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Zeo Kamigawa
Zeo Kamigawa
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Genjutsu Ninjutsu Default
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Clan Specialty : Space-Time
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 48400

Event Horizon Empty Event Horizon

Sun Apr 10, 2022 12:18 am
Name: Event Horizon
Element: Yin
Rank: S
Specialty: Genjutsu/Space-Time
Particular Jutsu Type:
Backstory: A forbidden jutsu bestowed to the Kamigawa Clan, a true testament to the Uchugan-- the eyes that can see the soul. Through their vast visual prowess, the Kamigawa gained insight into worlds beyond their reach-- including the realms of the divine, the origin of souls and what we know as 'the pure lands'. After centuries of development, one can only hope to reach these shimmering shores of the psyche and evolution. However, the eyes have a way to travel and move others to that threshold where the line between life and death is utterly thin. A place is only known as the "Event Horizon". It is also known as the "Sea of Souls" or "The Collective Unconscious", where all souls come from and thus must return.

Event Horizon QzDfSeT
When genjutsu is active, both allies and enemies influenced are transported to a mental landscape known to be the edge of the afterlife, or so they say. The terrain can differ depends who has the upper hand in the said landscape, from a creepy, bleak, landscape, to a serene one, depending on whose soul is stronger and the Event Horizon reflects it.
Corrupted Landscape:
Pure/Serene Landscape:
Pure Landscape 2:
Resolute Landscape:
Handseals: Unique > Unique> Unique> Unique> Unique  
Duration: See Below
Cooldown: Once per Thread.
Range: 50 Meters
Power: Chakra-Stat
Speed: Chakra-Stat
Stat Boosts: see below
What it does:A forbidden jutsu that targets not any one sense, but through the six senses to entrap the very souls of its targets. While performing the hand signs, the Uchugan user gazes at each target, not locking on to direct eye contact but their 'spiritual energy' or 'soul' they can see in their target. Once seen, the target is locked, thus they do not need to see you be affected or hear you. A maximum of 4 targets, excluding the caster, may be targeted with this genjutsu, including allies or enemies. Once preparations are complete, the user activates the Genjutsu, which affects all targets to enter an unconscious state-- including the caster himself. The affected parties are then transported to a mental landscape. The setting is normally a plain, unincumbered flat terrain, but often reflects the natures of the caster or parties that influence the space.

Before further details, this genjutsu CAN NOT be broken by any other means. Self-Release techniques, doujutsu immunity, or partner release methods cannot free the targets from this jutsu. In exchange, the caster is in the same induced state, unable to move and unconscious to maintain such a powerful genjutsu. The Genjutsu can be released by the caster inside it, but only they can-- or should the opponent defeat the caster in the genjutsu, it will be undone as well. All targets bodies are immovable, making them technically vulnerable to outside attack by foes, but will not change the consequences of events inside Genjutsu, as their souls are no longer tethered to their bodies.

In this space, no damage is taken by either party as the player's HP stat is no longer valid, for their physical bodies are left behind. Progress of fight becomes a reflection on the combination of a user's Vigor + Chakra / 2, becoming a "Soul" Stat that reflects inner strength. The event horizon reflects and is a place where emotion and strength of will can influence the tide of battle and surroundings more. If one has a stronger soul, the setting will fit the dominant player's will. If in a team or group, the entire group's Soul Stat is calculated together to influence the terrain. Using the terrain, they can edit minor details and materials to aid them in combat. Can include things like a moon, stars, and minor environmental factors like trees or bubbles. Also, the 'water' can only be utilized by those who have a stronger soul. Also, damage does nothing on the physical body-- in the sense that you can stab, incinerate, or bleed out the body and if they were otherwise dead from a result, they could still keep going... as this is a place not bound by the physical limitations of reality. Where mind can overrule over the body, and as such all stat-checks by techniques are measured against the "Soul Stat" to determine success or failure. In addition, those with a stronger Soul Stat, their AP will grow equal to the drainage of the Genjutsu per post & their techniques gain a collaborative bonus of +25 per each member involved in gathered soul stat,.

In this place, combat can continue. Enhancers, amplifiers, genjutsu, skills,  clones, and other jutsu can be used--however, there are limitations. Targets cannot use space-time dimensional techniques to escape Genjutsu. However, enhancers, amplifiers, and summoning can all still work here. (Cannot be used to summon other players outside of genjutsu.) However, summons cannot contribute stats to the "Soul Stat", and neither may non-living clones. Living clones if present, must be pulled into Genjutsu at start as additional targets. Summons called must be "Spirits" or Mythical in nature/theme, else they cannot exist in the Event Horizon. Also, medical jutsu cannot be used to restore Hp in this place, as HP is no longer used in this state.

AP drain is reflected not by the target, but by those who have a lower Soul Stat, and damage was done via combat is deducted directly out of the target's AP pool instead of HP. Upon reaching zero AP, the target person will feel themself starting to sink into the 'sea of souls', where they will fall and be unable to continue the battle. In this state, the genjutsu consumes the very soul of the target, and this can also be done to the caster if they are overwhelmed. Weakened and unable to resist the pull of the sea of souls, their soul returns and moves to the afterlife-- effectively declaring them deceased.

When one side is victorious, the caster can end the genjutsu and bring himself and the victors out of the Event Horizon, restoring their souls back to their bodies. Any defeated parties who have no AP left, are considered comatose indefinitely. Even medical ninjutsu cannot restore their mind/soul. If the caster, is the one defeated in the genjutsu, the afflicted parties will regain consciousness but the caster will not. However, at any time, mid-combat, the caster may undo the jutsu, returning all parties back to their bodies. In addition, time flows differently in the "Event Horizon", as 10 minutes may pass inside the genjutsu, and 1 minute passes in real-time. In essence, this Genjutsu is a double-edged sword. While it changes the rules of battle to ultimately suit the caster's innate traits and inner strength, if faced with an opponent or several opponents with a collective superior will, they too may fall to the same consequences of battle.

There are hidden traits and abilities hidden within the Event Horizon. As a land closest to the "Pure Lands," it has a reposing effect on those of the dead. Spirits are said known to appear there with connections to those there, offering wisdom or encouragement. However, a stronger benefit to this genjutsu, if used on those invoked by the Impure World Reincarnation Jutsu, they too will be transported there. However, being so close to the Pureland, it can either allow them to freely return back to the afterlife and undo the reanimation OR if the soul wishes, breaks the controller's hold on them, allowing them to act independently. This jutsu is also ideal for defeating enemies who are physically immortal (Jashin users or similar), for it ignores the state of the physical body and exposes the soul. If user possesses "Ninshu" or an equivalent skill, those outside of the Genjutsu may make contact to him, effectively adding to their Soul Stat, inside the Event Horizon, via touching their body.

Upon learning this jutsu, an Uchugan user can freely enter the Event Horizon of their own will, to visit it astrally or encounter spirits of the dead they may find there (Out of combat ability only).

Character Specific:n/a
Wordcount to learn: 5000
Action Cost: 100 AP
Mastery: no
Bonus Requirements: Must be Kamigawa and Possess Uchugan. Lvl 4 Uchugan must be active to use this jutsu. Pureblood Skill
Canon, Custom, Bloodline, or Village Exclusive: Bloodline
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