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Ryo : 17570

Hidden Sand's Fastest Delivery Service!! (Solo) Empty Hidden Sand's Fastest Delivery Service!! (Solo)

Wed May 18, 2022 1:09 pm
Mission Name: Delivery Day at the Monkey's Uncle
Rank: E
Mission Location: Sunagakure

Challenges: --
Task: The Monkey's Uncle has its weekly shipment of goods (tea, fresh food, paper wares, etc.) necessary to keep the business running scheduled for today. Help shepherd the delivery carts to the restaurant and aid in unloading and putting away the goods in the stockroom.

Word Count Requirement: 500
Reward: 1,000 Ryo / 5 AP

Character Requirements: Sunagakure shinobi
Character Exclusive: --
Ryo : 17570

Hidden Sand's Fastest Delivery Service!! (Solo) Empty Re: Hidden Sand's Fastest Delivery Service!! (Solo)

Wed May 18, 2022 2:47 pm

Hidden Sand's Fastest Delivery Service!! (Solo) 1fdf20df33ff3fe02a4713ff32e31c2b


~  Another morning had come to fruition in the Hidden Sand and the still sleeping village had been coated with a warm orange tinge from the rising sun. Sumiko was no stranger to the calmness that came from such a moment as she had been an early riser for as long as she could remember but instead of it being for her leisure; a mission awaited her. The girl got dressed quickly, wearing her typical attire which consisted of a black kimono, black ankle-length sandals, her great folding fan which was holstered diagonally upon her back in a way that the massive fan wouldn't hinder movement, and finally her hourglass headband which she wore proudly upon her forehead without failure.  Today's mission was an E-Rank mission which normally bothered her to be doing such trivial activity which easily could range from finding a lost pet to pulling weeds but in this case she had managed to secure a mission that would probably be as exciting as this rank could provide. Sumiko quickly made her way through the village with purpose as she sought to be there before the shipment had arrived. Seconds turned into minutes before she eventually got to her destination which seemed to be a restaurant of some sort; a pair of happy monkey heads sharing tea was very visible to her eyes.

(thought) " The Monkey's Uncle. . ."

Sumiko and her family had been in here a few times since they've been in the Hidden Sand and the delectables that this place provided were nothing less than stellar. The Monkey's Uncle provided everything from Dine-in services with a complimentary bowl of locally grown fruit and a two-cup clay kettle of green tea. The menu included various berry, melon, and citrus arrangements, protein stews of various spices, sweet pastries and baked goods, as well as an assortment of house-brewed tea. She found it odd how fresh vegetables and fruits could survive the barren desert but that answer would finally come to her knowledge with this mission. The kunoichi made her way around the front of the building until she arrived at the back after effortlessly hopping over a security fence. The ease of her clearing security certainly shocked her as she oftentimes remembered that the shinobi force really only accounted for a small amount of a village's population whereas a majority didn't know how to train their innate gifts for whatever reason. The raven-haired girl didn't have long to wait as she noticed a large caravan pulling up to the back. Its' size was larger than anything that she had personally ever seen before as 10 of her would have to be stacked on top of each other to reach the top. She watched as it back into the loading dock and from the driver's section came 2 middle-aged men who were walking to open the doors of this caravan but paused when they noticed her.

Man #1: "Oh hello, little girl.  Are you looking for someone?"

The man's tone was pleasant and seemed genuine so Sumiko didn't take offense to the question but instead she found herself smiling before bowing to the man.

" I am here to aid you in carrying the supplies inside. My name is Yoshido, Sumiko."

~ WC: 539 ~

Ryo : 17570

Hidden Sand's Fastest Delivery Service!! (Solo) Empty Re: Hidden Sand's Fastest Delivery Service!! (Solo)

Sat May 21, 2022 6:27 pm

Hidden Sand's Fastest Delivery Service!! (Solo) E8c16db467a412d2ff45f7ac01582453

The look of doubt was nothing unusual to Sumiko to the point that as soon as the idea of her helping with lugging out the various ingredients came to fruition; her face didn't falter in the slightest if anything it finally gave life to this mundane task. Whether it was due to the ever-dwindling time that the Monkey's Uncle had to open or their sheer want to get this over with that promoted work to continue without a hiccup was unsure. Sumiko watched as the large caravan back into the port in a manner that would allow each party to travel into the bed of the caravan and the loading dock with ease and all Sumiko could feel was an ebbing chilliness that radiated from the securely closed doors. She wasn't entirely sure if it was the general hotness that the desert provided or the caravan but, her skin seemed to be sensitive to the cold as she fought a shiver from going down her spine. ~

