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The bath house bombings Empty The bath house bombings

Sun Jun 19, 2022 9:54 pm
Bomb in the Bath House:

Heroshi was having a good day learning a few new jutsu and helping who he could throughout the village. He had dressed in some lose fitting clothes, he still didn’t have much money to go out and buy anything too extravagant for himself, but he was working his way there. He had managed to save up a little bit of Ryo from his last few missions, but he was still not able to afford the nice things that a lot of other shinobi had. He needed a few scrolls to put some fuuinjutsu on and some armor to protect himself from weapon attacks would be nice, but he wouldn’t be able to afford all that for a handful more missions. Heroshi was okay with this, he had short and long term goals to accomplish, and armor and scrolls, were his short term goals. He was looking around the market just window shopping looking at all the things he couldn’t afford when he got shewed away by a shop keep because he wasn’t going to buy right that instant, and he was taking up too much room. Heroshi would oblige and leave, he wasn’t there to cause problems. Heroshi would look through a few more shops and get quite depressed about his financial situation. He would go out and earn his gear the old fashioned way, manual labor.
He was headed through the market district looking for work, and being turned down by just about every shop in the district. He was about to call it a quits when he found a lost child. The child was crying in a relatively secluded place. Heroshi approached him cautiously, “Hey buddy, are you lost?” Heroshi would ask gently. “My name is Heroshi, and I’m here to help.” The child would whimper and tell Heroshi that he was lost, and he needed help finding his family. Heroshi would figure out their names and would take the boy around asking if he saw them, or if anyone knew who his parents were. Soon after he started Heroshi found out that the child’s parents owned a property near a bath house, but they weren’t sure if it was in Hoshigakure or some other village. Heroshi would ask the child if this was true, and the boy nodded. “Why didn’t you say so?” If we can find your house you can stay there until they come home.” Heroshi smiled at the child, “See, I told you I could help you.” Heroshi lead the child towards the bath house he thought would be near the child’s house.
Upon arrival at the bath house Heroshi would feel a tug at his pants, “Heroshi, this is not the bath house by where I live.” The child would say starting to whimper again. “Don’t you worry yourself, you’re with me, remember?” Heroshi would ask with a smile, “We’ll figure it out, promise.” Heroshi told the boy with a thumbs up. “Okay we’ll ask a few people around here if they know your family.” Heroshi would walk up to a group of people and ask if they knew about where the child’s family lived or if they knew them. The group didn’t but they informed Heroshi there was only one other bath house in Hoshigakure that it could be as the rest were in the market and didn’t have any family dwellings near it. Heroshi was elated with the news. As long as this kid lived inside Hoshigakure. That thought started to creep into his head, no, the child had to be from Hoshigakure, and Heroshi would find them. Heroshi and the child left the bath house and headed towards the remaining bath house in question.
Heroshi would recall a time when he got separated from his father in the market district and the anxiety and fear he would experience, his dad blamed him for getting lost and he got in trouble for it. He remembered it was a cold winter day, he can remember it being grey as if it was in black and white, but he knew there were colors in the canvas of life while he was in it, the rain that fell that day was so dense it was like a fog over the whole village. That’s probably why he remembers it as black and white and grey. He remembered how time went by really slow and he must have ran up and down every where and felt like he had seen the same vendor twenty times. How when he was finally found by a shinobi he was so relieved. They also knew his dad so they were able to take him home. That’s where he had received his punishment. Heroshi hoped his circumstances would vary drastically than the child’s.
As they approached the bath house there was a group of people around it, the child excitedly screamed, “Mom dad!” as he broke free from Heroshi’s grip and ran at full speed to his mom and dad. They were so happy to have their child back, they thought the kid had run home from the market, that’s why they were already there. They thanked Heroshi and he informed them that it was his pleasure to help them and their child, and he would be on his way, as Heroshi looked back at the family he brought back together he felt the warmth of pride enter his face as he was blushing and his whole body felt that ecstatic feeling. He really enjoyed helping the people of Hoshigakure. He was starting to get a little hungry, maybe ramen would be a good lunch. He thought as he started back to the market.
“Excuse me, Excuse me!” Heroshi would hear coming from behind him, a little man about five foot five inches tall would run up to Heroshi from the bath house. “I’m sorry to bother you, but are you the one the Hogokage sent?” He breathed his words heavily in between giant grasps for breath. “I’m sorry, I am not, but if time is of the essence, I can do whatever in my ability to help.” Heroshi would assure the man that was still gasping for air. “Want to show me what the issue is?” Heroshi would ask looking around and making sure his surroundings were safe. “Yes, walk with me?” The man would ask as he started a slow walk back to the bath house as he slowly regained his breath. “I received a letter last night, here it is.” He said handing over a small piece of paper with words scribbled on it. “We have only three more hours to give them the ransom or they’ll blow up our bath house, this bath house has been in my family since the creation of this village, before shinobi, before really anything, this bath house has been here.” The man would say. “I already have someone inside taking care of the paper bombs in there, she’s really quite amazing actually, but I need you to dispose of the paper bombs outside and do it quickly, I don’t want them to catch wind that we’re getting rid of their bombs.” The man would tell Heroshi as he opened the letter. “I’ll take care of it.” Heroshi said as he looked at the letter. “Give us 500,000 Ryo by tomorrow 3pm, or we’ll blow up your bath house, we don’t want to blow up our next building, but we don’t mind rebuilding.” The note would say. Heroshi saw that handwriting earlier that day, it was from the bath house he had taken the child to before he came to this one.
Heroshi studied the side of the building, whoever put these paper bombs up were meticulous in their design, one false cut of a tag would have little bits of Heroshi falling out of the sky. Heroshi took his kunai and began slowly and methodically cutting the tags off the side of the building. Heroshi didn’t know how fast he could cut down five hundred tags and was wishing there was a faster way, when he thought to himself, Shadow clone. Heroshi would perform the hand seals for his shadow clones to spring forth to life, they all covered different sides of the building to remove the paper bombs. When Heroshi was done outside it had only taken him a grand total of about five minutes with his shadow clones help. Heroshi would let the man know he was done removing the paper bombs from outside the building, and he would go chase down the culprit. Heroshi headed to the other bath house where he found the owners. “Which one of you wrote this letter?” He asked has he flashed the letter in front of them, “What?” They would say almost in unison but what gave it away was the wife had looked at the husband while the husband kept looking at him. “Well, a threat on someone with paper bombs is an act of espionage and subterfuge, I can take you both in, or one of you can admit to fault.” Heroshi would say as the woman was about to shout some objection, the man hung his head down. “Alright sir, it was me.” He would say, Heroshi would subdue the man and take him into custody.” Well, you weren’t the shinobi we had in mind for this mission, but you did well kid.” Said the man behind the counter in the administration building. “Job well done.”
WC: 1577

