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Uchiha Madara
Uchiha Madara
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Sun Jul 17, 2022 9:16 am
Stat page


Mission Name: Honouring Ancestors
Rank: B
Mission Location: Hoshigakure

Challenges: --
Task: Haven country has always been a place of deep religious and spiritual lore. Many shrines dot the landscape and people pay them due respect. Whether you are a shinobi, priest or not, all can respect the concept of faith. In this case, the animist shrines of Haven are often popular.

Mend bridges among the community as a shinobi and help out at the local shrines. Tend to the grounds, pay respects to the dead, meditate among the gardens, or perhaps learn more about the history of the religions this land is founded on. Who knows - you may even hear the voice of spirits that wander around these temples and shrines.

Word Count Requirement: 3,000
Reward: 6,000 Ryo / 30 AP

Character Requirements: Hoshigakure shinobi
Character Exclusive: --

Link to Legacy Mission: Honoring Ancestors

Moving down the path, Madara had noticed the sun was already heading into the late afternoon. she had been on top of the path for many hours, and it only felt like a few minutes. Once she passed the base of the path, she found her Sensei staring down at a small pool of water. When Madara reached the man, she stared also. It appeared there were a small group of Tadpoles within the pool, squiggling about wildly. It was quite humbling. Madara smiled gently, the water dancing around student and master.

The day broke once more, Madara helping herself to a load of food as she knew she would need the extra carbs for the days training. her tempo today would seem a little more upbeat than usual, more than likely for the simple fact that she was finally adding some damage to her arsenal. Another bonus was that it was her Sensei's technique, even though she had never seen it before, it must be something grand. Or so she thought.

When the teen genin finished her meal, she’d grab her supplies. The headband draped loosely around her neck, her bag, and her senbon holster both attached to their designated locations. Madara's clothing she left home with still covering her body, but the wear and tear from being gone for a year or so have them looking less than adequate. she would need to get new ones soon. It wouldn't be long before she and the supplies would dash from her room and out into the area that had a bunch of shrines in it.

It wouldn't take very long to reach her target house, only to see a note stapled to the door. Madara examined the note, the hurried script was her Sensei's. It read, "Meet me at the grounds... don't know why you came to my house first... Stupid." At this Madara shared the same expression as the door she was standing in front of... Blank. The woman made a note to hurt the Old Man later, but for now, she’d dash off to the western edge of the area, where their little makeshift meeting area was located.

Arriving to the location was a breeze, but something was off. Usually there was some sort of contraption built, or area made, to help with the training.... but there was nothing. Not even the Old Man. As Madara searched the ground s over, she would notice another note stuck to the tree. It read, "Took to long, went on vacation. See you soon!" Madara's heart sank. -No Training... for a while it seemed like... what the hell am I suppose to do- her thoughts made her sink into a miniature depression, as she didn’t even know what she was training for. This lasted for some time, until she flipped the note over, and a small sentence appeared. "By the way, don’t forget your mission for today. You remember, the shrine one right?" Was this part of her training? Could it be?

After staring at the note and trying to figure it out, she began walking towards the first bridge she was supposed to help fix. It was a good hour before she realized that there were no actual bridges to mend it was metaphorical. She was actually just supposed to just tend to the grounds, pay respects to the dead, meditate among the gardens, and maybe learn more about the history of the religions this land is founded on. That didn’t mean she couldn’t try training in the meantime tho. From up until now, Madara had learned how to solidify the wind, sharpen it, and blast it. These were the parts that she didnt think were possible with wind chakra, the first time she found out that she had the affinity for wind, she thought about tornadoes, and gusts... which were spirals of air. Finally he'll be able to test it. As she laid the paper to rest at the base of the tree, the teenager continued. She didn’t officially learn the wind release but… she was trying to learn as best she could.

"Think of tornadoes... of hurricanes, funnels..." These images were going through her head as she tried to mold some chakra while she did the chores required by the mission. She was tending the grounds, so basically just picking up trash and tossing it into bins. Without warning, a blast of flimsy air was brought forth from her hand. It seemed she was a little hesitant. "Think... Madara... Think!" the girl said, concentrating harder on the shape of her chakra. she molded once more, holding the bird hand-sign. As she released the chakra from her hands, it was another blast, only difference from the first would be the little wisps of hair-fine threads coming off of it. "Well this sucks.." She’d exclaim, looking down at her hands.

After cleaning up a couple areas for trash to satisfy mission requirements, she’d try once more. "Bird Hand-sign, think funnels, mold chakra, release!" This time, the air blasted from her hands in every direction in a large flowing wave. This in itself made Madara fall to the ground, butt first. she cursed at herself for not picking this up easier. "Molding chakra accurately, No... Creating manipulation that are dangerous to ones self... Check." It wouldn't be long until she got up and tried once more. "hand-seal, chakra, funnels, release!" This time though, it would seem that the chakra wouldn't fly forth. she had used to much in the last go. Only now did the girl notice this, the sweat cascading down her face, her hands cut up from the direct Fuuton chakra blasts. "Day 2.. failure..." She’d state, dusting herself off and heading to the next task on her list for the mission.

