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NRPG Discord Rules Empty NRPG Discord Rules

Sat May 07, 2022 2:23 pm

NRPG Discord Rules _6eQCQX5Fm-iAxWFw_D9IIxx3ticpxV3IYOrMhUbIWY37w6JIqA91gNdcQZnh0RarsyogBF9adRTcytFe65G_iX91q3C6E6giZvTiJGDOjy-huVv4aP8cP3KZI4ELvOZXTp30jqc1sXiDepk0Q

Naruto RPG Discord Rules

Howdy, and welcome to the NRPG family. In our forum, we use Discord as our primary method of communication. Try to join Discord to receive the most immediate and up-to-date information and announcements on the forum. Staff will try to represent these announcements on the platform itself. However, they understand they're not held accountable for those who opt out of the communication path and therefore obtain info at a much more delayed time.

The rules will be strictly enforced to ensure the players' enjoyment. If these rules are broken, a member will receive one warning - if the behavior persists. Depending on the severity, the member will receive a Mute, which can last anywhere from 1 to 12 hours, where you cannot post at all on the server. This will be recorded in the staff chat and its reasonings. 

Mutes are a lighter sentence to a full strike which is given when a member refuses openly to adhere to a rule: 2 strikes of this nature will result in a ban strike from the server - The 1st ban received will be one week in length, the 2nd will be for two weeks, the 3rd will be for one month, and the 4th ban strike is the final one, as it will be permanent. Ban strikes will fade over time at a rate of 1 per month - so if you receive a strike and then go one month without earning another, that strike will be removed.

After returning from a ban of any length, you will have one regular strike before your subsequent banning of the following tier severity; if you return from a month-long ban and receive a typical strike again, you will be permanently banned. 

Be Aware: Bans themselves do not fade over time. The bans you receive will always be recorded; if you are banned in the future, they will always be the next down the ban chain. Total Discord Bans are not reversible regardless of the time passed.

1. Be respectful to each other; This means actively engaging in civil discourse: respectful of the other person and their views. Everyone in civil discourse is entitled to their own opinions and treated with respect and dignity. 

2. Racism and discrimination are strictly prohibited. This means - prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people based on their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group. As well as - the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things. IE Village alignment or join date. (The term 'New Gen' is now considered under this rule.)

3. No posting gore or explicit content via text, image, or links. Explicit content includes sexual connotations and pornographic material.

4. You may discuss topics, not about the site and RP, in off-topic or over-flow, but please keep those discussions out of the general chat. When asked by a staff member to move the conversation, do so.

5. Do not annoy staff with requests in the NRPG Server or via DM's/PM. Staff Requests may be bumped after 72 hours. If the demand in question has an emote on it, then it has been assigned, and that mod is working on it - if your request takes longer than 72 hours, please get in touch with a member of the Staff Team for clarification.

6. Rules 1 through 3 affect other servers and DM's. These instances will hold the same repercussions if brought to the staff's attention. Harassment across all servers about the NRPG Site is strictly prohibited. 

7. Members of the discord without approved characters can and will be removed if they do not intend to RP and only intend to stick around to troll or cause/feed drama. Strikes can and will be given more harshly to those in that group.

8. If you're not staff, please don't answer questions or unnecessarily comment on questions in the ❔staff-help-desk. Regardless of whether you are bringing accurate information, that channel is made for staff to answer questions directly - if you have input, get it to the member in the DMs. 

9. Be sure to keep discussions in the discord in the appropriate channels (Example: Discussions about an ongoing series in spoiler-land, discussions about off-site stuff is off-topic, etc.)

10. If you have any issues related to the site, discord, or a post made on-site - post them in the troubleshooting channel to ensure they are seen.

11. A discord ban, mentioned earlier, will not always earn you a ban from the site as a whole - NOTE - that isn't to say that it won't if the transgression was severe enough. A site ban, however, will always result in a discord ban. If you believe you have been banned incorrectly, you may post a ban appeal section of the forum or contact one of our staff members.

12. Dark/Sexual humor and jokes are allowed, be aware that there are minors on the site and the discord, and keep within the rules outlined above. Treat people within the bounds of public decorum, respect, and good faith; all jokes will be examined from those bounds.

13. Aggressive recruiting is not allowed. If someone ever sends you a DM requesting that you join a village in any capacity, or if you feel pressured to join any village because of comments made, let staff know immediately. We are here to help you and make your experience something you enjoy here at NRPG.

Thanks for reading our discord rules. See you there!
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