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Kurokawa Hanzo
Kurokawa Hanzo
Stat Page : The Ruthless
Remove Taijutsu Weaponry Default
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Village : Tanbogakure
Ryo : 5300

You Ain't Never Had A Rice Like Me! [Mission] Empty You Ain't Never Had A Rice Like Me! [Mission]

Sun Jan 23, 2022 7:11 am


Hanzo... was a weird man. One look at the Hyuuga girl at the bathhouse not too long ago and he had already memorized the shape and curve of her body. He could tell what others couldn't at a glance, because his eyes were trained in such a way that he could never be mistaken in these matters. That girl was a martial artist. He didn't know her clan, he didn't know her background or even her name. But he knew that she could fight. That was the primary reason he went through a lot of channels to figure out how to describe her. That being seeing her clearly during the rice eating contest and asking around if people could aid in describing her. Yes, he was that guy.

Unfortunately, his sandal string had broke sometime earlier in the day.. so he was currently having to make his way around the village in a hobbled state. But that didn't stop him from using his connections here in Tanbogakure to get the mysterious woman that he had competed against in the food eating contest permission to visit the Advanced Training Facility as his guest. He explained that he believed that she would be integral to the over-all success of, well, the betterment of the shinobi that were currently being trained at the ninja academy. She was someone that he figured could fight. So with that in mind, he wanted her to be with him when he made some additions to the school's curriculum. He just needed her to arrive.

He made it a point to send one of the small academy students to fetch the woman, or at least confirm that she had received the missive that he had sent to her. If she had, then the child would guide her to the entrance of the facility itself and he would be waiting just left of the entryway. The missive had described him and he was here in a skin-tight suit that hugged against his skin, though it wasn't fully visible due to the large Land of Iron armor that covered his upper body and most of his lower body respectively. He had his arms crossed and he didn't bother to bring his weapons today since this was a day for Taijutsu. He'd look her over upon her approach.

”Yo!~" He greeted her in the same way that he had greeted all persons. Before lifting his massive frame off the wall and walking over towards her. He'd wave at the child who ran away and he'd turned to face her with a large grin on his face. "Are you the lilac girl?" He asked her with a curious expression on his face. He knew that she was because of her eyes. Though he didn't memorize her name or anything. Just her description.  "They call me Hanzo.You can too. It's a pleasure ta meet ya." He exclaimed rather happily as he continued to speak. "Honestly didn't think ya would come here. Strange message from a man you don't know, must be sure of yourself. Must be sure you can defend yourself. That's good, because today I need your expertise."

The missive gave a brief overview of what he needed her for. So he didn't bother to explain the mission to her.

You Ain't Never Had A Rice Like Me! [Mission] CwurHG5
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