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Asahi Yagami
Asahi Yagami
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Garden time thoughts Empty Garden time thoughts

Sun May 15, 2022 8:44 pm
Mission details:

Call it community service, or call it an excuse to enjoy the day.  Either way Asahi found himself outside the office and tending to a simply garden.  The night before a rather large storm had unloaded an icy barrage of hail that had harmed more than one garden.  Still the elderly couple had submitted the formal request for aid, and since Asahi approved the missions…..he simply snatched this one up as his own.  Princess Ivy Bluemoon in begrudging tow he made his way to the families home on the outskirts of the residential district.  The garden was merely a one family vegetable garden and he doubted would require much.  

Upon arrival he greeted the family, let them know he’d be assisting.  To his pleasant surprise they did not recognize him as the komekage, as he wasn’t wearing any of his official attire.  Instead a simple kimono and hakuma pants, his journal bandages covering his torso.  Removing the top garment he set to work.  One might assume gardening and most manual labor were outside of the blondes wheelhouse, and to this….they’d be absolutely correct.  Still gardening in this level fell to a different category.  It was one that allowed nature and meditation, and that was his forte.  

Many of the vegetables were almost unsalvageable.  Using a simply sickle he cut through the crushed and dead foliage leaving it in a bucket to be deposited in the compost for later.  Ivy Bluemoon eyed the few good tomatoes with intense curiosity but reframed from doing anything more than that.  After several trips the destruction portion of the gardening was complete.  Wiping his brow and accepting with gratitude the lemonade the elderly woman provided, he took a short break before returning to the rough if it.  Ivy Bluemoon hauling the buckets to the compost while the old man walked at her side.  

Utilizing wire Asahi would form new vegetable cages to keep the plants growing in the correct direction, as well as protecting them from the larger critters that may have attempted a free meal.  In total the rest of the mission only lasted about 3 or so hours.  He gave his thanks and well wishes to the couple and set off with his horse beside him for his office, or perhaps a shower first.  Smiling as he went his eyes gazed around the village.  It was getting busier every day, and it would not be until the quite place he’d found would be more of a city.  

He had mixed emotions in this regard.  In someways it was good, business was up the people were enjoying more prosperity than ever before.  Still there was something to be said for the quietness and the isolation the place had enjoyed before all this.  A part of him wondered if that was part of the rise in crime, and the supernatural activity that had grown along with the village.  If they simply had stayed small, would they have invited such hardships.  A lesson perhaps, for village and man alike.  

TWC - 503

Exit / claims

Princess Ivy Bluemoon
+5 speed 
+250wc towards

Asahi Yagami
+1k ryo for mission
+15k ryo for Kage bonus
+250wc to master for no handseals
Hayato Yuki
Hayato Yuki
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Garden time thoughts Empty Re: Garden time thoughts

Sun May 15, 2022 11:08 pm
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