Over the course of the next hour, Madara only had one thing on her mind: Pay respects to the dead. The thought of the manipulation she was being taught continued to pierce her thoughts. Without her Sensei there, it would be harder to take the necessary steps for this manipulation, but Madara believed she would be able to do it.... eventually. As the girl felt her chakra finally return to her, she’d make her way to the area where you were supposed to pray and leave flowers.

Madara left some flowers and thought happy thoughts but after an hour it got old. She wanted nothing more than to resume training because this mission was a bore. Going off of the same part of the lesson as yesterday, the girl continued to think of the spinning and swirling chakra needed for this manipulation. This mindset followed her all the way home yesterday and through the night. Once Madara has something on her mind, its very hard to drop it. her thought process was one of her greatest tools however, and it was easier for her to train that way then physically doing it. If she wanted to finally grasp an offensive ability, this was her chance.

Finally reaching the grounds needing to be tended again, Madara swept the area with her eyes, not finding her Sensei anywhere. It really did look like the Old Man had went on vacation. Knowing this, Madara stopped moving, and just set up her materials there, no need to follow someone to a certain spot anymore. Starting the training, Madara began talking to herself once more, while holding the bird handseal. "Think of storms, gusts of wind, tornadoes...." This was happening while she was molding her chakra, the usual blast or solidifying of her wind manipulation training still was holding fast, as once she released the chakra, all that came out was a loud blast of air shooting forth, then dispersing around 5 meters.

"Great... just great.. still stuck." Madara's temper was showing at this time... it was a quite rare thing to see, as the girl is usually composed. "Once more..." She’d state, flipping her hands back together into she bird handseal. This time though, the girl remembered her meditation, how the wind encircled him, it was calm, but could be deadly at a moments notice. Something in her brain triggered this time, mimicking the wind around her instead of forcing it. As Madara molded her chakra this time, it felt calm but breezy. IF anyone was to be watching, the girl’s clothes and hair would be seen getting pushed by wind, flowing around her body.

The girl finally released the molded chakra out in front of her, and sure enough, the chakra blossomed into a circular tunnel, much like a wide ways tornado. Seeing this, Madara showed a weak smile. Just to be one the safe side, the girl tried once more. While holding the bird handseal, she’d mold the chakra evenly, the air around her billowing. Shooting it forth once more, the funnel-like chakra bursts into life once again. The girl was confidant now that this part of the training was complete. Though, as she went to leave, she only now realized that since this was completed... what to do now? her Sensei was still missing, and she was the only one in the village that agreed to help the kunoichi out... what to do... what to do.

Business as usual met Madara as she awoke from her nap. After heading to the Old man's house, she wouldn't find him, nor his wife. This somewhat depressed the teen, as she made her way to the sacred grounds, hoping to find a note or something from the man... nothing. Further depressed, Madara stood there, not knowing what to do. Waiting for something to show itself, the girl just took to practicing the chakra molding again. Holding the Bird handseal, she’d mold the chakra, making it blast forth into a tunnel of wind once more. It seemed tedious.

Before she made another attempt at the molding, a small girl, maybe 7 years of age, came running towards her from the city streets. After the girl caught her breath, she spoke. "Madara-san... your Sensei's wife told me to give you this." Taking the piece of paper, Madara read it quickly. "Come to the hospital. Room 9." Seeing this, Madara knew something was wrong, and she fled the grounds in a disgruntled rush, making her way through the winding streets, and eventually to the hospital.

Once there, Madara checked in with the front desk, and was escorted to room 9. Sure enough, as the girl passed through the doorway, she was greeted with a weak looking man whom she knew quite well. There was someone who was wrapped up in bed with many wires placed on her chest, and IV in her arm, and a tube sending oxygen into her nose for better breathing. It looked like a horror scene to Madara, for she hasn't met with sickness or death or anything in her past. A look to the lady told the girl that it wasn't good. As She noticed her there, her stoic look upon her husband now turned to a weak smile. He didnt say anything, but gave Madara a note. It looked as though somone had written something down, but it was barely legible. It was something about some more tasks in the grounds. Seriously, who on their death bed was handing out menial tasks for missions?

This note seemed to be another lesson for her to learn, but should she be training right now? No... doesn't seem right to do so as this person was in critical condition. Leaving the hospital, Madara made the resolve to finish this menial mission, no matter what. Even if she had to do it on her own. After reaching the grounds once more, she’d instantly start the cleaning... This thought came into fruition as her mind was clouded by the old bitch’s state. The girl decided on just two for now, so that she can build into it, four was too many to try and do at once, even she knew that.

But she could only clean so much. She ended up taking a break, molding her chakra, her hands formed the bird handseal, building up twice the amount of chakra before. As she released the chakra, only a single, yet more powerful funnel of chakra erupted, colliding with a nearby tree, removing most of its leaves. Trying once more, she’d do the same, but attempt to divide the chakra into two separate forms. As she released this time, one funnel erupted, and a separate blast of wind would erupt. "I hate multitasking... but i gotta do this."

