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Hayato Yuki
Hayato Yuki
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Wisdom of the Temple Part 1[solo] Empty Wisdom of the Temple Part 1[solo]

Tue Jan 11, 2022 2:05 am
Hayato had been troubled even in his sleep. He sought the answer to the question what was a Shinobi. All he had done where a few missions that didn't seem to dangerous, but everyone around him seemed to have a weight to them. A certain air of importance and duty. He could feel the pressure weighting on him too, but he hadn't found it's source. He wanted to know what it was that burdened a shinobi's heart.

He woke with a start. Another troublesome dream... He rose to his feet quickly pulling on his kimono and hakama. He attached his weapon pouches, katana and headband in their proper places and hurried outside to feed the chickens, as he did everyday before leaving. His mother had already awoken and left for the fields of endless grain. There was much work to be done during every season for a farm hand, but she had left him a bowl of rice and an egg for breakfast which he devoured before his departure. She was a good mother. Despite their hardships, she was still doing her best. She had started to smile more recently, and Hayato wanted to protect that smile. He must. But how could he? He was starting to realize now that he may possibly be the weakest shinobi in the village. He had meet only a few but it was clear that they had talents that were beyond his capabilities. He didn't think of himself as the guardian spirit of the rice country, no that was the Komekage, but he was a sworn protector. At this point he wasn't sure he could protect himself.

These realization lead him to the military districts shoddy library. The shinobi stronghold was new and thus didn't have a proper academy location lined with all sorts of jutsu and instruction manuals. At this time, there were simply older shinobi willing to teach the young ones the basics, a few rooms fit for that purpose, these new expensive training grounds, and a few scrolls that could be put together to aid in the process. For young ones wanting to learn more outside of class, there was the jutsu encyclopedia. The village had many copies in this makeshift library, but Hayato owned his own and was slowly memorizing it. Sure he would and could attempt to master a few of the jutsu listed in the book. It would be a good start, but something had drawn him to the library to search for something more suited to him.

He scoured the shelves looking for anything that spoke to him. There wasn't much to be found a few higher ranked fire style scrolls, a taijutsu kata, a few notes on genjutsu. Nothing he saw really spoke to him. He was about to leave when he saw a brand new looking scroll with red lining and a brass central baton tucked away at the very back shelf hiding under a book. It called to him. He walked over to the shelf and pulled the scroll out from under the books collapsed on top of it. He saw a wolf embordered on the outside of the scroll. The boy unraveled it and looked over it quickly and saw forms of bald men in robes wielding weapons of all kinds. There seemed to be quite a few weapon techniques in the scroll , but more interestingly there were annotations seemingly hand written nest to each form and a few short paragraphs towards the end. With a quick skim Hayato picked up passages discussing the danger of combat, the burden of protection, and moderation in combat. The emotions he felt towards his new chosen path written out on a scroll. The military's district was guarded, but since the library was mostly donated techniques, there was only a sign out sheet to mark keep track of what was removed. He quick walked over to the sheet a signed his name and then read the scrolls title: "Wisdom of the Wolf Temple" and wrote that down too. He stuffed the scroll into his pocket and headed towards the training facilities.

He wandered into the facilities which were oddly well equipped for such a small village. It had training dummies' and ranges for practicing throwing techniques along with any kinds of training weapons one would need. It also had many types of environments used for practicing many types of jutsu. He made note of the large pool of clear water off to the side. Maybe oneday... He thought taking the scroll out of his pocket and found a place in the shade to read it some more. After rolling it out all the way and laying it across his lap, he took his time looking over it closely. He examined how each move was to be made, read how the chakra should flow for each technique and regarded the notes written in with extra explanations. He was only able to understand half of it.

For a moment, Hayato was frustrated. He had never had any trouble with reading comprehension before. In fact, Hayato thought reading was one of his few strong suits. The language was esoteric and difficult, even for him, but he could make out a little bit of what the author intended to share. Hayato could gather that the author belong to an monastic order belonging to the wolf country. The land was a far away from here and he wished to spread his teachings by leaving scrolls to be found by young ones. It was unclear whether this was a tenant of his religion or if he was going against the grain. Hayato was certain that this order of monks were well versed in combat as it discussed the basic training methods including, body strengthening, meditation, and sparring. It also seemed to list a few techniques some from the temple the monk belonged to and others he had seemingly picked up in other places. The first technique seemed to be about breathing. It was a supposed to be a simple trick that anyone could learn if they meditated and practiced mindful breathing and concentration. This technique was quite clear and simple for Hayato to understand, even if he was a bit skeptical of it's efficacy.

It was the next lines that seemed to be mumbo jumbo. The author talked about the wolf spirit and channeling chakra to call upon divine power. The Author lamented about their imperfection and their endless struggle to chase after the sages wisdom. The technique in this section seemed to be an experimental chakra channeling technique. The author did note that one needed to already be a powerful warrior to be able to accomplish it. The passage noted that a level of visible chakra infusion was necessary, and that Hayato understood. He would leave this one for later. Hew was working on chakra infusion and making progress, but he still had a ways to go to make it visible on his blade. Hayato continued and went to the next section.

