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Kizmaru Senju
Kizmaru Senju
Stat Page : Kizmaru Senju
Remove Remove Remove Weaponry Fuuinjutsu Remove Ninjutsu Remove Default
Remove Earth Water Remove Fire Default
Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Kirigakure
Ryo : 25700

A coward's cling to life(Escape Topic) Empty A coward's cling to life(Escape Topic)

Sat Mar 05, 2022 12:51 pm
Upon seeing the large and giant, wooden structure run towards the village, many of Hoshigakure's visiotrs have come to panic and attempt to flee. Maybe some of the people contained lesser shinobi or some who were simply not involved with the war efforts. Either way, as long as they did not seem significantly powerful or worth anything, as long as they didn't attempt to harm him, he would do the same in kind and let them flee. After all, he wasn't here to senselessly slaughter all life, just the ones that may or may not have had a hand in learning his nation's secrets.
Mia Aburame
Mia Aburame
Stat Page :

[b]Total Stats:
Earned Stats: 19
Remaining Stats: 0

Health: 100
Chakra: 25
Vigor: 34
Speed: 32
Strength: 28
Remove Taijutsu Default
Lightning Default
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 3500

A coward's cling to life(Escape Topic) Empty Re: A coward's cling to life(Escape Topic)

Sun Mar 06, 2022 9:57 am
Reading the scattered scrolls of her clan Mia found all over the land of Hoshigakure, and some scrolls she was able to get from other members, she quickly found out that her level of skill with her clans jutsu was only at a beginner level, more to learn, somewhat what she expected so naturally she began researching even more on the subject. Deeper into her investigation after about a week she found out the way to heighten her control over her ability in particular was to breed a queen, how she was suppose to do that the scroll didn't say but judging on the first part of the scrolls she assumed that she would pass on her chakra to the queen, and the queen would regulate the chakra towards the others and eventually give birth to newer Kidaichu that have more stable levels of chakra, that however was just a theory in her head and she had no idea if that was the truth of it, either way she had to learn.

Mia however would have to put this particular clan jutsu of hers on pause for now, She had spent quite a lot of time learning the basic of her clan jutsu that she didn't maintain diligent on her other aspects of training, her physical and chakra control and levels were not what she considered specifically powerful, if her missions were going to keep harder she was going to need to get stronger faster. 

An hour had passed since she left beyond the village gates to find a method to make a queen, but she had no luck, thinking perhaps she missed something in her reading Mia began to head back to the village, but before she got close to the gates from where she stood she could see a large wooden statue, “That was not there before.” Mia immediately thought to herself, that singular thought causing a jolt of panic to rush through her body as she was mentally alarmed. As soon as she noticed and was alarmed the giant wooden entity began running right into the direction of the village gates, “NO!” Mia immediately yelled far too late, the creature crashing right through the village gates resulting in a large sound that rang through the forest, causing a gust of wind to impact Mia and blow leaves and tree branches alike. In a way her bugs became confused, a thinking attack had come upon them so they began to leak from her opening as they covered her in a sphere as the wind blew her back, Mia grinding her foot against the ground to not be blown away. 

When it came to pass her bugs passed so she could see what was going on, the Avatar had really busted through the gates and she could hear the sound of panic screaming clear as day as small fired started around the path of destruction it caused busting in. Luckily her parents were on a mission far away so they were safe but there home was close to the gates so she imagined it was now rubble in the path of this destruction. “What on earth should I do now..I don’t think I can help against that thing, I would likely get slaughtered. I couldn't even keep up with it’s movements when it started running.” Mia argued with herself while trying to think of a way to be useful. 

In the end she didn’t feel like she could do a thing but wait where she was rigt outside the village, if the village survived she would go back and direct anyone else to do so but for now all she could do was wait here for the fight that was sure to come,but if the village got destroyed..what would she do then? She didn't want to think about it and resolved herself to wait as she stood upon a high tree branch staring over the village, watching. 

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