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Sunagakure Chunin Exam: Raiden vs Kaito - Page 2 Empty Re: Sunagakure Chunin Exam: Raiden vs Kaito

Wed Jun 15, 2022 8:03 am
Lilith spent the time watching the large monitor in the room, occasionally panning over to different camera angles to see better views of the fight. It was short lived, and though this match on paper seemed to be a fair one, it clearly favored Raiden as it progressed. From her perspective, it seemed as if Kaito had started the fight off well, dodging Raiden's first few attempts. But after this, he lost creativity and traction. The boy didn't have a grasp on how to dodge any further, nor seek a counter attack from Raiden's blitz. Though she was disappointed in his failure, at least he had tried. And the experienced Raiden likely got some of the rust off of himself in the process. Had this fight gone down in the real world, she wondered how far it would have gone. But for now the answer between who was the more opportunistic shinobi had been answered.

When the pair departed from the simulation and removed their headsets, she'd allow them time to do their exchange of the seal of reconciliation. It was nice to see good sportsmanship, but she had also hoped that Kaito was motivated to improve. And that Raiden wasn't content with his growth. For both to prosper, they'd need to continuously train like all shinobi did. Including herself. But for the scope of the exams, Raiden had done a formidable job. She'd at least acknowledge that. Once they concluded their pleasantries, she'd speak to each. 

"Raiden, good job. Stay motivated and keep developing. Kaito, try to stay determined and think outside of the box next time. I will not penalize you for giving up, but in a real world situation you will not have that luxury. I am unsure of how Lord Third will respond. But at least you tried. Both of you, take your leave from this place and feel free to watch the other fights or go home. We will contact you both regarding the next round of the exams."

She'd conclude her speech, gather her notes together, and then proceed to exit the room and the Simulation facility. She'd head straight to Guren's office to discuss the results of the first battle within the second round of the exam.

Raiden Ametsuchi
Raiden Ametsuchi
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Missing-Nin (A-rank)
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Sunagakure Chunin Exam: Raiden vs Kaito - Page 2 Empty Re: Sunagakure Chunin Exam: Raiden vs Kaito

Fri Jun 17, 2022 1:15 am
Raiden had said his words and accepted that Kaito would keep his trust. At that time him and Kaito looked upon Lillith who let them have their moment before speaking her praise to Raiden and her wishes that he would not falter in his training to strive for more. Raiden knew better than to let this one small victory be enough to make him settle with his power, quite the opposite, The fight took a little more effort than he had wished, or rather than Eros had wanted. Eros had a driving passion that Raiden needed to get stronger and faster. If that was even remotely possible. Raiden would even listen to the words spoken by Lillith to Kaito, and he would nod , he was in agreeance with her words. With her done speaking she walked off first, headed off to lord third more than likely.

When she walked out, Raiden would look towards Kaito once more, and if he gave no indication to stick around, than Raiden would walk out, He had noticed not far away out of another Arena door another set of contestants had finished up, Only one of them left the room, Raiden would leave it alone however. Raiden himself would head up to the television area where the other three fights were still going on, albeit two looked like they were still going, the third seemed to appear at the moment to about to come to a conclusion, that one had three people in it specifically. Raiden would nod at the screens and gave a shrug.

Raiden would walk out of the building and would take a well deserved stroll around the village district , He took a breath as he looked around and replayed the events, if He had not stopped Eros, even though it was virtual, he would have stopped at nothing till there was nothing left. Raiden would take one last sigh. He headed home and when he got there, he would look around, taking the katana from his hip and placing it next to the front door on the inside of his apartment. He would slide the top half off his hakama off his shoulders. with his arms free completely, he would begin to select foods out of his fridge, and place them on the counter.

Once that was done he would select a skillet, his cast iron, and throws a slab of butter in the pan as he turned the heat on, he would throw a sprig of Rosmary into the pan with the butter. He would wait till the butter melted before he would take some salt and pepper and throw it in the pan, than placed the steak he had selected into the pan after he had dabbed the steak with paper towels. than he would Salt and pepper the exposed side of the steak and give it about three minutes before flipping the steak, after about another three minutes he would spoon the butter over the steak for an additional minute. He would take the steak out and put it on a plate, letting it set for the next seven minutes, meanwhile he would take some portobella mushrooms he had sliced up and put them in the butter in the pan during that time frame. Once the seven minutes was up he would pour the mushrooms on top of the steak, and than he would take some asperagus and throw it in the pan, and cover them and let them have their time.

Once the Asperagus reached a certain point and his steak was still warm enough, he would put it on the plate next to the steak, and with a fork and knife he would take a seat at his table and cutting into the steak, watching the juices flow out of the steak, he would slowly chew on it and savored it, as he had savored his win and the victory dinner he cooked himself, but as he sat there, no matter how good the food was, he could not help but to feel alone, even with the weighing presence of eros within his head, there was no one else with him. Raiden would let out a soft sigh as he placed his fork and knife down and just let the weight of loneliness crash in.

With that he would place his plate in the fridge and head off to bed for the night, no longer interested in his victory, he needed to go somewhere that he would hopefully no longer feel the ache of the loneliness within his heart. Raiden would finish removing his Hakama and laid down in the bed, placing his headband on the table next to his bed as he did every night. He would close his eyes and let his weariness drift him off to sleep.

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Kaito Inuzuka
Kaito Inuzuka
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Sunagakure Chunin Exam: Raiden vs Kaito - Page 2 Empty Re: Sunagakure Chunin Exam: Raiden vs Kaito

Thu Jun 23, 2022 12:19 am


Kaito would listen to Lady Lillith's words intently, making a mental note as best he could of all of the events that had transpired during the fight.

To start off, his ability to pull together combinations was slower than he had expected. Next was his ability to hide his presence and locate his opponent, both thanks to his abilities in sensory-type Jutsu. His ability to do both of those actions was subpar at best. And, of course, came the fact that he had forfeited the fight at all. He had gotten ahead of himself, and while he did not see any possibility of being able to remove himself from the wall that he had been backed into, there was sure to be a way to have done so.

He had to get better.

Kaito would bow to Lady Lillith before straightening himself back up and looking at her with unparalleled determination as Raiden exited from the room.

"Thank you, My Lady, for watching over this exam. I would say that I am sorry for my lack of performance in my fight, Lady Lillith, but now is not the time for apologies. They will not take back how it all went down. All I can say... All I can promise... Is that I will prove to you that this is not the extent of my abilities." With a bow, Kaito would make his way towards the door. He did not intend to stick around to see how the other fights would play out as he had some training and studying to do, but as he began to take his first step back out into the hallway he paused. Turning back around to face Lillith, he shared the same look of determination that he had previously. "I swear it here and now; I will show you and Lord Kazekage both that I will someday be worthy of the title of Kazekage."

With that being said, Kaito would take his exit from the simulation battle arena and make his way home to collect Raidomaru to do some training together at the village's training grounds.


Sunagakure Chunin Exam: Raiden vs Kaito - Page 2 Pagebreak6

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Sunagakure Chunin Exam: Raiden vs Kaito - Page 2 Pagebreak6

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Sunagakure Chunin Exam: Raiden vs Kaito - Page 2 Empty Re: Sunagakure Chunin Exam: Raiden vs Kaito

Thu Jun 23, 2022 9:08 am
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