Hikari will be posting to finish this mission up
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AP: 30
Stats: 15
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The bath house bombings Empty Re: The bath house bombings

Sun Jun 26, 2022 8:21 pm
Approval pending completion of missing WC.
Hikari Namikaze
Hikari Namikaze
Stat Page : Hikari no Tenshi
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The bath house bombings Empty Re: The bath house bombings

Tue Jun 28, 2022 10:59 am
The prior night...

This was... quite the strange request. It was pretty late at night as Hikari sat cross legged at a meeting table in the home of Lord Iwawa, a noble who was responsible for many of the public facilities not just in Hoshigakure, but in all of Haven. The Akari was dressed in a professional attire that was proper for while she was receiving jobs from those among the noble class. She wore a new  white dress that would fall down to her about her ankles in length. The dress had long lace sleeves surrounded by a black strap with an intricate design. Her ears had been jeweled with her new favorite earrings, a golden star which was the symbol of Hoshigakure, with a white pair of high heeled sandals covered her feet. A modest amount of makeup had also been applied to cover up any blemishes or imperfections on the Kunoichi's face. It had been nearly a week since the Akari Assassin had taken out a loan from the bank, and word of her plight had reached many of the nobles of haven's ears. Many of them had reached out to her offering her work in exchange for compensation while she was awaiting to be summoned by lord or lady Hogokage to return to full active duty. This was one of those times as Namikaze had been called in earlier that evening for what had been described as an "Urgent meeting" with one of the nobles. Of course every meeting the woman had with the nobles they had described as 'urgent', but something about this meeting seemed a bit different, which was why Hikari immediately upon hearing the call dropped what she was doing and got prepared for this meeting.

Normally while the Akari would have to wait some time after arriving to a meeting with a noble to have her employer show up and be prepared to give the Kunoichi her assignment, however, to the Akari's surprise, within two minutes of her arriving, the large regal doors opened up allowing a well dressed figure to enter into the room. This caught the Kunochi off guard who quickly had to stand to greet the noble. "Oh! L... Lord Iwawa! I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting to see you so quickly! I assumed you might have other matter to attend to."

"Well, nothing is quite as big of a deal as what I called you in for." The noble would say as he made his way towards Hikari. The Noble was wearing a well stitched robe with his family's crest symbol embroidered into the back of it. He stood at about 6 feet in height and hard a well trimmed beard that fell down to about his center chest. The Kunochi would walk over to the man and embrace him, having been friends with the noble for a few years now. "Yes, of course! Please, lets take a seat M'lord. Sorry, if you are in this much of a rush, then surely what you are asking must be of great importance."