This technique looked like one he had learned about in his study of the encyclopedia the glass shard swing, but it seemed to have more power and precision. The technique was called "bark". The diagram was clear, but there was a not that it was difficult to use safely. The author restricted it to experienced wolf monks only. That wouldn't dissuade Hayato. The technique looked like it was made for him a howling swing of his blade he could see it now. With a move like that, He wouldn't think himself so weak anymore. He decided he could give that one a try, but maybe after he tried the meditation.

The section on body refinement looked rather normal. It consisted of pushups, sit ups, jump training, pullups, mountain climbing, running and punching into rough materials. He could easily include this in his daily training sessions to made himself stronger and faster.

The final section was completely incomprehensible. The writing was scribbles and all over the place. The few words he could read didn't seem to go together at all. Heaven, Questions, Earth Despair, Divide, Emptiness. He got a headache just trying to make sense of it all. He closed his eyes for a few seconds and realized that he really should take it one step at a time.

The boy sat and breathed. It was hard to empty his mind like the monk's guide demanded but after a few relentless hours of dedication he was able to fully focus on his breath. It was quick and shallow. Not at all what was required for total concentration breathing. He focused hard and breathed deeply not slowly but slower than he had in the past. He felt the oxygen fill his blood. His muscled tightened filled with vigor. He felt the strength of ten men, but only for a second.

It would simply take longer for him to reach the heights he was aiming for. He stood up and held his katana. This technique was for battle not for sitting. He would slowly walk in circles at the combat ready position and breathe. He was feeling the strength filling him even in movement! He lost it as quickly as it came, but it was progress. I can do this! He thought clenching his fist. He began the exercise a gain moving a little faster slowly but surely.

The day was slipping away from him he forgot to eat and the sun was setting. The area once filled with shinobi was slowly becoming a ghost town. Only the dull song of crickets and other insects accompanied Hayato as he did a slow jog around the field.  holding his weapon. He could certainly feel the difference from when he was breathing properly and when he wasn't. Sitting down he could achieve the powerful feeling for a full minute, but while running he could only hold onto it for a few seconds. It was major progress. He was feeling more powerful than he had ever felt. This techniques wasn't going to bring down all those who could threaten the peace of the Tanbogakure, but he felt like now he was at least as strong as a common sell sword!!! Well, at least while sitting he could probably win an arm wrestling match with any but the strongest in the village. He would remedy the problem soon he could taste the achievement. He was hungry for it. He wouldn't stop until he had mastered the art of the breath.

Hours had passed , as Hayato trained into the night. One would expect the boy to be exhausted, and he was but he was close so very close. Many times, a patrol had come into the training area and questioned him. He was told to go home, but he simply refused. A shinobi didn't need a reason to train. He wasn't breaking the law by training recklessly only his body. He reflected on what the scroll had done for him in such a short amount of time. It gave him a sense of purpose, and an understanding of how he wanted to grow. A framework to mold into. He doubted he would ever be a monk as long as he lived, but he did think he would become a warrior. He would carry the burden of protecting what was important and doing what was right. That was his path. He took a deep breathe and activated the Total concentration breathing techniques. With a strike from his now mighty fist, he punched a small crack into the earth below. He beamed at his triumph. He had never felt more proud of himself. He wondered if this was what his father felt like as he journeyed on the same path? His mind couldn't wander long.

The world began to spin and collapse. Suddenly up was sideways and right was up and lefty was down. His vision went blurry and everything was distorted. His body suddenly hurt all over and then nothing. An empty darkness consumed him.

Later the sun peaked through the blind of an unfamiliar window he woke up in a bed in the military district. Hayato looked around he saw he katana and the scroll sitting on a bedside table. and a clock on the wall. It read 1130. He shot up and felt a similar pain he felt the other night. oww oww oww! He cringed and sucked air into his mouth audibly. Then a nurse entered from the single doorway.

"Oh it seems you're awake! A patrol found you passed out in the training groups your muscles are still a little bruised. You had torn them up to an extreme degree! Just what kind of training were you doing?!? Please be more considerate of your health..." The nurse continued to tell him off. He probably deserved it, but Hayato would not regret his choice. The nurse eventually said they would keep him there for a the afternoon, but as long as nothing bad happened he would be free to go. He simply nodded and listened.

Once the nurse was satisfied he reached over for his katana and started pouring his chakra into it. Now that his body was exhausted he could train with his chakra instead. The boy had truly awakened a fire. A desire for power. Would it be a light that leads him down the right path, or an inferno that burned him alive. Only time would tell.    

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Wisdom of the Temple Part 1[solo] Empty Re: Wisdom of the Temple Part 1[solo]

Tue Jan 11, 2022 10:37 am
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