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Jutsu Creation Template Empty Jutsu Creation Template

Mon Mar 28, 2022 8:59 am

Jutsu Creation Template

Name Name of the Jutsu.
Element: What element, if any, is used to perform the Jutsu?
Rank: What rank Jutsu is.
Specialty: What Specialty the Jutsu falls under? If there is more than one, please list all corresponding specs.
Particular Jutsu Type: This indicates whether your technique is one of the techniques here. This also refers to whether your technique is a maneuver, taijutsu style, or enhancement of Taijutsu or Weaponry, so please specify that. If it's none of these, please put N/A.
Backstory: How the jutsu was created, only enforced on custom creations that are player-specific.

Appearance: What the jutsu looks like when you use it.
Handseals: What handseals is the jutsu required to use? The higher ranked the jutsu, the more seals are required.
Duration: How long the jutsu lasts 
Cooldown: The cooldown between uses only requires a high-powered jutsu due to the action counter already being a limiter for spam.
Range: How far the jutsu can go.
Power: The power of the jutsu.
Speed: The speed the jutsu travels.
Health: The health stat of the jutsu mainly comes into play when using Doton for durability.
Stat Boosts: If your stats are boosted, by how much. This is generally used for Taijutsu and Weaponry jutsu.
What it does: General rundown of what your jutsu does.

Character Specific: If this is unique, please put their name.
Wordcount to Learn: The word count required to learn the jutsu.
Action Cost: How many actions are used up by activating this jutsu? How many actions are used up by activating this jutsu. How many actions are used to keep the jutsu active? The upkeep cost is usually half the activation cost.
Mastery: Simply a yes or no. This is moderated to ensure the jutsu does not get too strong through the mastery method; limits may be placed.
Bonus Requirements: Anything extra you will need to use the jutsu, such as rank, additional stats, bloodline levels, etc.
Canon, Custom, Bloodline, or Village Exclusive: If it is canon, custom, or exclusive to a village. You can use app site canons on this forum and list them as canon. If it's a bloodline technique, please specify in the write-up, such as "Canon Bloodline" or "Custom Bloodline." Note: Some Canon techniques can be village-exclusive, but these will be closely monitored.

All text goes after the code; it should look like the above example.

The Code

[b][color=#D7263D]Particular Jutsu Type:[/color][/b]

[b][color=#F46036]Stat Boosts:[/color][/b]
[b][color=#F46036]What it does:[/color][/b]

[b][color=#1B998B]Character Specific:[/color][/b]
[b][color=#1B998B]Wordcount to learn:[/color][/b]
[b][color=#1B998B]Action Cost:[/color][/b]
[b][color=#1B998B]Bonus Requirements:[/color][/b]
[b][color=#1B998B]Canon, Custom, Bloodline, or Village Exclusive:[/color][/b]
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