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Hayato Yuki
Hayato Yuki
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Feather heads and the curse of youth  Empty Feather heads and the curse of youth

Fri Feb 11, 2022 10:21 pm
The boy sat and meditated early in the morning on top of his thatch roofed home on the outskirts of the village. His closed eyes could not see the paddies, but he could swear he felt their presence. Their every move. The wind rustled his hair and as it rustled the paddies. He cycled his chakra sending some through the new seal on his back.

It wasn’t his first time working with the seal since that fateful day. He had worked with his new curse the same way he had the temple techniques he had devoted himself to learn. Slow meditation and focus combined with physical exertion. He was slowly figuring out how to regulate the extra chakra the curse injected into his body. He could feel it coursing through him. This usually overwhelmed his chakra network and made it a danger to use in a real fight. It was unpredictable.

Hayato had decided that this curse simply needed time and work. He had activated it a number of times during his practice and focused on feeling the chakra. It was not a painless process, but after a little while he got used to how it felt. Today he felt almost no pain. The mark spread across his body and he felt a surge of power willing within him. The snowflake mark covered his pale skin. Hayato rotted his teeth with the slight sharp pain. He was doing much better than when the mark first covered his body against his will.

The power was similar to his concentrated breathing but instead of only boosting his physical reaction capabilities, and muscle tension, it also boosted his chakra density. He felt this thickness in his chakra network. Circulating his chakra had become more difficult, but he could tell his jutsu would be stronger for it. He let the pattern covering his body recede back into the mark. He weaved the signs of ram, horse, dog. His chakra gathered at his index fingertip. Hayato slowly pressed his thumb to his index finger pointing it upward into the sky. Bang. He said as he watched chakra burst forth from his fingers and fly upwards. The spirit gun was his only true ninjutsu as of yet. He had been focused on his sword and his body for the longest time. He found this jutsu in the encyclopedia, and decided that since it didn't require much more than chakra control he would train it. It hadn’t taken him too long to learn it and it had improved his chakra control while giving him an additional long range technique.

Today though he had used it for a very simple test. He gathers chakra into his curse mark yet again letting the mark and the pain fully spread out across his body. Okay so far so good... He weaved the signs again. Ram, horse dog.Then point his finger upward to pull the trigger. The burst let out from Hayato’s fingertips was larger and more powerful. It felt like this one lasted longer and ang through the air. Yamato’s promise of power had been no bluff. The pain still ebbed and flowed through his body but he was used to it. He could call on the marks power on command. He felt like he was finally in control. With that control came an obligation.

He had promised the owls of the oasis to share their knowledge equally. He thought that they may have information about the curse mark that would help him get the most power out of the mark and he was supposed to tell them if he had developed any unique or interesting jutsu or abilities. Hayato had no problems sharing with the owls. They seemed organized, studious and loyal.

Hayato bite his finger, a trick used by shinobi to draw blood from themselves, to pay the blood tribute required to summon one of his allies. It was hard to learn to allow your body to injure itself intentionally, but he wasn’t the first shinobi to be able to do it, and he wouldn’t be the last. He then weaved the hands signs Boar, Dog, Bird, Monkey, Ram and placed his hand on the top of his roof. A puff of smoke appeared and his most powerful and loyal summon appeared.

Shiho was an imposing owl. She was much larger than Hayato and had sharp piercing eyes. They are the eyes of a predator. Hayato was not afraid though he reached out and rubbed the white feathers on her stomach. Hello Shiho~ Hayato said in almost a singing manner.

Hayato-sama, is there danger ? She was a bit blunt and dutiful. Hayato liked her simplicity. She was also on the odder side of the owls he had encountered. Hayato thought back to the first time they met.

Hayato walked around the oasis guided by Kikuho. He caught a few of the owls looking at him. It was probably rare to see a human in their midst. Hayato nodded if he caught their eyes as he looked around the place he had been summoned to. The ground was not well kept everywhere for the owls had many roosts on which they could perch instead. He looked around at scattered papers as a few owls hopped around peering down at them with their colleges. The circular marble structure surrounding the watering hole had many corridors and the structure seemed impossibly bigger on the inside than the outside. This courtyard Hayato was being led through contained the oasis for which the owls were named, but also was opened to the sky. It seemed like they used it as a gathering place as well as the way to enter and leave. He mostly saw other small owls similar in size or a bit larger than Kikuho. But occasionally a larger owl would land and shuffle hop it’s way into one of the impossibly large corridors.

Hayato was here to see where Kikuho lived and to play a game of shogi. The little owl sent him a message via one of his surveying friends that he would like a rematch. Hayato summoned him, and Kikuho summoned the very agitated great horned scholar to reverse summon them to the oasis.

