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Kato Uchiha
Kato Uchiha
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Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Tanbogakure
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Daddy Knows Best Empty Daddy Knows Best

Tue Jan 11, 2022 10:34 pm
Training was an integral part of being a Shinobi and Kato felt he had been slacking as of late. He had become so focused on doing missions and trying to set himself apart that he had not focused on his natural skills. It was not that he was behind the curve, he did feel he was on par with most of the Shinobi of his rank and age, but he wanted to be better than that. Being equal to most people was not satisfactory to him. His drive made him want to be better than everyone and to stand out however he could. It was, admittedly, a bit egotistical but it was what drove him. 

He wore his traditional clothing, black robes and he had bandaged up his right arm and left leg, he wore his headband on his left arm as well. His Katana, which he had bought recently but not trained with, was slung over his back popping up over his left shoulder. He also made a note that he was going to practice with his Sharingan today as he was coming to realize that the benefits it provided was not all that helpful as his body was not used to the extra information it presented to him as of yet. 

Making his way downstairs he heard shuffling from the kitchen and Kato paused on the stairwell. He and his father had not been on the greatest of terms as of late, and why would they be, his father was still mourning his mother. He did not talk about it but Kato knew. The difference in Sato Uchiha was obvious in more ways than one. Kato had thought he would already be out in the Rice Fields they had bought as he was usually gone by this time. 

“I know you are there, Kato,” the gruff voice of his father rang out and it was clear he was not having a good day so far. Despite everything that had happened, he had tried to remain positive for Kato’s sake, but Kato hated seeing him like this. “No reason to avoid me. Come, have some breakfast with me, or are you too famous to be seen with your old man.” Kato made out the faint sound of a chuckle from him. 

Kato continued downstairs and into the kitchen where his father stood over the stove and finished making eggs and bacon. Despite his old age he was still lean and imposing looking. He was taller than Kato and more muscular as well. His once black hair was beginning to speckle with gray and he wore it in a tight ponytail behind his head. His clothing was stained from what he assumed was the fields which let Kato know he had already been out that morning. 

“I am not avoiding you,” Kato said softly as he took a seat at the table but kept his eyes down, feeling somewhat guilty as he most definitely WAS trying to avoid him, but not on purpose. “I have just been busy, you know? You remember what it was like when you became a Genin.” Kato made eye contact for the first time and his father held a forced happy look on his face. 

“I get it,” He said cheerily as he put some bacon down on a plate and scooped up a set of eggs before sliding it over to Kato. “When I was your age, if my father had wanted me to work in the fields instead of following my dreams, I would avoid him as well.” He shook his head and made his own plate before sitting down. “Just know…. I support what you are doing. I don’t want you to think I am against you or your passions.” Maintaining eye contact for a longer period of time than Kato was comfortable with he finally looked down and began to eat his breakfast. 

“Uh, thanks father.” Kato said awkwardly as he began to eat his own food as well. They both ate in silence for a few minutes and Kato could only think about getting up and walking away but it would be incredibly disrespectful to do so. He ate slowly as he did not want to make it seem like he was trying to rush out the door. 

“So, what kind of mission are you doing today? Big day sweeping the Ninja Headquarters I bet?” It was obviously a joke and not meant to insult Kato. His father knew better than anyone the busy work that Genin were supposed to do before they were allowed to do other missions. He had been a great Shinobi in his own right in his time. 

“I am actually taking the day off from missions and going to focus on training. There are some new Jutsu I want to try and learn.” There was one area he felt he was behind in and that was with Jutsu. He still only knew the regular Academy Jutsu and basic hand to hand combat combined with his basic weaponry. He felt like he needed to improve in that area drastically. 

“Oh…. well… I have some free time if you want to train together?” 

Kato paused mid bite of his bacon and looked up from his food at his father. He had not offered to help him since he was in the Academy. As far as Kato had known he had given up on the whole being a Shinobi thing and wanted to leave that life behind. The shock on his face must have been extremely obvious as his father let out a laugh and sat back in his chair. 

“Don’t act so surprised, I know what I am doing, you know.” He smirked and then waited for Kato’s answer. 

