted to cross.

Instead, Madara could settle for trying to use Katie for other purposes. Perhaps she would be willing to teach her the basics of this sage arts after the mission. She didn’t need a whole five years of training, but she could at least figure out where to start so she could begin the journey. “Say,” Madara would start when the story was finished, “I have to admit that your monkey form is quite impressive… do you think you could give me some beginner tips when this mission is over? I thought sage mode was nothing but a legend but if it’s something that can actually be learned… I’d very much like to!”

Whether she agreed or not wasn’t really a big deal in the grand scheme of things. She knew that regardless of her decision, her sensei would probably be able to hook her up with someone who knew the arts. How funny it would be if Katie said no and then got ordered to by some higher up!? Madara giggled to herself as she thought about that and then keenly listened to Katie’s plan. Her giggling stopped when she found out that she was going to be bait. She hadn’t phrased it like that, but Madara had spent a great deal of time being “the distraction” and she knew by now that it meant she was going to be the damsel in distress. It was a risky role to play but one that she played very well despite her reservations.

“Fine, I’ll be your distraction,” she said as the hawk adjusted its grip on her shoulder. Her skin was delicate and she knew that no matter how gentle she was trying to be, she was definitely going to have little claw marks for weeks. Aside from that, she wished that she hadn’t come dressed in her combat clothing. She had much better “distraction” clothing at home that she could have worn under all this. It was nothing a transformation jutsu couldn’t fix. She formed the necessary seals and the only thing she appeared to be wearing was a set of bunny lingerie. It was complete with bunny ears and a tight fitting top that ended in a frilly dress where her butt met her leggings. She’d then focus on the present. She would be focusing in on Katie’s expression to see what her reaction would be but she remained facing forwards as she explained the threats they’d face.

Once Katie disappeared into the trees Madara stretched her arms and started scanning around for a small group of people. Madara was able to easily identify them as the ones they were after although she hadn’t expected there to be a woman there. She wondered if this was the big baddy’s slam piece or if she was some extra protection. With Madara’s level of sensory she could get a good grasp on how powerful energy signatures were. Madara shooed the hawk off of her shoulder then adjusted her pathing to arrive about twenty meters away from them and she looked like she was lost.

“Hello, can anyone hear me,” Madara called out, knowing full well that the guards had probably picked up on her by now. “I hope those are human footsteps I hear and not wolves,” she said in the most pitiful voice, “I woke up tied up out here and I can’t find my way home… Please help me… or at least… give me something to drink. I’m so thirsty….” Madara opened her mouth and tried putting on the most seductive pose as she could, but whether it would work or not was to be seen. She could see them all staring at her blankly and it didn’t look like any of them knew what to do. If Katie was nearby she would probably be able to hear them say, “is this real? Check!”

One of the guards formed the seal for Kai and the other tossed a kunai that grazed the side of Madara’s shirt, causing a small trickle of blood to start forming at her shoulder. Madara let out a squeal and cowered against a tree. She knew that they were probably checking to see if she was an illusion, but this was a pretty violent way to do so. “She’s real!?” the politician said in amazement, “well get rid of her. We don’t need…” the woman clicked her tongue and interrupted the politician. “bring her to me,” she said. “By god if she’s been kidnapped then we can probably make a pretty penny off a ransom. Or if she’s part of an important we can make some good relations with her family. What luck!” The politician looked like she wanted to argue but she shrugged, “do as she says,” she said. Madara shivered in fake fear, not realizing that these people were probably just as dangerous as the guy who had created a lake in midair. If she had known how strong they were, she might not have pretended to be so scared…

Madara was actually kind of hopeful that things were going so swimmingly. She figured that her incredible charm and innocence had won these men over, but the clang of metal made her feel like something wasn’t right. It took her a moment to realize what had even happened. She heard the sound of the clang and she used her enhanced vision to peer around and see that there was a blade on the ground that hadn’t been there before. Madara had been looking right in that direction and hadn’t even seen the attack coming… it just went to show the vast difference in speed between Katie’s attacks and her own. The fact that anyone was able to not only detect but also deflect such an attack was a true testament to the enemy’s prowess. Madara could have admired just how awesome these powerful thugs were, but she had more important things to attend to.

