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Kaito Inuzuka
Kaito Inuzuka
Stat Page : Stat Page

Health: 300 points
AP: 2,000 points
Vigor: 125 points
Chakra: 125 points
Speed: 45 points
Strength: 5 points
Mission Record : Mission Log
Summoning Contract : The Wolves of Death Gorge
Living Clones : Uchiha, Tatsuya
Familiar : Raidomaru (Needs Revamped)
Legendary Equipment : N/A
Remove Remove Remove Remove Remove Remove Ninjutsu Sensory Space Time Default
Wind Earth Water Remove Remove Default
Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Otogakure
Ryo : 0

A Letter to Kaito from an old teacher. - Page 3 Empty Re: A Letter to Kaito from an old teacher.

Wed Jul 06, 2022 11:59 pm
***I had accidentally forgotten that I did a mid-thread claim, so I had to edit my exit claims to reflect that. Requesting a reapproval.***
Hayato Yuki
Hayato Yuki
Stat Page : Frigid Blade
Remove Weaponry Ninjutsu Default
Wind Water Default
Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Otogakure
Ryo : 21270

A Letter to Kaito from an old teacher. - Page 3 Empty Re: A Letter to Kaito from an old teacher.

Thu Jul 07, 2022 12:09 am
Guren Chinoike
Guren Chinoike
Sound 5 Commander
Sound 5 Commander
Survived 2021
You've completed the Christmas Event of 2021 and qualified for the last reward, by partisan you are awarded this fancy badge!
Stat Page : The Big Blood
Living Clones : Zidane
Remove Medical Ninjutsu Space Time Default
Earth Water Lightning Default
Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Otogakure
Ryo : 25000

A Letter to Kaito from an old teacher. - Page 3 Empty Re: A Letter to Kaito from an old teacher.

Fri Jul 08, 2022 12:26 pm
Upon hearing Kaito read the letter to him, Guren would sigh deeply. Of course it had been from Arantima, former Sunagakure shinobi. Interestingly enough this letter seemed to deeply affect Kaito, causing his eyes to spiral into an entirely new form and leak blood. As Guren grabbed ahold of the letter he visually studied what Kaito's eyes resembled. They seemed akin to those of Zaine and even Kenshin's at some point. Nevertheless, they'd need training. And seeing how Kaito reacted to the letter was an indication that he was not yet ready to undertake the mission he was requesting. A shinobi would need to detach himself from his emotions when pursuing a former friend. Otherwise, who knows what type of decisions would be made?

"Kaito, while I appreciate your eagerness, you're not ready for something like that. For all we know, Arantima could be setting you up. I forbid you from attending this meeting, alone at least. After the Chunin Exams we will discuss how this can play out, but for now going after him alone is less than ideal. You also need to learn how to use that new Sharingan of yours. Let's see how the near future plays out, but this information is vital and trust that I need to consult with my advisors before we act on it."

Kaito's reaction would make it seem as if he understood. It was a tough decision, but a necessary one. "Thank you for understand. And yes, I need to take my leave as well. I will check in on you in a couple days to see how you're doing." Following this, Guren would leave from Kaito's apartment and head to the Spire. There were plans to be set in place.

- Exit -

WC = 290. TWC = 4158
25% Max Stat Discounts:
860 WC Towards Great Moving Earth Core (1875/1875)
1125 WC Towards Shadow Clone (1125/1125)
1047 WC Towards Lightning Clone Technique (1875/1875); rest trained here
750 WC Towards Temporary Paralysis (Had D rank version for a long term, WC Difference is 1500 - 500 = 1000 * .75 = 750 Words to spend; 750/750)
376 WC Towards Chakra Mask (C Rank, 376/750)

+ 15000 Ryo 
- 1 Senju Organ
+1 Uchiha Organ
Stat Page : Fu's Fat Stats
Familiar : Archie the Bear
Remove Remove Remove Weaponry Fuuinjutsu Remove Ninjutsu Remove Remove Default
Wind Earth Water Lightning Fire Default
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 176650

A Letter to Kaito from an old teacher. - Page 3 Empty Re: A Letter to Kaito from an old teacher.

Fri Jul 08, 2022 11:12 pm
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