Kikho was leading him to one of the countless corridors, supposedly his room, when a course of hoots began. Hayato noticed and looked upward to see a giant white snowy owl descend from the heavens. Kikuho, who’s that? Hayato whispered as he watched the owl pick at it’s ruffle feathers.

“That is Shiho-sama, She leads the expeditions of the northern surveys. She is well respected and very pretty…” Hayato noticed that Kikuho got quieter when he said the last part, causing the boy to laugh into his hand. Hayato teased the owl with elementary school level prodding.

As Hayato was distracted with his friend, he hadn’t even noticed the snowy owls silently fly towards him until her heat signature was getting close to him. The owl landed next to him and Hayato turned to her. Their eyes connected as she pressed her head against his gently. Hayato was confused, and a little nervous.

Can I help you Shiho-san? He asked the snowy owl. Shiho lifted her body back up right and then she spoke. “You are cold. Who are you human?” She asked in a blunt and smooth voice. I am Hayato Yuki, a Shinobi of Tanbogakure…Nice to meet you… Hayato stepped back and bowed a shallow bow to her. “Yuki… Shinobi…” The owl said it long and paused. “You may summon me Hayato-sama” She said after a few moments. She let out a particular hoot,  hoot that was long and low. That reverberated throughout the grounds. The great horned collar burst forth from one of the corridors and greeted Hayato and Shiho.

“Little Shiho, you want to sign with this boy? Are you sure? You’ve just met, right?” The giant snowy owl nodded vigorously, and repeated herself. “He is cold.” She looked at Hayato over again as Hayato watched the situation with surprise. “I like him. I will help him live longer if he will have me.” He looked into Hayato’s eyes with her piercing yellow gaze.

“If you think I am worthy to serve then, I would love to have your help Shiho.” Hayato said it with a smile. It was true he would like to be able to summon more owls than just Kikuho, and Shiho looked powerful. More than that he felt a connection with her as well. A bond that seemed ageless yet new.

The great horned scholar would cough up Hayato’s scroll and an ink pad for Shiho to sign with Hayato specifically. She stamped her foot print onto the scroll and the Great horned scholar took it back. “Hmpf Shiho is an important contributing member of our clan young Hayato. I will expect you to treat her well and keep her out of danger…” He said this with a squinting eye pointed towards Hayato. I’ll do right by your owls, Great horned scholar. Hayato said with a smile before turning to Shiho.

He reached out and touched her feathers on her chest, petting her. She was soft, and warm. She also had an inherent coldness, similar to him. Thank you for your service Shiho.

It had been a while since that time. He’d spent more time with her after that first meeting to get an understanding of each other. They’d told each other about their abilities. Still he wasn’t sure why she was drawn to him so. He expected it had to do with his blood. She wouldn’t say. He removed his hand from the owl's feathers. No danger today Shiho. I want to go to the oasis to report a new ability. Which corps is responsible for that? Hayato asked his companion.

The record keeper will want to check the records and record that you have gained this ability and the jutsu corps will want to test you. What is it ? If it is simply a jutsu I can tell you if we know of it. That said, I am sure it is something different since you want to report it now… She trailed off and tilted her head looking into his eyes.

Let me show you first then… Hayato pulled down his kimono and turned around to show her his new tattoo. He ow pered at it with caution. It’s called a curse mark. It's a powerful seal I received from Yamato Tanaka. I recently got control over it. Watch. Hayato poured his chakra into the seal. Letting the familiar pain wash over him. This state leaves me hurting reducing my ability to control chakra and my chakra pool after the use and it’s certainly not comfortable to use now either. He spoke to her before releasing the technique yet again.

So what do you think? Hayato turned to see a grumpy and more dower looking Shiho. “I don’t like it. It feels evil and it hurts you.” Hayato considered her statements. Animals were naturally more intune with nature than humans were, and even he could feel the darkness in this seal. Nevertheless he had made this concession to gain the strength to protect the village. I understand your concerns Shiho, but that’s why I want the owls help. If you guys have records maybe I can make it more comfortable? Hayato offered her a reason to help him with this training and in the end she obliged. “Fine. I will take us to the oasis. One moment.” Shiho gagged up a scroll that she then placed her clawed talon on its surface.

A small barn owl appeared with a monocle and a coat. “Yaiho, transport me and Hayato-sama to the oasis.” Shiho commanded the small owl. The barn owl looked at me ten nodded. “Right away Shiho-sama!” The small owl revealed a pattern on it’s wing that sucked Hayato and Shiho inside. The world swirled and mixed together. It wasn't comfortable, but it was quick. The world corrected itself almost immediately and stood together in a large circular room with a small amount of sand in the middle. The outside was littered with books and scrolls all piled on top of each other.