Madara had no orders or commands so she had to think for herself. She would have liked for the sensory lady to deal with Katie alone but that was very wishful thinking. The woman busied herself with getting puppets ready which was probably the only saving grace Madara had. The fact that the lady didn’t feel the need to even consider Madara a threat was very telling… perhaps she was able of sensing Madara’s energy pool and realized that it really wasn’t that big. Madara was fine with that. With any luck, she would be able to get far away from her and draw the other bodyguards to herself. It took merely a thought to cancel the external illusion that altered her clothing and now she appeared as she did without alteration. The body guard that had escorted her was the closest and her response was to send a judo chop down onto the side of her neck.

If only she had paid attention to what her ally had said. Did she not remember that she said Madara had the Sharingan? Creating a barrier of energy to the side of her neck was child’s play even her. The palm of the man’s hand simply bounced off and Madara started to cast a jutsu. She didn’t care at all about how it was supposed to be used, but she had her own way of going about it. It was pretty impractical to strike someone liket her sensei had told her she’d need to do in order to shut someone’s senses down. No, there was no time for that. Madara would simply make the enemy’s perceptions change at such high speeds that it’d let her literally reach into the bodyguard’s body and cause damage to his psyche.

By the time either bodyguard realized what had happened, Madara’s hand had phased right into the man’s stomach and it had already caused a wealth of energy to start dissipating into the air. The technique took quite a bit of Madara’s own energy to pull off, but she’d managed. She pulled her hand back out and was swiftly kicked to the side by the second bodyguard. “You alright?” she asked the first and she turned back to Madara when her partner said, “yeah, that wasn’t pleasant though. Don’t let her touch you.” “No, you don’t think? If she did that much longer you’d probably be dead right now.” These two really liked to banter in the middle of battle. Madara liked to do that too, except only in fights where she knew she wasn’t risking life and death. It just went to show how superior they thought they were.

It was at this point that Madara realized that Hawky hadn’t made her entrance. She’d shoed her off so that she could be a little more convincing and she only just now spotted her out of the corner of her vision. She was sitting in a tree and looked paralyzed. Madara had a technique to cancel out paralysis effects, but it was darn near useless at a distance. If she knew anything about genjutsu though, it didn’t tend to last that long. So long as she could keep these two’s attention on herself… she didn’t think hawky had anything to worry about. Madara’s hands started to vibrate again and she stepped forwards aggressively. She swung her hands like a madman and tried her very best to stab into her opponents. They knew better though and were quick to make distance. They formed handseals in unison and earth started to rise up around her from all angles. Madara could see through the technique and noticed that spikes of earth were being formed outside of the enclosing sphere around her. They must have used this technique a lot because it was performed very smoothly. Had Madara not had the ability to see, she might have thought that the enclosure was the worst of it. Thankfully, she was able to coat her entire body with energy and prevent the spikes from hurting more than the very outer layers of her skin.

The earth jutsu turned to mud and Madara was left standing there, bloody and very angry. She roared as a burst of adrenaline shot itself through her veins and she blasted off at her maximum speed towards the first bodyguard. Earth spikes sailed through the air but she knew their trick now. A well placed punch was all she needed to send the spikes flying in every which direction. Once she closed the gap, there was no mercy for the first enemy. Madara repeatedly slammed her hands into the guard’s body over and over again, simultaneously dodging spikes that were sent her way with her speed. Damage wise, she was definitely the loser as every attack pricked her skin more and more. However the damage she was causing to her opponent was simply too much to ignore. With a final kunai stab right into the man’s heart, Madara defeated the first foe. Now it was time to see what else these people had for her… and how much more punishment she could take. Using offensive and defensive technique at the same time was incredibly draining, especially since she was using her own form of her fighting style and hadn’t the expertise to make it very efficient.

