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Hayato Yuki
Hayato Yuki
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Boy meets owl Empty Boy meets owl

Wed Jan 12, 2022 6:42 pm
Hayato sat outside his home on the raised porch, looking out at the stars. The night was cool, cloudless and peaceful. All the world was sleeping, save the chirping crickets and occasional hoot of an owl heard in the distance. The wind was fresh and gentle. The constant breeze swept the stalks of rice gently pushing them closer to the earth. The hearty grain would not yield and returned to its position time and time again. The unyielding spirit was one to be admired. The symbol of Tanbogakure’s similarly unyielding spirit. Hayato had finished his daily physical workout, meditation session, and technique practice. Now it was time for sharpening his mind.

The boy’s eyes returned from the heavens to his rigorous game of Shogi. If the boy owned a toy then this was it. Aside from working the fields, his daily training and his occasional assisting at the blacksmithy, this was the only other pastime he engaged in. Before he had taken on his shinobi duties he played more often. The dark cedar set he used now was a gift from his parents after they had settled in Konohagakure. Hayato grimaced. It seemed like it was a lifetime ago that he lived in that cursed village. He felt ill will toward it’s oppressors, but for Konoha herself? He felt nothing but pity.

He sighed and centered his attention back on the game at hand. He played his toughest opponent, himself. Well not like he had many other opponents to play. He used to play his father, but that would never happen again. His mother didn’t understand the rules nor have much interest. The only one left in his small circle was himself. Nevertheless, the game was getting good. He was thinking of storming the right side of the board with  few placed pawns. It had been opened up by his previous attack, but Hayato 2 was able to defend against it. He then attacked the left leaving the right side in it’s disheveled state. ”Yes, maybe it's time…” Hayato mused as he lifted the pawn from his captured pieces. Before he could place the small wooden piece and here it’s beautiful wooden clack. He heard a more disturbing noise.

THUD! Flap Flap crashhh!!

The night’s peace was broken by the sound of collision and the flapping of wings. Hayato grabbed his katana and went towards the sound without fear. He thought there was something in trouble, and it wouldn’t hurt to check. The heat signature he sensed was small and round like an animal, but a bit bigger than a simple sparrow or crow.

“Hello?” He called out as he got closer. The response was a few panicked hoots. He could see the form of a small screech owl laying on his porch. The owl must have been no longer than 20 centimeters(8 inches), and looked very fragile. Hayato paused and stood still to not frighten the creature. It’s bright yellow eyes and large pupils stared back at him with a careful curiosity. It was a beautiful bird. Its feathers were a gray brown matching the few trees in the area. Hayato wondered if it was full grown or not. He noticed the bird was laying on its side. It occasionally tried to right itself, but ,with one wing bent upward, it was struggling.

“Looks like you’re hurt little one.” He said in a calm and smooth voice. He walked closer prompting a few more panicked hoots. He paused each time he could tell the animal was stressed. His experience with his flock of chickens helped him recognize how to handle birds. Eventually he was close enough to examine his wing. He reached out and touched it and then the true surprise came.

”Un-hand me, hairless primate.” The voice emanating from the owl was smooth and sounded much like an adult. It was calm and scholarly but a bit too deep to match it’s tiny frame. Any voice coming from an animal would have been a huge surprise to Hayato. He had read about the summon technique from this jutsu encyclopedia, but he never expected to run into a proud warrior animal out in the middle of the rice paddies.

I’m just trying to check your wings, you look hurt… He responded without thinking, but soon realized the strangeness of the occasion. Wait, you can talk!?? Can you understand me? Hayato asked with amazement.

Yes, I am a scholar of the oasis! Human tongue is simple for one as smart as I. The bird preened. If you insist on helping then get me to my feet…please. The bird was proud but knew the situation it was in.

Hayato worked with the bird lifting it off of it’s side and back onto it’s talons. Despite its nature Hayato wouldn’t be mad. He simply wanted to help the bird get back in the air.

Once back on its feet, the bird would let out a joyful hoot and flap its wings. ”Your assistance is most appreciated, primate!” Now could you tell me where I am currently? The bird tilted it’s head when asking the question. In typical owl fashion it tilted just a little too far.

You are in the country of rice near Tanbogakure. My name is Hayato by the way. Do you have a name? How did you end up here on my porch anyway? Hayato replied, still a bit surprised, but the owls' inquisitive nature and cute looks let him relax a little.

hmm I see... The owl brought its good wing to its beak, but it’s bent wing was still held outward unmoving.

I am the scholar Kikuho! Hoot! I was tasked with surveying this village for our archives, but I seemed to have grown tired from lack of nourishment and fell out of the air! Kikuho announced this failure with much pride. Hayato couldn’t help but giggle a little at the bird's antics.

Well great scholar Kikuho, you are free to stay here until you recover your strength. I can wrap your broken wing and give you food until you’re ready to return to your duties. Hayato offered this knowing he had wrapped his chicken’s wings after a bad fall before.

