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Sat Jul 23, 2022 4:47 am
He fumbled in his pocket and pulled out a white box of matches. Usually, they'd be used to lit his cigarettes. Yohei was a chain smoker for years, but upon his reinstatement, to the Nova Corps, he had made a pact to quit.

Turning the gas on so high he could smell it, he rubbed the match and lit it up, touching the hob. A loud whoosh followed, and there was a fire underneath the pan. He understood this was not the by-the-book method to use a gas cooker; however, in the world where ninjas would use fire release to cool, it seemed mellow in comparison.

He went towards the fridge, took a packed butter, cut a chunk out of it with his kitchen knife, and dropped it in the hot pan. The butter begins to melt, making a noise similar to rain. Yohei loved that noise. He took a bottle of olive oil and dripped some on the pan to stop the butter from burning. A trick the old Samurai Tatsuya had told him over a campfire.

He took a wooden cutting board and placed three whole tomatoes. He reached for a knife, not a combat one like the one he had used so often in his life, but a kitchen one. It looked sharp enough to kill someone, but the truth about these knives, even though they could cut, were not designed to pierce a human.

A tapping noise followed the the sound of metal against wood echoed in the room as Yohei chopped the tomatoes and white onions into tiny pieces and threw them in the heating pan. He pulled out a bag of spaghetti and threw it in a kettle of boiling water, which he had seasoned with salt earlier, for about seven to eight minutes. It would be another five where he would let the spaghetti boil and drain them into a bowl.

Pasta always had an exciting process to prepare. Yohei did not mind. However, he loved cooking. Almost as much as beating others with his bare hands. Perhaps he would have been a cook in another life and practiced shinobi arts in his spare time. He had a lot of trouble explaining to others the process, especially those who enjoyed a family meal made by a parent—those who always had a roof over their heads.

Yohei was an orphan who never met his parents, and he was an orphan - until he met older adult Tatsuya and then had a father for the first time in his life. He missed him with all his heart. His teachings about the honor of a samurai lead Yohei to the path he walks now. Be to either cross sword with Haegon Hoshimura, fight against Valen's traitors, or cook pasta with tomato sauce.

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