The puppet lady didn’t even seem to care that the bodyguard had been taken care of. The only thing she really needed to protect was the politician and there was no way Madara was even going to try getting close to that lady. She’d probably sense Madara before she even made it two steps in that direction. That meant that Madara was only going to be useful in taking out the remaining guy in a suit…. If she could even get to him. Burst speed was debilitating in its own right and it didn’t help that Madara suffered greatly from overexertion.

Madara was about to go ape shit on this remaining bodyguard. She was gonna shove her hand into her brain and just let it implode, or whatever brains did when they were set on fire. However it looked like the big boys were having a little more going on. Katie summoned some giant ass monkey again and from what she could tell, it was the same monkey. She hoped she wasn’t being the monkey equivalent of racist because it looked the god damned same to her. The enormous size difference between her and the things she was supposed to destroy was simply laughable. Madara guessed that she could just eliminate the threats with a stomp of her foot. That was precisely what she ended up doing. All that effort Madara had gone through had been duplicated with a single unaltered step of the giant monkey. She wondered why the bodyguard didn’t just cast an E ranked defense because that would have been enough to deflect the monkey lord. Oh well, she must not have been very familiar with simple combat mechanics.

Into the mouth Madara went and she started to gag on the repulsiveness of the monkey’s breath. It was a hundred times worse than she could have ever imagined and the smell knocked her out while whatever happened outside happened. She was imagining she was standing next to a ball of pulsating musical notes. The notes were nearly all golden but now that she focused on it she saw several other colors dancing around. Madara grabbed hold of a dangling musical note and was shocked as it resounded deeply enough for her to wince in the physical realm. The young Uchiha was having extreme difficulty fighting the effects of the bad breath. The musical notes pounded in her head with every sound that the monkey king made and it drove her crazy as oxygen was ripped from her lungs.

Madara gasped awake as she felt the sensation of water come over her. What was happening? she not only smelled disgusting but she felt disgusting as well. It was enough to jolt her back awake and listen to Katie’s instructions. She put two and two together and guessed that only she had been affected by the grossness because she was a pure angel and not a monkey or a monkey sage. Either way she was very happy for any excuse to get out of this damn mouth. She climbed out and ran up along the monkey’s jaw line. Her attention went to all angles just to dry the disgusting slobber off of her self and she made her way up to the top of the monkey’s head. Fuck if she knew how to dispel a genjutsu from a creature this large… but if Katie told her to do it she guess she didn’t have a choice.

“Well, let’s see how this goes,” she shouted as she raised her hands above her head. To the naked eye, nothing was happening. Those with energy sensing though would be able to see an illusion of a giant drill forming above her hands. This was perhaps the largest illusory attack she’d ever formed in her whole life. It was several meters long and she figured if she was going to disrupt any energy flow it was going to have to be right into the brain. She adjusted her position then drove the drill into the monkey’s head to try knocking it into an illusion. She focused in on a cluster of organs and just started stabbing them to open and close them forcefully. She figured that this would cause some kind of sensory or mental overload that would bring this smelly beast back to her senses.

Madara tired after using so much energy on the giant jutsu. She was feeling physically exhausted and it wasn’t just from using energy. It seemed like her weakness characteristics were kicking in and making it difficult to even stand. It had been as if she had lifted a heavy stone and just wanted to go to sleep. And her ears hurt too, why was that? Madara’s vision faded and she nearly passed out again. It was all she could do to keep the energy flowing from beneath her feet to keep her standing on top of the head.

