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Yusuke Sarutobi
Yusuke Sarutobi
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From Flame to Ash Empty From Flame to Ash

Tue May 10, 2022 7:16 pm
Yusuke had been working rather hard recently or at least he thought so. He had learned a decent amount of earth release from Kaito, and taken on a few missions. He sharpened a few of his skills and he was starting to feel like a true shinobi. He still hadn’t been in a life or death situation unless you count that time he single handedly cleaned the spire all by his lonesome. It was finally time for him to learn what his father was most eager to teach him. He had received a notice from his father after he returned from a long mission. It was in the form of a small note stuck to the fridge. It read:

I have returned, and I would like to access your skills. Meet me tomorrow morning at the training grounds.

Last time he trained with his father, Yusuke had gained a solid foundation in his primary element Fire release. He had been given 3 special tasks to achieve before the next time. He was to add life to fire release or master another high level fire release like his great fireball shower, and to increase the power of the great fire ball jutsu. Whether through combat or training, he had accomplished both tasks. He had reached the limit of the original great fireball technique. He felt now that it was among the strongest offensive techniques that he had. He didn’t realize yet how to give life to fire, but he did realize how to use the same jutsu his father had shown him. Yusuke had found that he had more chakra than most people. It was also very potent. Yusuke had refined his chakra potency and even increased the size of his pool. He felt now that he could activate such a jutsu as the Great fireball shower with ease and continue to use more jutsu. Lastly, He needed to master a fair amount of jutsu his father had placed on a list. These jutsu were all in the standard jutsu encyclopedia, which he had purchased. Yusuke learned many of them from his training with Kaito, and a few he had to pick up on his own. Yusuke had overcome the hurdles in his way. He was finally ready to show his father what he was made of. 

Yusuke expected that he would be rewarded with being instructed in earth release, but he was ready to surprise his father with already being a skill practitioner of that element. Yusuke was dressed for combat in his usual outfit: a body suit with the camouflage half cape and pants. On his feet he wore his shinobi toeless boots. His face guard branded with his village's symbol held his hair back. He made his way down stairs and took the note off of the fridge. Alright let’s show him! Yusuke clenched the paper into his hand and rushed out of the back sliding door.

The night air was cold and the sky was dark save the smattering of shining stars. Three in the morning barely counted as the morning in Yusuke’s book, but he was too excited to be tired today. He let up on to the roof of the buildings and made the short parkour run to the first training grounds. The sprint was a good warm up for the training. As he got closer to his destination he held the ram sign and appeared in the middle of the training ground. Look dad! One of the jutsu you requested down! Yusuke would announce knowing that he would not be the first one to arrive. 

There was silence for a moment and then a few claps clap clap clap Well done son! Sasuke Sarutobi would appear in the sand only a few meters from him. I assume you have a lot to show me. Let’s get right to it. Great Fireball! Yusuke’s dad would issue this command and point to a training dummy standing 30 meters away in a line of training dummies. 

Yusuke didn’t hesitate. He weaved his signs snake, ram, monkey, boar, and tiger in sequence. A large 20 meter diameter fireball left the boy’s mouth at the speed of [85] towards the dummy. Once the fireball engulfed the dummy it was tuned to cinders. Yusuke beamed at his father knowing that this fireball was at the very least equal to his.

Sasuke looked a little surprised, but he quickly changed his face to a smirking one instead. Nice one Yusuke you’re coming along nicely. I want you to show me a one handed fire technique that gives life to fire or another top level fire technique. I know it's a big ask, but show me that you’ve been working hard! Yusuke simply nodded and focused. He would make the one handed signs for snake, ram, monkey, boar, tiger, and horse resulting in a collection of 4  10m diameter fireballs traveling at [90] speed that would burn another 4 training dummies to cinders. 

Yusuke looked proud of himself, but Sasuke looked prouder. Yusuke had shown the results of his training, but he wasn’t done yet. That’s the result I was looking for! you’ve been training hard right? Alright we’ll check your rudimentary skills before we move on to today’s lesson. Sasuke pulled out a scroll with the list of rudimentary Jutsu to learn. Let’s see… I wanted you to learn a storage technique or two meaning basic sealing or storage displacement, the summoning technique, the body flicker technique, chakra flare, a restraining technique like temporary paralysis, cat eyes, basic medical jutsu, and most importantly genjutsu release without hand seals. Did you manage all of them? I’ll help you with the ones you couldn’t get to. Sasuke expected that all of these would be a large task for the boy to manage along with his refining the fire style. This is part of the required supplementary training that I require out of all of my subordinates. I only left out chakra suppression and sensory. It would be too much to expect even the most skilled genin to accomplish them on their own. Yusuke had already done it though. All of it and more. The boy was ready to show off what he had achieved. 

I did it all father. Let me show you what I achieved! Yusuke smiled as he weaved the necessary hand signs for storage displacement revealing a kunai and a basic scroll from thin air. He moved at max speed to grab them both as they fell. Then weaved four more signs sealing the kunai into the scroll. He then wrapped the scroll and threw it away. He then weaved 5 signs and the seal of confrontation bringing the scroll. He then unsealed the kunai and scratched his hand after spinning the blade artistically. He then began the quick process of healing the scratch he gave himself.