~ A soft chuckle was shared by the two middle-aged men who showed up with insulated coats and gloves. She'd bow and thank the men before slipping on the apparel that was easily 3 times her actual size which resulted in the jacket stopping at her lower ankle and her gloves had to be tied to the max and beyond. Once they were all suited up, the doors were opened and the sight of various packaging was visible, and that marked the start of their work. The men entered the compartment and began to arrange things to make them easier to carry before then passing them to the teen. After a few moments, Sumiko started to notice that they were passing her the smallest items first which seemed to be counterproductive in her mind. She figured that getting the heavier items first and then transitioning to a lighter item would do better as the muscles neared fatigue but she offered no verbal interruption since it was a very small detail.~

~ Seconds turned into minutes and minutes turned into an hour as the trio moved the various parcels into the loading dock. They moved rather quickly and as the working day slowly dragged its way into existence. Sumiko could hear the soft conversation in the distance in tandem with the various sounds of opening doors and cabinets which meant that the Monkey's Uncle would soon follow. She gave a passing glance into the caravan to note that all that remained were moderate and highly heavy items but given her spending time with the really light ones; the kunoichi wasn't noticeably fatigued at all.~

(thought) " Wise move on their parts. I am happy that I just went along with it."

~ The teen prepared herself for the increased weight by rotating her shoulders and wrists in an effort to warm up the muscle and tendons before starting to take the moderate-sized things. Sumiko took well to these items and didn't show any real signs of struggling which was a result of the heavy wave of training she had done since her graduation. She had applied for the Chuunin Exam some time ago and the fear of underperforming haunted her around all of her peers AND superiors simply didn't sit well with her. The girl took box after box with an added intensity, making sure that she activated as many muscle groups as she could to sustain stability and maximize her power and endurance. She managed to break a sweat at this point but it didn't matter as it seemed that her stamina outmatched the seasoned employees as well.~

~ WC: 600 ~

~ TWC: 1,139 ~

Ryo : 17570

Hidden Sand's Fastest Delivery Service!! (Solo) Empty Re: Hidden Sand's Fastest Delivery Service!! (Solo)

Mon May 23, 2022 6:47 am

Hidden Sand's Fastest Delivery Service!! (Solo) Ab3dbf1bb08253b77999d47d52769bef

~ The time continued to pass and as the job came to a conclusion, The employees of the Monkey's Uncle began to get the place ready for their breakfast time rush. A few curious employees occasionally popped their heads out to see how the intake was going and even offered to help which made the task finish hours before the opening time. This would mean a mission complete for the teen and as a result, she bowed before starting to check in with her mission supervisor to mark her mission as complete but then as she was set to leave the familiar voice of one of the middle-aged men called out to her. ~

" Little One! Aren't you hungry?! Please allow us to treat you to breakfast for your hard work A growing shinobi should never be hungry!"

~ She paused at the door once she heard "Little One" knowing that no one else would fit such a name as she was by far the youngest and tiniest person there. Sumiko was delighted by the offer and being the foodie that she was: the kunoichi quickly made her way towards the nearest table where someone asked her what she wish to have. She pondered her thoughts for a moment while looking over the breakfast menu. There were a lot of good choices but when she found the perfect one her eyes lit up.~

" Hmm. . . I'll take Chef Special with the eggs over hard and two orders of crispy bacon."

Hidden Sand's Fastest Delivery Service!! (Solo) Cf23ecc6f15b242191c0ee8bd9355ab7

~ The man chuckled at her reaction before nodding to her and immediately starting her order. This was the first time in a while that she had been able to sit down in the Monkey's Uncle and it was nothing less than exquisite. About 30 minutes passed when her food was presented to her and her mouth began to water. Sumiko offered her thanks before digging in and it was love at first bite. The flavors of the bacon and eggs were complimentary to the country-fried chicken which caused her to wolf it down rather quickly as she turned out to be hungrier than she expected. Not slightly saddened by how quickly she had eaten the food, the man returned again before noticing her empty plate and smirked.~

" How was the food? I trust that it was to your liking?"