“Sure… that actually sounds pretty great.” Kato was actually a bit excited about the prospect. While he was finishing up his food his father went to change and Kato spent the rest of the morning considering what this meant. Maybe his dad could teach him a few of his tricks? But what about his Sharingan? His dad did not know he had activated it as of yet. 

After his father finished getting ready and came down, dressed in similar garb to Kato, the two of them made their way over to the Tanbo Advanced Training Facility. His father, who was not technically a ninja anymore, wore his Konoha headband and his Chuunin Jacket. He also had his own Katana, Kato knew this, as his father had been the one who had trained him with the blade. 

This was not the first time Kato had been inside and there were a few Ninja on the outside. Kato tried to walk past them but the two of them were stopped at the entrance. 

“Not sure who you are,” the bigger of the two said as he took a step forward and then got a glance at his headband. “What is a Konoha Ninja doing here?” He asked inquisitively, and honestly, a bit hostile. 

His father put on a smile and quickly explained that the two of them were refugees from Konoha and that they were merely there to train with each other. “I am just looking to help my boy train a little bit, that is all.” 

The two men looked back and forth at each other before they shrugged and let them both in. Kato was honestly surprised they were willing to let them both in so easily, but he figured they were desperate for any Ninja and any able bodies who could fight. He guessed they were just happy to have able bodied men in the village. 

The two of them found an open sparring room and then began to stretch and get ready. “Wow, it's been a long time since I have had a proper training session,” his father mused as he sat on the ground and was stretching out his legs. “Hope you don’t think I am going to take it easy on you just because you are my son.” 

Kato smirked and mimicked his fathers stretches. “Please, let's see if you can even keep up with me. I am pretty good at this, you know.” His dad raised and lowered his eye brows in what could only be seen as a challenge and after a few moments of stretching they finally jumped up to their feet. 

Both of them stood across from each other and offered the traditional bows before the moment of silence began. This was the always the most intense moment of a spar that he had found, the calm before the storm, before the adrenaline had taken over. It seemed like an eternity each and every time. 

His father, however, broke the silence of the storm as he lurched forward and with lightning quick speed, speed he never knew his father had, he had a Kunai out and was slashing it right at Kato. With wide eyes, Kato unsheathed his Katana just in time, he was barely able to parry away the Kunai. However, the initial strike was a distraction, as an elbow caught him right in the side of the temple and he stumbled backwards. 

Almost in slow motion, and with stars in his eyes, he stumbled backwards and tried to regain his footing. FOCUS. The next strike came without warning and Kato blocked the attack. The next few seconds were complete chaos for Kato as he desperately tried to fend off his father. He could not believe it. He was so much stronger and faster than Kato had ever imagined he would be and he could barely keep up enough to block each strike. 

Finally, he was able to fully parry a blow and somewhat throw his father off balance, and when he did so he used the opportunity to leap backwards and get some space. He readjusted his footing as his father stood up straight with a smile on his face and simply stood where he was, twirling the Kunai around his finger. 

“Not used to being rushed like that I see?” He chuckled and without warning launched the Kunai at Kato who deflected it away. Slowly, his father reached back and pulled his own Katana off his back and held it out in front of him. “You are fighting afraid. I think you are afraid you may hurt me. Trust me, son, I am going to be fine.” Without another warning he launched himself forward again and the sword fight was on.

Admittedly, it was easier to parry the blows with the Katana than it was with the Kunai, he was not nearly as fast with the heavier weapon in his hand. In fact, he found himself getting the upper hand. Catching his fathers blade, he slammed it into the ground and then spun his body around and gave a strong kick to his stomach, sending him flying through the air. 

However, before he landed, there was a poof of smoke and Kato widened his eyes as he realized he had substituted. Turning quickly he was barely able to stop the surprise attack from behind. His father was sandbagging, because now, he could barely keep up. It was even worse than when he was using the Kunai. 

Growing more and more impatient, he grumbled, and tried to fight back. Looking for any opening he could, fighting desperately, growing more angry by the second. His frustration was mounting as he was being driven back. There was a look in his fathers eyes. One Kato had never seen before. Determination on a level that Kato was honestly a bit frightened of. It was like he had awakened something inside of him that had laid dormant for many years and he was unleashing it all on Kato. 

