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Crom Tokage
Crom Tokage
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Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
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Guiding the Lost Empty Guiding the Lost

Sun May 01, 2022 3:31 am
Information Booth

Having finished taking the needed supplies acting like some believer of the church it was time to finish off the day with the last mission Crom was willing to do for the day as he was getting tired and sore from all the walking and moving. Finally back in front of the Mission board he noticed a mission that was perfect for what he wanted to do to end the day and that was stand in one place and not run around the village anymore. The mission in question was to stand outside the Palace gates and act as an information booth for those that were lost it wasn’t for a long time as it was getting late and the day was slowing down so the Security forces would be taking over any late night requests.

Crom made his way to the palace so he could report in to the Head person there. “I take it you are here for the mission posted? You are familiar with the village right? Can’t exactly let someone who has no clue what they are talking about give directions to those lost.” The Guard said as he stared down at Crom and looked disapproving at him. “Yes sir, I am quite acquainted with the Village I may look like a shut in but I do have my notebook filled with plenty of information on how to navigate the Village.” Crom responded pulling out his notebook showing the organized information on major tourist locations and establishments. “Very well you at least are diligent so stand right here and don this vest and simply wait for people to approach you we also have this whistle to summon any guards nearby in case of any one being violent or suspicious.” The Head Guard said as he handed over the needed items and went back to his own post.

Crom don his vest and put the whistle around his neck and with his notebook in sight he awaited his first patron. It was quite some time before someone came up to him and it seemed to be a much older lady, her slow gait clearly showed her path to Crom. So to help her he moved closer to her. She looked up at him, “Excuse me youngin but I seem to have gotten turned around how do you get back to the main street from here.” She asked in a worn voice. “Yes Ma’am you simply turn down that street right there next to the building with the Bird on it and stay on it for about 2 blocks which will bring you back to the main street.” Crom explained slowly and fully making sure that the older woman understood his directions and heard him clearly. “Thank you young man.” She said as she made her way off on her journey.

It was a bit longer after the old woman left before Crom got another person looking lost and confused, the young man looked at Crom and a look of recognition passed his face and he hurried over to Crom, “You give directions right!” He said quickly, “Yes sir, I can give directions to most known places here in the village, how may I help you?” Crom said with a look of neutrality, he knew that the shift was almost over and this was his last person to help. “I was suppose to go to the Academy to pick up my nephew but I got turned around since I’m not typically from here. I’m here to help my brother’s family with their move to their new house on the other side of the Village with the birth of their newest kid.” The man spewed out of his mouth quicker then Crom was use to and with more enthusiasm then was expected from someone lost. This was the type of person that Crom disliked being around they just seemed to not care about how bothersome their over energentic interactions were. “Sir if you go down the road next to that building there with the blue flower painted on the side.” Crom said as he pointed out the building, “And continue it down for 3 blocks turning left at the Flower shop on the corner and continue down that road you will see the academy on your right.” Crom directed making sure the man go his directions.

“Go down the road next to the building with the blue flower for 3 blocks turn left at flower shop on the corner academy on the right.” The man mumbled to himself. “Yes sir that’s correct.” Crom said quickly hoping to get this man out of his area and head home himself. “Thanks boss I appreciate it, see ya.” The man said as he hurried away. “Thank goodness.” Crom muttered to himself as he saw the Head Guard approach him to relieve him of his position and approve his completion. “Good Job kid. Most people get lazy this late so its appreciated.” The Guard said to Crom as he waved him away. Crom begun his trip back home now that he was complete with his quota for the day.

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Shinrei Yamato
Shinrei Yamato
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Guiding the Lost Empty Re: Guiding the Lost

Sun May 01, 2022 1:32 pm
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