The large noble would take a seat at the head of the long table at the meeting room, and Hikari would take a seat right next to him. "Yes, of course. Thank you for your willingness to jump to the matter at hand. Normally I would be a much more gracious host, but as I said, time is of the essences here. Tell me Hikari, are you aware of the bathhouse I rune... Iwawa's Cleaning House?"

"My Lord..." Hikari would say, in a slightly joking tone, "You can give me some credit. I have been gone for two years, but I have been back for some time now. I am very aware of your bathhouse business. Its the biggest one in the village. Your establishment is of such high quality and at such an amazingly cheap price that you almost have a monopoly on the cleaning business in the city. I'm quite familiar with it."

"Good, then I won't have to explain to much about it." The man would say, leaning back in his chair as he spoke. "Well, recently I have been given a ransom note from a group claiming to be the Jaws of Grimma. They have demanded I give them one hundred thousand ryo, or they are going to blow up my establishment."

Hikari's eyes widened hearing this. "Wait... seriously? That... that isn't a laughing matter sir. That is an act of terrorism and is a matter of national security. Surely you should be getting shinobi involvement with this...."

"Well yes... that is thing." The noble would say, a hint of anger appearing on his face. "Of course I immediately went to the village, and they told me they would handle it... but here is the thing Hikari. They only made this into a B rank mission."

The Kunochi would blink hearing this. "B.... B rank? But, that is like a team of Gennin or a small team of Chuunin. Your business should constitute this being an A rank mission with a team of Jounin assigned, or possibly even something for the Novas to handle."

"Exactly!" The man would say, slapping his hands on the ground, causing the Kunochi to back up. "That is what I said when I told them this! But they told me that this was more than likely just a prank by some kids or something, and didn't want to waste the manpower on what could be a joke."

Hikari would stand up, not making eye contact with her employer, and would start to pace, thinking. "Well, the Jaws of Grima was mostly destroyed 6 years ago by Lord Arthur... but we have seen them resurface many of times. Even if this is just a a group of random bandits using their name to give their demands more meaning, that still doesn't take away from how this is still a threat on a major village asset...." Hikari would stop pacing and look up. "So... I am guessing you called me in to provide protection for your business? Your area is huge though, I doubt I could protect all of it by myself."

"I figured as much." The man would respond, "So... I have the rest of the shinobi working outside the establishment, searching the premise and looking around their. Meanwhile, I was hoping you could take the inside. Go in tomorrow morning with the early crowd and act as a civilian. Make sure nobody knows what you are doing. Then, go in and locate any sort of explosion devices and whatnot, disarm them, and keep the place safe."

The Kunochi would think for a second. If she was still in command of her forces, the Akari would want two teams of Nova's on this, but that wasn't an asset in the Assassin's tool kit right now. She might have asked for other shinobi to come out from outside to help her... but honestly? If it was a bunch of gennin outside, then they probably needed all the help they could get. "This... isn't exactly the easiest assignment sir. If I was retired, I probably wouldn't touch this." The Akari would say, before giving a smile to the man. "Luckily, shinobi never truly retire sir. I'll do it. The house opens at 6 in the morning, right? I'll come in around 7 and start looking around and see what I an find."

The man would let out a sigh of relief, hearing this. "Oh, thank you Hikari. That would be much appreciated. Thank you so much!"

The following day

Dawn was just starting to break as Hikari walked down the center road and headed towards her client's business. She found herself simply in her PJs and her large bathroom bag holding her makeup, Shampoo, conditioner, along with a couple of other items she needed for the day and to make it through the mission. Her long blonde hair was tied up into a ponytail. She didn't have her contacts on yet, but doubted anyone would be looking closely enough to see her multicolored eyes. The Akari would make her way into the estate and order one 'grand' ticket, which allowed one to gain access to the entire house and all of its events. Hikari Namikaze would then run around and start cleaning going through the entirety of the building with her byaugan active. While scanning around, the Kunochi almost immediately found a bunch of explosion tags hidden through out the  estate, with apparently no sort of detection to inform the one who placed it there if anyone was tampering with it. The Akari would give a sigh of relief seeing this. Well, at least she was working with Amateurs. Taking her time to scan the area to make sure no one was watching her, the Akari would go around and remove all of the bombs in the establishment. She heard the sounds of a ruckus going on outside, but since it wasn't bothering her, the kunoichi didn't pay it to much mind. It would take about two hours to move around the facility and remove all of the tags, but it was done so without much of a hassle. Afterwards, the Akari would leave the facility to dispose of the explosives and to inform the client of the work being completed.


WC: 1564

15,000 Ryo
30 AP
317 WC towards Phoenix Flower Completing it at B rank with Max stat discount
937 WC towards Far Sending Technique Completing it with Max stat Discount
309 WC to Suiton: Bubble Prison with max stat discount

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The bath house bombings Empty Re: The bath house bombings

Tue Jun 28, 2022 3:06 pm
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