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Swordfight [Act.1] Empty Swordfight [Act.1]

Sat Jan 01, 2022 10:57 am
There weren't many moments where you could see Vaenar and call him weak, but this was one of those rare moments. Bloodied, battered, and emotionally destroyed after his family's fall from grace, he walked up the stairs, and the fire that burned behind him was loud and gorgeous. As he turned the corner of the spiraled staircase, Vaenar noticed a man kneeling praying. He was in a full Shogun Armor, and it was all black and red. Smoke emitted from his face, and his katanas lay directly in front of him. 

"About time you showed up, lord Vaenar." A raspy, almost inhumane voice assured him.

Vaenar didn't get himself into situations like this often, but when he did, he indeed shined. Quick as a cat, the bloody dragonlord lifted the crossbow he looted from a now-dead Ronin and shot it at the Shogun two times to which he moved to the left, dodging them all. The ricochet off the wakizashi sent one back towards him, and Vaenar would merely twist his neck and move his head out of the way.

 "I knew you’d come for the girl," said the man, still not turning around to face him. Vaenar saw his sister in a room adjacent to him and noticed a wall blocked. Vaenar would ignore the fool in front of him and walk over to the room. His blood-stained right hand would go up against the glass, and Helena would match his writing. She was crying and speaking, but Vaenar couldn't hear her through the wall.

"And now it begins," said the fool who Vaenar was going to cut to pieces soon. Turning back to him, Vaenar saw him reach for what appeared to be a helmet. He would place it over his head, stopping the smoke that came from his face. His raspy voice was due to an injury. Vaenar, barechested, down to his pants and shoes, watched all of this as the Ronin grabbed the two wakizashi and turned around. 

"I'm Tosoi, the Tattered Shogun." Vaenar spun and sent his blade to cut the mask of the Ronin. "I don't care," dashing towards the Ronin, Vaenar was emotional, and it showed. His face was barely his anymore as most of it was purple, and he could barely see from his good left eye. The other he had lost during the Rebellion, the one he was in the wrong side of. A slash with his short blade, which was in his right hand,  dodged by a step back from the Ronin and followed up with a diagonal slash from his wakizashi in his left hand also weaved. The Ronin unleashed a flurry shortly after that as he went on the offensive. He appeared to slice at Vaenar roughly a dozen times in such a short span that Vaenar winded after dodging the attack.

WC: 481
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