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Nova Captain
Nova Captain
Ryo : 155000

Red Raven Empty Red Raven

Fri Jun 24, 2022 7:48 pm
Skill Name: Red Raven

Red Raven QnptwurQk0RFvwUxAJCngaaLFFNzkdzjVr6o2ibrkWRxJyG7jM2Rzm1fNP_TMfRax9rlcdwlx8nrC0W1-wHeDH9Az0hLwX9ZG7X8Q-e_BtO-stNFXipnmQtKu3rRxyO98ddGD3NBjdtgsTAUHQ
Red Raven AAVnZVZmq1nGfALDtQywxwojiFjPvH9J3dMoVNY3mtbb_e6DvXjDXIaMtW-OxQk5R9_MQEQ78ASd0cgVVU8DmzvM_V12KjRiPfbrCOg9woOz3udB-FSRNxvCO768a9jHgrPpEBzvE-zEhBHqmA
Backstory: Receiving the blessing of the dead tree, Akaboshi formed a contract with the Ravens of the Forest of Dreams, allowing him to borrow their power and tap into their potential. A Red Raven was born, spreading his mighty wings and soaring through the sky.
Effect: When they enter Snowraven Sage Mode, the user activates this skill, representing the raven features and their association with the dead and lost souls. Upon activation, the user's wings turn blood red, while at the same time, countless red feathers begin to surround them in a 15m radius. These feathers act as an indicator, alerting the user of potential danger upon something or someone invisible (or concealed in any way) coming into contact with them.

Red Raven doesn't reveal the position or direction; it merely signals to the user that something or someone is dangerously close, allowing them to defend if necessary. It should be noted that these feathers cannot be used to attack or defend in any way. Through these countless feathers, the user can sense vibrations within a 15m radius, allowing them to pick up on sounds they would otherwise be unable to.

Per Animal Sage Mode guidelines, this skill is slotless but requires WC to learn.

Wordcount: 2000
Character Specific: Akaboshi
Bonus Requirements: Snowraven Sage Mode
Ryo : 14500

Red Raven Empty Re: Red Raven

Wed Jun 29, 2022 10:00 pm
Simple, me like.

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