Four down! he announced without looking at his dad yet. Finally he weaved the two sins necessary to flare his chakra to the highest level he could. This would be easily picked up by his father according to Kaito. Lastly he weaved one sign and closed his eyes. It was only then that he looked at his father with his cat-like eyes. 

His dad was already astonished but had quickly righted himself. Not bad kid! Not bad at all. As promised I’ll teach you earth release. It might be a bit harder than Fire release so… Sasuke was ready to give his unneeded lesson, but Yusuke interrupted him.

I’m ready for the next lesson father! He weaved 3 signs and the earth below him rose up 10 meters. I have managed to learn a fair amount of earth release Yuske smiled bigger than he ever had. The look on his dad’s face was priceless. 

Yusuke, are you a genius?! To have learned so many jutsu in a short time frame I’m beyond impressed. I would recruit you now if only… Sasuke stopped himself. No matter then on to the next lesson the first inheritance from your ancestors. Ash Release! Sasuke weaved a few signs and then dark dust gathered around his wrist. 5 birds formed around the man. They flew off faster than Yusuke could move. They sliced through the remaining training dummies and pulled the remaining debris into a pile after flying in a circle above the destroyed dummies.

This is one technique called brave bird. Ash has many properties. It can form into shapes like this and is virtually invincible as long as there is another source of ash. It can explode into flames after producing a lingering hot dust. It can block vision even from some dojutsu. Sasuke explained the traits of Ash release to Yusuke who was enraptured by the amazing jutsu his father displayed.

It is a combination of fire and Earth release. You’ll need to create a fine dust from the earth and char it with incredible heat in order to refine ash within you for manipulation. It is notably more fire than earth. Adding too much earth will not make the release you want. Sasuke explained. Why don’t you give it a try? Sasuke levied. This won’t be as easy as Earth release, but you have an advantage given your blood line. Sasuke’s speech was interrupted by a cough from Yusuke.

When the man looked he saw a very small black cloud of smoke emanating from his son. Sasuke was surprised, but he was running out of sanity. HAHAHAHA! AS EXPECTED FROM THE GENIUS! The man was louder than he had ever heard. You will be the strongest Sarutobi there ever was Yusuke! Make sure to serve the sand well! Rise up the ranks and learn the jutsu the village is willing to offer! Make yourself indispensable. We will work together to build up our clan in this village! Alright? Sasuke sounded excited, maybe even more excited than Yusuke thought he should be. Yusuke was excited and happy too. It was the first time he’d seen his father like this, but he also was a little scared. There was something off about the way he spoke.I promise I’ll do my best, but I must ask why are you focused on the clan? There are only three of us here right? Yusuke asked with curiosity. He wasn’t sure where his dad was going with all this.

Sasuke coughed. Yes son for now it is only us three, but you will get married one day. You’ll have a kid or two, and then they’ll have kids. We’ll produce more and more ninjas. We’ll prove ourselves through deeds. In Konoha we were a big deal! I want us to achieve that here in the sand. A chance for our clan to start over! You’ll help me won’t you? His dad had an air of desperation. Yusuke wasn’t sure what he should say. 

I guess our goals align father so I won’t refuse, but I’ll need time to process this… Yusuke recoiled a bit, but he wasn’t totally put off.

First I need to get stronger, right? Let’s focus on that for now. Alright? Yusuke offered an escape from the uneasy air. Sasuke took it.

 Right, I’ll show you a few more jutsu, a defensive/supplementary one, and one for debilitating a target at range. Sasuke continued as he had before like nothing happened.

He weaved all of the required signs and then released a spray of ash towards the dummy from a far distance. This jutsu is simply called spray and is certainly easier than a brave bird which is easier than the next jutsu I'll show you. For spray as you get strong the effect and speed of the cloud gets stronger. I would learn this one first. Sasuke dissipated the ash by releasing his chakra. 

For the next jutsu you’ll need to have spray mastered in order to have a defined shape to your ash. Move away from me and observe the shape. Yusuke moved 30 meters away then Sasuke weaved a few signs before disappearing into a dome of ash.

Woah! I completely lost sight of him! Yusuke thought before he called out to his father. That’s cool dad, can I wander through it? He asked. The man’s reply was swift and pointed. Do Not Enter the Ash! It can paralyze you with severe burns but the user can be easily protected by a coat of their own chakra! Sasuke warned the boy, and Yusuke listened. He watched as the ash disappeared into the cool night air.

That jutsu is great for defending against melee attackers or anyone else who may be getting too close. You can bide your time inside and wait for backup or use the confusion to escape. Sasuke finished his explanation. My only assignment for you now is to sign this scroll in blood and learn these jutsu. Always be on the lookout for chances to increase your rank, but don’t endanger your life alright? He asked Yusuke with a serious tone.

Got it! I’ll make you proud! Yusuke responded with a thumbs up. Oh I know you had something to do in an hour. I guess our time is up? I'll leave first… Thanks for the lesson dad, I'll ask about the scroll next time! Yusuke said his piece and flickered away.

I’m already proud son. The last words echoed into the empty dark sky.

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From Flame to Ash Empty Re: From Flame to Ash

Tue May 10, 2022 7:29 pm
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