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Kirara Rose
Kirara Rose
Stat Page : Lunar Tears
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Village : Vagabonds
Ryo : 8

What is a Swordsmen Without a Sword?  Empty What is a Swordsmen Without a Sword?

Tue Jul 12, 2022 8:38 pm
The hot sun of Konohagakure hid behind the bellowing bodies of fluffy clouds, but that didn't discourage the raging summer heat that beat down upon the village. Each day seemed to grow hotter and hotter, and for once it made sense that Kirara wore such sundresses.

Right now her sundress was a pastel pink and stopped only a few inches below her waist. Like all of her other usual sundresses, it was very short, and most would say it was too short to he modest. But Kirara always wore a pair of flexible shorts beneath her sundresses. That and a pair of thigh high stockings and her heeled shoes to complete her common attire.

The woman wandered along the streets of the village with purpose. Wondering to herself if she'd be running into her usual guard or not that had been assigned to watch over her. She still has yet to find out what his name even was. Maybe she'll take the time to find out the next time she came across that rascal.

But at the moment the Vagabond woman had an important agenda to attend to. Weaving her way through the stores and marketplaces as a sudden gust of wind tugged at the skirt of her pink dress, watching with searching eyes as she finally spotted what she was looking for. An old building, one made of some sort of stone, perhaps it was concrete. Smoke bellowed from the building and the air around it was quite polluted, but in a way that it was meant to be.  A section of the building was open where there was no doorway to walk there, just an open smithy with a makeshift roof to keep out any weather or unwanted debris from getting in the way.

The Vagabond made her way into the smithy, her heels clacked against the concrete floor as she ventured over to the old man. His body was bent over as he plowed at the piece of metal that was held within his tongs. His heavy hammer rattling the air with each strike, metal against metal. His eyes shifted from his work and found the pale-haired woman, taking a moment to wipe his sweaty brow with a stained handkerchief.  "I don't reckon you came here for a job did ya?" The old man joked as he walked the piece of metal to a cauldron of liquid, dipping it inside as a burst of steam and smoke snaked off the liquid's surface. As the metal within his tongs cooled from the liquid dip, he then pulled the metal shaft out and placed it back onto his table. His hands roughly dropping the tongs as he turned his body away from his current project.  "I just finished it last night. You better do good about taking care of it." The man's words was directed towards the bundle that he retrieved from the rack. The bundle was rather large, it looked a little too large for a small woman as herself to be dealing with.

Kirara's eyes gazed over the bundle as the man placed it carefully upon the other end of the table, away from all of his other projects. With one gnarly hand, one that was well callused over the years of bending and forging metal into weapons and such, blackened by the ash and smoke, the man unfolded the leather that hid the blade, exposing the wicked sword within.

The sword had a jagged blade to it, which is how it earned it's name. But to Kirara the blade was beautiful. It was her idea after all. She had been the one to provide the man with the blueprint, and he did well with matching it to what she wanted. "It's perfect, old man." Kirara praised as she lifted the sword from the bundle of leather. It was a heavy sword, but not as heavy as it looked to be compared to its size.  -Exits-

{WC: 659}
Claims: 6 Speed
Temple Style: Bark (1,720/1,750) 1,061 from here
Kosuke Sashihara
Kosuke Sashihara
Stat Page : Ko's Chart
Health: 300 | AP: 1440
Vigor: 100 | Chakra: 150
Speed: 40 | Strength: 10

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Clan Specialty : N/A
Village : Vagabonds
Ryo : 90500

What is a Swordsmen Without a Sword?  Empty Re: What is a Swordsmen Without a Sword?

Tue Jul 12, 2022 9:38 pm
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