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Ryo : 97535

Out of the Frying Pan... [Souji] Empty Out of the Frying Pan... [Souji]

Tue Jan 18, 2022 12:14 am
It's been a few weeks. Souji's been moved to a nicer cell after Niko's hazing, and has likely had to fill his time with reading and training. It seems Kirigakure is kept on a strict information diet. Those around Souji do not know who he is, let alone have information for him.

It's an early Tuesday morning that Murata arrives, the Mizukage flanked by ANBU as the door to Souji's cell is opened.

"G'morning, Kaze," Murata says with sleep in her voice, nursing a cup of tea in her hands. She studies Souji with sleepy eyes, hoping to see that he's been well taken care of, or she'll have... matters to disccuss. "You're being repatriated to Sunagakure as soon as the Deputy Kazekage arrives. In the mean time, you'll be granted supervised release and allowed free roam as a guest of Kirigakure. I've set up arrangements for you at the Azalea hotel."

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Ryo : 97535

Out of the Frying Pan... [Souji] Empty Re: Out of the Frying Pan... [Souji]

Mon Jan 24, 2022 11:52 pm
After letting Souji out, Murata left to go do Murata things.

Ryo : 23350

Out of the Frying Pan... [Souji] Empty Re: Out of the Frying Pan... [Souji]

Wed Feb 09, 2022 10:14 am
It’s been some weeks, perhaps two months, or even three since Souji had arrive to the mist as a captive of war. But he couldn’t say that his sentence was negative, in fact it was quite pleasant throughout the entirety of it. Crazy as this will sound, Souji made some friends while under their holding. Even ventured on a mysterious mission, there he met with Gonk once more and the two shared a bond of compatibility on the field. Murata herself seemed to have created a unfathomable bond with not only Souji, but Kaze. This in itself was most strange. 

Souji’s body has changed drastically since his being there. All he did was worked out and read, occasionally traded stories and laughter with the friends that he made. He developed some association with some of the prisoners which lead to him acquiring some new tattoos. Even while under the influence of the prison Jutsu that sealed his chakra, what he thought was him mastering his Soulfire was merely him going through a metamorphosis which later revealed to him his hair color returning to a dark hue and his eye color changing back to lilac. 

Upon Murata showing up to the gate she would see that this man was sitting at his bedside meditating. He could sense her as she reached five meters of his position and he would slowly open his eyes after the gate to his cell was open. “Morning, Murata.” standing to his feet, stretching out to limber his muscles and joints. This was a surprise. He wasn’t expecting to see Murata for some more days. Her report, or rather news strikes him as odd. “Deputy Kazekage? What about my mother? Did she not send word for me, or is she even coming?” He would ask, but from the way she spoke what she had to speak and left he gained his answer. 

Souji would gather his things, the books and the stuffed animals given to him. He would walk through the halls of the prison until he was at the checkout desk. There the seal would be removed and he would feel his chakra flushing through his circuits like water from a dam. Once outside of the prison he would form a few seals to open a distortion where he would place his belongings. Afterwards he would be escorted to off that area to where the hotel set up for him was located. 

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