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Wed Mar 02, 2022 10:35 pm
Ise had arrived at the training grounds, still holding the determined expression he had on his face when he left the Archives. Learning about the Peacock Spirit Blessing Jutsu was interesting, to say the least, and after giving it some thought, the boy had decided that would actually go through with learning the jutsu, despite the drawbacks the jutsu has. The only thing was though that he wished he knew who had granted him partial clearance in order to learn the jutsu. Whoever it may have been had to have been a very high-ranking shinobi - someone who’d be able to give someone like him such permission, but as far as he knew, Ise didn’t really know anyone who was of such worth. Of course, Yuuma and Yamato Sensei were Chuunin, but Ise doubted that they would be able to do such a thing. “Well, whatever the case, if I ever find out who was able to grant me such permission, I’ll just have to thank them!” The young Uchiha said, saying his own thoughts aloud with no one else in sight.

“Now, what did the scroll say again about activating the jutsu?” He once again spoke to himself, placing a hand underneath his chin whilst he tried to remember exactly what he had read about half an hour ago. The least he remembered when reading was that there was no mention of weaving hand seals. What’s more, is that he did not need to perform the ancient ritual that was mentioned either. The jutsu itself had been refined over the years since its own creation, relieving one of not needing to perform the ritual to give them the power of the blessing. That was when the teenage boy remembered the drawings inside the scroll along with the written text. “From what I saw with those drawings, it seemed as if the person just simply gathered chakra to their backs where the wings started to take shape,” Isemori thought, having a serious look on his face, only for it to transform into yet another grin filled with determination. Luckily for him, gathering chakra to certain parts of his body was something he had a knack for, as most of the ninjutsu he had learned comprised of such a feat. One such jutsu was the Chidori. There was also the Cero technique as well which allowed him to gather chakra in his hand and fire it.

“I guess I’ll just try and gather as much chakra I can to back and see if I can manifest the wings. Here goes nothing,” Ise said, clapping his hands together; beginning to gather chakra while simultaneously attempting to gather it as his back. The chakra Isemori was gathering was gradually trying to cling to one another, bit by bit; attempting to take the desired shape Ise was picturing in his mind. However, Ise was not used to gathering chakra this immense before, let alone on the fly. What’s more was that as he tried to gather more chakra, he could feel himself losing more control of the chakra he was attempting to collect on his back, and then after a few moments later, the chakra he had collected had broken apart more quickly than when he was gathering it, automatically losing control over what he had. “Ahh, rats! Not this again! It’s just like it was with the Chidori,” The young Uchiha sulked, making a pouty face, whilst he huffed after the last word left the boy’s lips. The only difference between the two jutsu was that apparently, the Chidori didn’t require that much chakra that needed to be gathered, unlike this particular jutsu.

Plus, Isemori was able to see where he needed to gather chakra for the Chidori, which was his right hand. The Peacock Spirit Blessing had required the caster to gather chakra at their back - a place where the caster can’t normally see. It made the young Uchiha wonder if that was the reason why he was already having trouble gathering the chakra at his back, or if it were something different - something that he couldn’t comprehend at the moment. “I can’t give up though! I gotta keep trying,” Ise said, starting to gather chakra once again after wiping the sweat from his forehead. The chakra had started to cluster against one another, forming into wisps, slowly forming on the same area of his back as before. Once again, though, wisps of chakra that were trying to form on the young Uchiha’s back had quickly broken apart again. Ise fell on his back, plopping down onto the grass, obviously being frustrated at the fact that he was unable to do it. “Why is this so friggin’ hard!? I should be able to do something like this, no matter how much chakra I need to gather. And I thought the Chidori was difficult when this is actually significantly harder!” Isemori thought to himself, the words raging within his mind.

