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Aroma Viperis
Aroma Viperis
Ryo : 1350

Serpentes {Private} Empty Serpentes {Private}

Sat Apr 09, 2022 10:35 pm
Aroma was visited by a very odd dream. It felt so surreal and almost made her believe that is was some sort of message or meaning. Although; there was no way to prove it.

Within the dream that had occurred during her deep slumber, the lavender haired woman encountered a very large being. It was a monstrous snake that blended in perfectly with the foresty scenery around it. But its deadly eyes were a mixture of fire and gold, stood out from all of the greenery.

The snake had watched her for quite some time within the dream and Aroma was cautious, as if waiting for it to strike her. The snake's body was enormous enough to swallow her whole. to cage her within a void of darkness and despair.

But the snake never made the move to strike. Instead it continued to watch her, as if waiting for something. She had no idea what the snake was waiting for. So she took the initiative to interact first. "What is the meaning of this?" Aroma stared at the snake, wondering if perhaps she was being completely foolish in thinking that she would recover some sort of response.

There was a very long pause.

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Aroma Viperis
Aroma Viperis
Ryo : 1350

Serpentes {Private} Empty Re: Serpentes {Private}

Thu Apr 14, 2022 2:25 pm
"You are weak~" An unknown voice echoed within her thoughts. From within, Aroma was certain that the voice in her head was not her own. She had a feeling that the voice belonged to the snake. She wasn't very amused by its choice of words.

The Viperis continued to glare at the snake. She held her tongue from speaking out loud. There was no point in arguing with it. Deep down she knew that she had grown much weaker after falling victim to that period of long-lasting sleep. Being unable to wake herself, and lost pieces of herself when her eyelids finally fluttered open to the changed world.

Was there something this creature actually want? Or was it here to simply insult her?

Aroma found no interest in hanging around if that's all the monster wanted. She allowed a few moments of silence to tick by. Her tongue clicked against her teeth impatiently. "Is that it?" Aroma finally questioned, her tone was cold enough to freeze over an Uchiha's wrath. No one really enjoyed criticism from some  random serpent.

The leaves rustled from beneath the monstrous snake as it turned its head away. Its body arching along with the angle. "Build your strength with a contract. Depend on the strength of others while you grow your own." The snake's voice echoed once again within her thoughts, as it disappeared within the thick forestry. It was dangerous seeing as how such a massive body could camouflage so flawlessly within the greenery. Deadly but beautiful.

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