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Meika TsukiOni Kamigawa
Meika TsukiOni Kamigawa
Stat Page : Moon Demon
Genjutsu Remove Remove Remove Remove Remove Ninjutsu Remove Space Time Default
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Clan Specialty : S/T
Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 40650

Plasma Release: Praimfaya (wip) Empty Plasma Release: Praimfaya (wip)

Sun Apr 17, 2022 10:36 pm
Name: Plasma Release: Praimfaya
Element: Plasma
Rank: B | A | S
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Particular Jutsu Type:
Backstory: Praimfaya, known as the first fire, a very powerful force to be reckoned with. With the mixture of both lightning and fire elements, this combustible technique is created to meet extreme melting points. High enough to be the perfect weapon against the elements of metal.

Appearance: This technique can be executed in to different forms, either a wall of fire or a large fireball. The flames are as described in the plasma release application, flickering white and fierce. The white flames roar so violently due to the high combustion, enough to knock over many foes.

Handseals: Boar - Rat - Ram - Monkey | Boar - Rat - Ram - Monkey - Hare | Boar - Rat - Ram - Monkey - Hare - Horse - Dragon

Duration: The attack is executed within 1 post. The flames stay alive for 3 posts after the attack is executed, unless a water attack with power that surpasses the Praimfaya is used to kill it.

Cooldown: 3 posts
Range: Discussed in the "what it does" description
Power: 40 | 60 | Vigor Stat
Speed: 40 | 60 | Vigor Stat
Health: -
Stat Boosts: -

What it does: After the execution of the hand signs, the user may choose to use this technique in either the form as a wall of fire that surrounds them or as a large fire ball. They may not do both forms in either way within the full duration of this techniques.

The wall of fire will push out from the user's body at the speed of this jutsu, and will create a form of combustion as it does. Knocking anyone within 15 meters of the user off their feet ( if their strength stat does not pass the power stat of Praimfaya ) unless they are anchored to the ground with something that has power/strength/health that passes the Praimfaya's power. The wall of fire will spread 10 meters from the user's body in all directions at jutsu stat speed, incinerating many that comes within the white fire's contact.

The fireball form will form from one hand of the user after the performance of the handseals, before shooting itself straight within the chosen direction, which will have ti he within the visual sight of the user. The fireball will travel in the direction at jutsu stat speed and will not change direction. Whatever it makes contact with will be caught in the combustion, along with anything that is within the 15 meter mark of the fireball's destination. Which will receive the strength stat check to determine if they are knocked off their feet. Anything within the 10 meter mark of the fireball's destination will be incinerated. The fireball receives a range of 15 | 20 | 30 meters to travel ( B | A | S rank ) if the fireball exceeds that range. Then it will disperse and die out without delivering any damage or combustion.

Anyone or anything incinerated by the fireball will receive a health deduction equal to Praimfaya's power stat, and any form of metal ( jutsu element/weapons/tools/armor ) that has a health or power that is weaker than the Praimfaya will be melted and considered useless. The Praimfaya attack will act as if it has a strength over the element of metal, and when clashing with any metal, the metal will recieved a - 25 to it's power and health. The Praimfaya is no ordinary flame and will be able to withstand water as any normal element with no stat weakness to it.

Character Specific: -
Wordcount to learn: 1,750 | 2,750 | 5,000
Action Cost: 35 | 45 | 100 AP
Mastery: Yes
Bonus Requirements: Plasma Release
Canon, Custom, Bloodline, or Village Exclusive: Kumogakure Village Exclusive
Stat Page : The Wraith
Remove Remove Weaponry Fuuinjutsu Ninjutsu Remove Default
Remove Earth Water Lightning Remove Default
Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 54500

Plasma Release: Praimfaya (wip) Empty Re: Plasma Release: Praimfaya (wip)

Tue Jul 12, 2022 8:33 am
Yo Meika, I see you had this technique up for more than two months so I was wondering if you were planning on continuing the app - which is totally fine or you simply forgot about it, which is fine as well.

Please respond by 7/15/22 on this app if you want to continue apping this technique. You could also request for this to be archived if you had a change of plans. Otherwise, I will just archive this WIP if not answered by the deadline.
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