Hoot Hoot! I say you are more civilized than many primates I’ve met. I will take you up on your gracious offer. Kikuho said with a bow. That’s how it all started.

After a few days Hayato and Kikuho were fast friends. He found that the little bird loved reading and shogi. Giving them activities to do together while the bird healed. Kikuho made sure to only speak when just Hayato was around to keep his profile low, but the bird still joined him on his days out and about. For Hayato, that mostly just meant going to the training grounds and engaging in D-rank or E-rank missions or two every other day. Today Hayao had finished his physical training with an hour of lateral suicides. He was exhausted but Kikuho’s boundless curiosity encouraged him to comment as though nothing was different.

So you are what they call a shinobi huh? Kikuho asked one day. ”I have never met one, but many of our kind have served shinobi in battle!” He preened and continued. ”My elder brother Yakuho has said that he will one day engage in combat at the side of a shinobi. I’m sure us ols would be most useful hoot.”

”So, you owls occasionally serve shinobi? What kind of skills do you have Kikuho?” Hayato spoke between his gasps for air. He did think that having Kikuho around permanently would be great. He was a compatible companion, but he could also serve as an extra set of ears and eyes. Hayato also knew the shinobi world was dangerous, or at least he thought he did. It was hard to believe a little owl like Kikuho would survive.

We owls of the oasis are scholars! We record information on chakra and some are even capable of using ninjutsu, and medical techniques! Most of us use chakra for sensory techniques. My brother says we make excellent scouts! The bird's pride was almost blinding. Anyone would want to be an owl summoner after his rousing speech.

Oh yeah? Then how do I become an owl summoner? I’d love to have your help in the future… Hayato looked almost disappointed as he said that. He knew that Kikuho’s wing was mostly better; the bird had been flying short distances with ease. There would be no need for him to stay here for much longer.

Hoot Hoot! I think you have to sign into an agreement with us to obtain our services. Hold on let me check. The little owl started making choking noises, and had Hayato not known he would have been worried. He had fed the owl a few small rodents as the days went on and after digesting them he had coughed up some bones and fur. The was similar except this time he coughed up a small owl sized scroll.

Kikuho rolled it out and hopped around reading it over. “Ah here it is hoot!” To enter into a contract with a shinobi one must request the service of the great horned scholar keeper of contracts. The owl read off the line from the scroll to Hayato and looked up to him.

Oh is that all we have to do ?Hayato said with a little sarcasm Then how would I reach him ? He asked expecting no real answer.

Seems as if you just need an owl to put chakra into the seal annnddddd… Kikuho said this and took the action without consulting Hayato.

In just a moment a puff of smoke burst from the scroll and in its place appeared a 1 meter tall great horned owl.

“Hoot! Kikuho you have summoned me? You are three days late on your report. We were this close to sending a search party out for your corpse!” The great horned scholar’s voice boomed as he scolded Kikuho.

Oh I beg your pardon who might you be? The great horned scholar turned and noticed Hayato in their presence.

I am Hayato, a shinobi from Tanbogakure.  Great horned scholar, Kikuho has summoned you to form a contract between me and the owls.He said with a straight face and no faltering.

The great horned scholar turned its head then regurgitated a much larger scroll.

An owl of the oasis contract will subject any of our charges to death and will do their utmost to keep them from too much danger. They will exchange knowledge of jutsu and abilities they possess and have knowledge of with their charges, and in return their charges will aid them in battle and exchange knowledge equally. The contract holder will make individual contracts with our changes in exchange for their services and will not summon unwilling scholars into any situation. Especially me, the great horned scholar. Are we clear master Hayato?   The Owl's eyes narrowed and stared into the boy’s soul.

Hayato nodded, meeting his steely gaze.

Then we have a deal. Drop your blood on the first open spot. Do note that these other contracts possess the right to summon our scholars which means our scholars will refuse to attack them. The professional owl rolled out the scroll and beckoned him forward.

Hayato nodded and bit into his finder. His blood dribbled out onto the scroll which flashed with a bright light.

Great! Hoot, we’re done here. I hope that our partnership is fruitful, master Hayato. The giant owl nodded, and turned to the cowering Kikuho.

You will be coming with me hoot. the owl boomed. Kikuho waved his newly repaired wing at Hayato. See you upon our next meeting Hayato! maybe I'll defeat you in shogi then! I will be practicing! The little owl puffed up and cooed at him. The great horned scholar hooted before weaving a few hand signs with his wings. After his great wing slammed into the ground they disappeared with a puff of smoke.

It wouldn’t be until later that Hayato understood that his kind treatment of Kikuho and rare bloodline abilities bought him favor with the owls of the oasis. Though created out of happen stance, the partnership was sure to be an interesting one.

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Boy meets owl Empty Re: Boy meets owl

Thu Jan 13, 2022 12:21 pm

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