"It was delightful! Thank you for offering to me!"

~ Sumiko's tone was gracious and they both exchanged a nod before the man picked up her dishes and took them to the back. The kunoichi stood to her feet before leaving a tip and walking out into the village;  a nap was calling her name.~


~ WC: 439 ~

~ TWC: 1,578 ~

Ryo : 17570

Hidden Sand's Fastest Delivery Service!! (Solo) Empty Re: Hidden Sand's Fastest Delivery Service!! (Solo)

Mon May 23, 2022 10:15 am

Mission Details:

Hidden Sand's Fastest Delivery Service!! (Solo) 722339953ef3f55f3c004d5e48f76763

~ A few days had passed since her initial mission which brought her to the Monkey's Uncle but this time she could sleep in. Seemingly impressed by the girl's work ethic, Sumiko found herself being requested another E-Rank mission for the restaurant which brought a smile to her face. It would appear that her networking efforts were finally starting to bear fruit. The details of her assignment suggested that she was to stand in as an employee for the establishment which could range from dishwashing to being a hostess. Hoping that she could stay in the front of the house, Sumiko dressed to make the vibe of the Monkey's Uncle which seemed to be a bit on the higher end of the spectrum. She wore a beautiful sandy brown kimono, whose intricacies danced between formal and casual, along with her long black hair styled into a half-up, half-down style that was secured with a silver butterfly pin. The girl lightly sprayed her person with slightly sweet-smelling rose perfume before heading out into the beautiful evening light of the Hidden Sand.  On her way toward her destination, she had warranted a few glances from the townspeople and a few compliments on her attire. Sumiko was aware that her style of dress differed from most of her peers as she favored more modest and traditional attire over modern clothes. This disposition could be traced all the way back to the roots of Old Suna and merely been passed down from child to child. The regalness of such a style allowed her the comfort of her confidence while the modesty took attention from her blossoming physicalities.~

~ Within a few moments Sumiko found herself entering the restaurant at what looked to be a peak time. The girl was greeted by one of the managers who seemed to be preoccupied as he told her what she was to do for the day which happened to be dishwashing but once he got the opportunity to actually look at her he changed his mind quickly. Within a few moments, Sumiko found herself sitting comfortably at the hostess podium with a big grin on her face. As much as she despised the gender norms that ruled society she couldn't deny that they could prove to be useful should she tailor it a bit. Sumiko greeted each patron with a smile before carrying on a casual conversation, checking the seating charts, and eventually guiding them to a table where the waiters would serve them. She had to admit that serving the public in this fashion definitely required immense patience and resolve when it came to making sure that the inviting environment wasn't disturbed. The amount of entitlement and blatant disrespect was enough to cause anyone to lose their cool; especially when it came to a short-tempered kunoichi who solved most of her issues with violence.~

(thought) "This is all a test. . .  stay calm."

~ Sumiko had to remind herself occasionally when an impatient customer attempted to talk down to her but gratefully the seasoned managers would take over when they noticed she was overwhelmed. These situations were few and far between so overall the experience was good for the girl and as a result, the service seemed to be good. By the end of the night, as the Monkey's Uncle started its' closing procedures, Sumiko was approached by her supervisor.~

"Very nicely done, Sumiko! I don't want you walking home too late so I will release you early. Be safe and come back anytime."

~ The man's words were soothing to her as she found herself trying at this much more than she had expected. Sumiko thanked the manager before bowing, cleaned up her work area, and headed home.~


~ WC: 617 ~

~ TWC: 2,195 ~

Mission Claims:

1,000 Ryo | 1,000 Ryo

5 AP | 7 AP

+21 SP

+ 579 WC for Clanless Pureblood (Previous 1,421 WC proof here.)

+ 1,500 WC to Chakra Nullification

+ 116 WC to Ninshū

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Hidden Sand's Fastest Delivery Service!! (Solo) Empty Re: Hidden Sand's Fastest Delivery Service!! (Solo)

Thu May 26, 2022 1:18 am
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