Then, a cut on his forearm made him gasp, then he felt a powerful kick hit his gut. It lifted him into the air and sent him sprawling onto the ground. He landed with a painful gasp and his Katana flew from his hands. His ears ringing, his chest hurting from gasping for air, he made it to his knees. He felt something brewing inside of him, it was not anger like he had initially thought, not it was something else. Determination. 

“Kato….. Your eyes….” His father had paused and was standing in front of Kato with a shocked look on his face. 

Kato, in his desperation, must have activated the Sharingan as when he realized what was happening the Chakra signals of his father hit him. He was able to see the chakra aura inside of his father and when he looked down he saw his own as well. Falling backwards, he landed on his butt, and he worked on regaining his breath. 

“Did you just now unlock this?” His father said, both amazement and a little bit of fear in his voice, but he did not move from his spot. 

“No,” Kato said through gasps as he was beginning to regain his breath. “I unlocked it a few days ago. I have not told anyone. Well, I had not told anyone, at least.” He had planned on keeping it a secret for as long as he possibly could but he also realized there was no reason not to tell his father. 

Taking a very serious tone, his father approached Kato, and put his hand on his shoulder. “Other Ninja will hunt you for that eye,” He paused and then looked away for a moment before returning his eyes to Kato. This time, however, he also had his Sharingan active. “The Sharingan is not something that you should use lightly. You must be extremely careful with who you tell, who you use it around, and be ready to run if a more powerful Ninja comes looking for you.” 

Kato was not sure why he was surprised his father had unlocked it, it made sense, he was a high level Ninja and based on the way he fought he must have been pretty skilled when he was younger. But, he was only reiterating what Kato already knew, that people would kill countless others to get ahold of his eyes. It was a disgusting practice, but a practice nonetheless.

“I know… I am being careful, I promise. Plus it is not like I did this on purpose. It just happened when I was training one day while I was thinking about….” Kato paused and drifted off as he tried not to think about what happened when he activated it. 

“Your mother.” His father said with reassurance in his voice and tightened his grip on his shoulder. “I understand. Now, get up, I want to teach you something.” He gave him a pat on the back and then put his Katana away. 

Quickly he scrambled to his feet and he also sheathed his sword as his father motioned for him to come over. “I am going to teach you a Justu that was taught to me by my father. The Great Fireball. All Uchiha should know this one, at least, in our family line.” He smirked and then with lightning fast quickness he did the hand seals and before Kato knew it a giant ball of flame shot out of his fathers mouth and hit against the wall. Luckily, it was able to absorb Jutsu, so it did not damage. 

For the next few hours he practiced the hand seals. Over and over again. He knew the drill, you had to be able to do the seals in your sleep. Snake, Ram, Monkey, Tiger. Over and over again he practiced it until he felt comfortable with the motions and the seals. 

“Now, the fire comes from the chakra inside of you. You must focus on it and knead it into the fireball you want.Visualize it. Go on, give it a try.” His father smirked and then stood behind him. 

Taking a deep breath he did the hand seals slowly. Snake, Ram, Monkey, Tiger. He felt the chakra inside of him and then he shot a stream out in front of him. It was not nearly as big as his fathers was but it was big enough. He did not have very good control over it but he was still smiling as it smashed into the wall. 

“Very good!” His father said with a smile as he stood by and watched. “Keep practicing that and one day it will really get you out of trouble. Saved me on more than one occasion for sure.” 

Kato practiced the Jutsu a few more times before the two of them called it a day. The walk back was cheery and they even stopped to get some Ramen before heading back home. In all honesty, it was the best day he had had since his mother had passed, and he was sure it was for his father. He had not seen him smile quite like that since she had been around. That alone was worth its weight in Ryo. 

That night he slept heavily and he did not have nightmares. For a brief moment in time he was not worried about his missions being unimportant. He did not think about his mother. All he could do was visualize the day that he had with his father and he tried to cement the entire memory into his head forever. Tomorrow things would change but for now he was happy. 

TWC: 2,907

+38 stats due to the Advanced Training Facility. +25 to Vigor +13 to Chakra

1500 words to Great Fireball Jutsu B Rank
500 to Summoning Technique 
907/4000 towards Sharingan 2 Tomoe
Stat Page : Fu's Fat Stats
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Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 138300

Daddy Knows Best Empty Re: Daddy Knows Best

Thu Jan 13, 2022 12:19 pm
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