The fresh air atop the giant monkey’s head was enough to snap Madara out of her stupor. What was really killer was the gross smell and she now knew that she would fight tooth and nail against being put into a filthy animal’s mouth again. She didn’t care if this was supposedly some Lord or part of a sentient monkey family. She was done with it, no doubts about it. Next time something tried to put her in its mouth, it would likely find that its tongue or finger had been cut off. Madara was ripe with anger at the monkey but held back her criticisms as it looked like she was doing business. Tens of thousands of miza got crushed by its massive attacks and it really did make the mission pretty easy from here on out. It made her want a summon family, although if she did get one she would have to find one that had some basic dental hygiene. She wasn’t asking for the world over here, just some toothpaste now and then! Madara couldn’t believe that with all the chaos around her she couldn’t get over that bad breath. The diva in her told her that she deserved better.

The fight was rather short lived, consisting of a brief conversation between Katie and the big baddie followed by the politician being offed. It seemed like all the puppets in the world weren’t enough to stop something this massive. Madara wondered if there was anything that could stop something so massive except for another summon. The genjutsu had worked alright, but genjusu only worked for so long and then you’d really have to find a way to get rid of the summon before it came to. Madara was wracking her brain, trying to figure out how she’d even hope to fight against this monkey if she ever got put in a similar situation. They weren’t exactly the good guys in this situation and if she was in the puppeteer’s place she would surely be squashed, albeit she’d have the sense to use a defensive jutsu. Madara had a hard time seeing from where she was since the monkey kept moving all over the place and she was doing all she could not to get thrown off. Did she even know she was up there? What if she thought she was a fly and just swatted her? she gulped and started looking for a way down and away from all the action. She barely got down the monkey’s shoulder when everything just seemed to stop.

“Is it over?” Madara asked no one in particular. She sighed and thanked the heavens that she was still alive and then continued her journey down to the ground so she could finally stop getting so motion sick. She noticed the distinct lack of the big baddy’s body which meant that she had probably escaped. Katie wrapped up the mission and told her she’d done a good job and even gave her his home’s location. Was she actually inviting her over? she knew better than to accept the invitation, fearful of what might happen if the politician’s daughter got the wrong idea. If only there was a way to remove her from the equation… you know, without being labeled as a criminal. Madara wouldn’t hesitate to attack the politician’s family if she was ordered to by her superiors, but the chances of that were probably very slim. So she would thank Katie for her invitation and tuck the thought into the recesses of her mind. She was probably her best point of contact for learning some senjutsu, after all, but the risks seemed to outweigh the benefits for now.

The monkey was unsummoned and that left Katie and Madara alone for a bit. Before she could talk to her more, she went off on her separate way and left Madara to head back home on her own. She knew the way, and decided that she might as well spend her time going around to find a summon family. She was in the middle of god knows where and that meant that this was probably the perfect place to find a summon family. She looked into the sky and thought about finding a bird family, then decided against it. She didn’t know how to fly, so it’s not like she could even go up and find out which ones could talk. She thought about maybe going back to hunt down the cat family… but that hadn’t worked out so well last time. That rude tiger had literally sliced open the contract she’d just made. The house cat had seemed very willing to make a bond, but she’d backed out of it due to her indecisions as a soldier. Madara let out a bigly sigh and just trudged along the path back to get home. All she had to do was figure out which family to go after…

Madara shouted out into the sky, “can anyone hear me? Any summoning families out here? Anyone at all? I just want to form a summoning contract… I’m a new shinobi and I’m not that bad I promise. Now can we just save everyone’s time and just form a contract with me?” she shouted and kept her eyes shut. She heard something massive coming towards her and coated her body with energy just to be safe. She heard the classic summoning sound and the scratching sound on a peace of parchment. Whatever it was was writing up a contract and Madara was going to sign it no matter what it was. She found the best way to go about these hard decisions was to just take what she could get. Who knows, maybe it would end up with her having a really cool summon, or it would be useless and then she could just give it up. She’d had two potential contracts destroyed already, so why not make it a third for the extra charm? Madara hummed as the lengthy contract writing process continued. She wasn’t going to open her eyes… no matter what. But nobody showed up, lol.

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Mon Jul 25, 2022 2:14 pm
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