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Learning the Clone Technique Empty Learning the Clone Technique

Thu Jan 20, 2022 1:41 pm
Taking out her other scroll, Wynne looked at the other technique she needed to memorize for her upcoming genin exam, the Clone technique! This one would make an exact duplicate of her, although it would be a projection, so it wouldn’t actually be able to do anything. Still, it would fool some simple minded opponents she came across, and if she ever got a better cloning technique she could mix up the two techniques and make some dastardly combinations. Performing the Ram seal and directing her chakra to the designated places, Wynne watched as a clone of herself came into being. Directing it to a nearby dummy, she watched as it ran through it, showing that it was in fact intangible. Still, the technique would provide a good distraction at least.

Now that she had made one clone, it was time to do a repeat. But this time with two. Performing the Ram seal once more, Wynne directed more chakra into the technique. This would allow her to create two clones instead of one by doubling the output of what she had done previously. And sure enough by using this method, two more clones came into being. Inspecting them for any noticeable defects and not finding any, Wynne nodded in satisfaction. Everything looked good to her!

TWC: 216
OOC: Training in the Advanced Training Facility solo for a 25% discount reducing my word count cost from 250 to 187.
Tech being Trained: Clone Technique
2 Stats for 200 words [Added to Speed]
Speed: 42 > 44
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Hafuma Pendragon
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Learning the Clone Technique Empty Re: Learning the Clone Technique

Thu Jan 20, 2022 2:16 pm
Approved for clone technique and +2 speed
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