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Kain Wraith
Kain Wraith
Ryo : 16000

Kain Wraith Empty Kain Wraith

Mon May 16, 2022 10:02 am

Age: 65/ looks 16

Ninja Rank: Genin
Power Rank: D
Height: 6'
Weight: 175

Appearance: Shaggy black hair with pale skin and red marking is around his eyes and a red lightning bolt-looking scar on his right cheek. Kain has both his ears pierced with silver bands that wrap around his ears. He is normally seen wearing a combination of black and red clothes, but never leaves the house without his black trench coat and fingerless gloves. He often wears black cargo pants for the extra pockets and his black boots. 
Personality: Kain has no time for weak people and sees them mostly as food or fodder for his plans. He wants to become truly immortal. Knowing that his kind has extremely long life spans is not enough, as they can still be killed and eventually die of old age. It is for this reason that he studies ninjutsu and medical ninjutsu as much as he does. 

Even though Kain doesn’t really like a lot of people and puts off a get lost, or I’ll kill your vibe. Once he does find people that he likes, he is possibly the most loyal friend one can have. He believes that the world is shit and when you find someone that you don’t want to kill, you should hold on to them. Kain can be very sarcastic at times, and sometimes he really does mean what he says. This makes people not really know how to handle him, as they don’t know if he is being sarcastic or not. 

Kain is ruthless in combat, going for the kill as fast as possible. He does not like to play around, and can sometimes get carried away when sparing with others, and will sometimes do it intentionally if he does not like the person, as he believes that pain is the best teacher. 

Clan: Kyuketsuki
KKG: Noblesse
Clan Specialty:  Med
Specialties: Nin
Elements: Water
Advanced Elements:  Blood
V1 -
V2 -
Full Beast -

Current Stat Points: 113
Current Health Bar: 100

Vigor: 35
Chakra: 41
Speed: 32
Strength: 5

Jutsu Unlocked


Water Dragon Whip

Blood Clone
Hidden Mist Tech


Bodily Restoration


Surface Walking

Skills Unlocked:
Pureblood (1900-2000)

Ryo- 16k
Weapon Pouch
On Person
-Smoke Bomb-2
-Exploding Tag-2

Your Story:

Your Missions:

C Rank:  E Ranks, 1 D Rank Hunter, 2 C Ranks, 1 B Rank, Character must have at least 200 stats.  

B Rank:  1 D-rank Hunter Mission, 2 C-Ranks [1 Standard, 1 Hunter], 2 B-Ranks, 1 A-Rank 

  • D Rank:

  • C Rank:

  • B Rank:

  • A Rank:

A Rank: 1 C Rank (Hunter), 3 B Ranks (2 Hunter), 2 A Ranks, 1 S Rank or HS: 1 A-Rank Hunter

  • C Rank (Hunter):

  • B Rank:

  • B Rank (Hunter):

  • B Rank (Hunter):

  • A Rank:

  • A Rank:

  • S Rank:

S Rank: 1 B Rank, 3 A Ranks (Hunters), 3 S Ranks; HS: 1 B Rank, 3 A Ranks, 3 S Ranks (1 Hunter)

  • B Rank:

  • A Rank (Hunter):

  • S Rank:
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