Once again she tried the first parts of the manipulation, molding the chakra into two forms, holding the bird handseal, and pushing the chakra forth. This time though, two separate but weaker forms of funnels came into existence. they only lasted for a few seconds, but it seemed that it was correct. Just for solidifying it in her mind, Madara tried again. As this part of the manipulation came forth, two identical tunnels pushed its way through the training grounds. "Looks like i have it down.. now three..." As she tried to attempt this, she had noticed she was able to form any ether. Cursing, she’d attempt to do it again... only to pass out for the over-use of chakra. As the girl fell, she’d land face first, a cloud of dust erupting beneath her form. she had pushed herself too far.

Madara awoke in the early night, only to find herself covered in dirt, her face and arms scratched to hell and back, and a beetle scavenging around in her hair. The only thing that felt good about her was that most of her chakra had returned. Brushing the crawling insect out of her hair as she stood, she’d reach down this her free hand and brush most of the dirt on her shirt off. "I really need new clothes..." The set of clothes she donned were one of very few sets that she left home with. They were new and quite fashionable, its just, from the wear and tear, she looked somewhat homeless.

Gazing around at the grounds, she’d notice not one soul but there was still a big mess to clean up. She sighed and got to her feet and started sweeping around. Seemed like things only got worse while she’d slept. Though the sun was clearly gone over the trees, so everyone must be home getting ready for bed. Having slept for most of the day though, Madara seemed ready to train more, almost energized. "I just need to get this mission finished and finish training her jutsu too." Thinking again about the seen from the morning before, she’d find the resolve to continue.

Gathering chakra, Madara began molding it into two separate forms, allowing it to become its own being. While holding the bird handseal, she’d release the two funnels of chakra, towards the old tree that she had been using to measure the power behind the manipulation. They both collided with said tree, knocking a few leaves off, nothing more. The girl thought it wise to just use the minimal amount of chakra needed to form them, since this training seemed to not be lasting very long with the amount she was issuing the days before. "Ive gotten two down.. now to three..."

Giving it another try, Madara began molding chakra, quicker this time, and instead of dividing it into a pair, she’d attempt to sever the chakra into a third piece. Just as she did it, it would seem Madara thought of a better idea, - why not just divide the pair of chakra pools into once more... giving me four?- but she’d try this nonetheless. Calculating the amount of force needed, and the chakra used, she began the bird handseal once more, adding the fuuton element into the chakra pools. As she released, three very irregular funnels erupted. One shooting north, and the pair shooting off the the left.

"Dammit..." Frustrated, Madara refused to try the double division of her chakra, and instead, focus on the triple for now. "Mold.. fuuton.. bird handseal..." she spoke in a hurried voice, and this time, showed more progress. Unleashing the chakra, the three funnels of chakra shot forward, but off target. They began to spread out, missing the tree completely. "Better... but it still sucks..." Sweat at this time began to form on Madara's head.

She couldn’t take it. Learning the wind release was just too damn difficult. She had to take a break. Luckily it was like midnight now and there was still trash to clean up. She hurried off to dump the garbage in the dumpster and then she was basically done with all the tasks she had for this mission. She could finally relax. She took a nap and woke up early in the morning.

The new found chakra within her is nearing empty once more, but she still had enough to try once more, and still have a little left over. The girl didnt feel like passing out again. Trying for the last time, she’d mold her chakra into three separate forms, adding the fuuton element to make it spin. The bird handseal was added for the final molding of the funnels. As she released, the three funnels shot forth, impacting the tree with very little force. It seemed to be getting weaker and weaker after every separation of ether. She’d have to add more power eventually, but not at this stage. It seemed she had gotten down the three tunnels, so the girl began walking back to her apartment for some rest, and maybe food.

Madara passed by some people on her way to the mission office. Apparently they had slacked off too much and weren’t going to get paid so she didn’t care about that at all. What she did care about was the academy teaching them the basics of missions so that they could grow to do these on their own and earn some extra cash. There was still so much for them all to learn and Madara was going to have a time and a half trying to make sure they became decent tools along with powerful assets. “What an ordeal this is going to be,” she thought.

3,000 wc
+6,000 Ryo
+0 AP (already at cap)
using 25% max stat discount
1125 wc on B rank
1125 wc on B rank
750 wc on C rank
+20 tickets from here
Kosuke Sashihara
Kosuke Sashihara
Stat Page : Ko's Chart
Health: 300 | AP: 1440
Vigor: 100 | Chakra: 150
Speed: 40 | Strength: 10

Remove Remove Medical Remove Remove Remove Remove Remove Space Time Default
Remove Earth Remove Remove Remove Default
Clan Specialty : N/A
Village : Vagabonds
Ryo : 90500

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Mon Jul 18, 2022 8:01 pm
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