The young Uchiha was a stubborn one though, for he continued to keep trying and trying. It was as if every time he continued to try, the more his shortcomings had kept making actually want to achieve the desired result all the more. “I guess Itsuki was right about a thing. I’m too stubborn to give up on something, even if it might be something I simply can’t do right away or some other thing,” Ise thought to himself, his breathing only getting heavier and heavier with each failure after the other. Despite feeling the fatigue, the young Uchiha had simply just kept on trying. As Ise had tried and failed some more, Ise had decided to take a breather, letting himself regain the strength he had lost over the course of his training, which had started at least two hours ago. He still had chakra left, however, he knew that if he continued to aimlessly waste the chakra by continuing what he was doing, it would be dangerous for him. Instead, the young Uchiha had decided to take a different approach, creating a shadow clone while sat in the grass once again. With a small puff of smoke, a spitting Image of Ise stood in front of the real one who was sitting down.

“Jeez, you look like you’ve got the crap beat out of you. What have you been up to?” Ise’s Shadow clone had asked the real one, which made Ise shoot daggers at the clone and said, “Well, gee thanks, ya ass! For your information, I was trying to perform a new jutsu - a special one at that,” The real Isemori spat at the shadow clone of his, more so annoyed though at his own clone’s comment rather than being angry. “That’s actually why I made you, which by the way, you should be grateful that was even able to manage that. Anyway, I need you to try and perform the Peacock Spirit Blessing Technique, or at least show me what I might be doing wrong. If I can see someone else try, I might actually be able to correct what I’m actually doing wrong, and what better way than to see a shadow clone of mine give it a shot?” After the real Isemori explained to his shadow clone what he needed to do, the shadow clone had begun to speak once more. “So, you want me to do something that even the real me can do? I’m confused,” The shadow clone questioned, which made the real Isemori even more annoyed. “Will just give it a try already!?” the real Ise shouted. “Since when did my shadow clones get some complicated? Either that or they’re just as dense as I am,” The real Ise thought to himself.

“Alright already, Jesus.” the shadow clone said, raising his arms up slightly, never having seen Ise be like that before. Then again, the real Ise had never dealt with such a dense Shadow clone of his either. The shadow clone had begun to collect and gather chakra on its back the same way as the real Isemori had tried to do countless times before. The wisps of chakra had started slowly forming as more and more chakra started to mesh together. This time, however, Ise was actually able to see the chakra his shadow clone was collecting with the use of his Sharingan. The chakra had formed at two parts, being the shadow clone’s shoulder blades. As the clone had continued to try and collect more chakra, however, was when the young Uchiha had realized what the problem was now. “Go ahead and stop for a minute. I think I actually know what I’ve been doing wrong,” the real Ise had said, which the shadow clone had graciously stopped gathering chakra, also understanding why the real Ise was considered to be hard, or at least at first. “Thank god! I thought I was going to die!” The shadow clone said, which made the real Ise’s right eyebrow at what his own clone had just said. “You technically can’t die. You’re a shadow clone. You’d just dissipate in a cloud of smoke,” The real Ise had said in a monotone voice, then quickly decided to change the subject a second later.

“That’s beside the point though. Ya see it turns out we have been going about it wrong, or at least how we’re trying to picture the wing while collecting the chakra,” The real Ise had said to his shadow clone, which it tilt its head at its real counterpart. “We’re trying to picture the wings as ordinary wings, like a typical bird, however, what we should actually be picturing when gathering the chakra is a cluster of wings, sort of like an actual Peacock,” Ise had said to the clone, which made it finally understand. With that being said, The real Isemori had felt a little better after resting, having regained a good bit of his strength. He released the shadow clone, it disappearing in a cloud of smoke, and had immediately got back to trying to gather chakra at his back, hoping that it would be a success this time around rather than another failure. He pictured cluster wings, picturing what was actually depicted in the drawing he saw in the scroll, rather than what wings typically looked like. This in turn had actually made the collected chakra mesh together much easier than before, and then some, as it seemed to refine itself as the cluster of wings had started to form.

Once the wings had started fully form, and jutsu actually complete, Ise felt his own two feet leave the ground only slightly, realizing that the wings of chakra had allowed him to slightly hover above the ground. That was when the young Uchiha had decided to test the flying part of this technique, only to realize that his speed had drastically increased, which made him face-plant hard right into a tree, being at least three or four meters off the ground. After Ise had fallen to the grass below on his back, Ise, dazed and in pain, had said, “Well, now that I’m able to make the jutsu work, I should probably work on my flight control.”

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Thu Mar 03, 2022 1:40 pm
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