The barn owl with the monocle was joined by another identical looking barn owl. The two owls hopped over to a stack of books upon which the great horned scholar sat.

“Hayato Yuki, What brings you to the record keeping corps?” The owl spoke from the top of his stack of books looking down at the young boy.

I wanted to share a technique and check your records for any additional information…Have you seen a mark like this before? Hayato revealed the mark to the old owl by letting his Kimono fall just enough to show it to him. It is called a curse mark and it grants me a boost in ability. It was given to me by another shinobi of Tanbo. I wish to know more about it and of course mostly to share it with you. He let the mark once again cover his body. He was used to it by now and today had good training. The great horned scholar was holding his wing to his chin area thinking, and the two small barn owls had started recording Hayatos words. Well? Hayato asked. The silence had persisted for longer than he was comfortable with. Finally the great horned scholar spoke.

“We have records on a transformation like this. It is common amongst a certain clan. The Jugo clan, and we have records of it being created artificially through human means, but it is rather uncommon in thas era…” He shook his head and flew down to get closer to the boy.

“We have not been able to observe it up close like this before….Yaiho! Raiho! Record the sinister feeling! This seal distorts and absorbs nature chakra.” The owl barked at his two subordinates.

“To master this technique you need only keep using the seal… As you continue to transform your body will get used to the feeling of natural chakra and through the seal as a medium you will be able to absorb more and more furthering the transformation.” You great horned scholar looked over the boy. “You aren’t strong enough to start training to feel nature chakra without this…distortion.” He hopped around the boy looking at the seal and the patterns.

What is that supposed to mean? Hayato asked, almost offended. He had been training to become more and more powerful. To be told it still wasn’t enough felt bad.

You’ve no experience, boy! Anyone can tell you’re green when it comes to fighting. Tussling with other kids isn’t enough to be strong. You need a bit more time in the earth before you emerge a tasty plump rodent. The scholar's words were true. He needed to know more about using his techniques in real time. Maybe it was time he took up a sparring offer.

continue working on using the seal if you wish… I would suggest you get it removed. It is a crutch and possibly dangerous… The scholar sighed. The young never listen to the warnings of their elders anyhow so I suppose my breath is wasted.The owl spun its head around, stretching his neck. Regardless bring it back to use when you’ve mastered the full transformation we shall record the jutsu abilities then. The scholar ended his rant and the two assistant owls seemed to finish. Hayato looked to Shiho expecting her to argue for why he should keep it, but the snowy owl looked at him still and motionless.

I’ll consider it… Hayato lied. Just then a small gray owl flew into the room.

"Hayato-sama, Hayato-sama The shinobi that formed a contract with the snowy beauty Shiho!" The gray owl fellow around the room quickly bowling papers around and then landed on his shoulder.

"I’m Yuzuho a member of the defense corps ! I’m very strong for my age I bet I would be a good summon, don’t you think so?" The owl nuzzled him and looked at him expectantly.

Hi Yuzuho… Hayato started, but he was interrupted by the barking of the great horned scholar.

“Yuzuho you imbecile you’ve disturbed our work and pestered a summoner. You’re head has gotten big ever since you won the young fliers competition. I will have Kuruho punish you for this interruption!” He screeched.

Yuzuho shrunk down. “I apologize, great scholar! Please forgive me! I simply want to be a summon owl and get stronger!” She pleaded.

Yuzuho’s desire was aligned with his. In fact he sympathized. Scholar, allow me to add Yuzuho to my list of owl summons. She’s fast. I could use her youthfulness Hayato announced with a bit of contempt.

Yuzuho beamed and flew around the room being a little more careful this time. Hayato watched as the great scholar sighed and coughed up his contract one again.


+56 AP

+385 to finish curse mark stage 1 [2000/2000]
Link to approval

+1000/1000 for Yuzuho summon
+1000/1000 for Kikuho summon
link to approved summons

+ 433 towards lightness skill 986/1000
link to previous approval

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Missing-Nin (A-rank)
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Feather heads and the curse of youth  Empty Re: Feather heads and the curse of youth

Sat Feb 12, 2022 1:59 am

Please fix the link for the curse mark thread's previous approval, as both it and the CM link back to the CM app

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Missing-Nin (A-rank)
Missing-Nin (A-rank)
Survived 2021
You've completed the Christmas Event of 2021 and qualified for the last reward, by partisan you are awarded this fancy badge!
Ryo : 23750

Feather heads and the curse of youth  Empty Re: Feather heads and the curse of youth

Sat Feb 12, 2022 1:53 pm
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