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Yuri Yamikumo
Yuri Yamikumo
Missing-Nin (C-rank)
Missing-Nin (C-rank)
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Disturbed thought Empty Disturbed thought

Thu Dec 30, 2021 9:29 am
Yuri thought she would have the time to plan for plan B since the world changed and wrecked havoc in her development. Some of her techniques were being phased out of support during her idling; The heavens must have hated idleness for shinobi. Looking at her current arsenal, there are lots of room for development. However, the main driver this time round wouldn't be so clear cut as the beings above were changing rulings like ladies changing their clothes; Much to the contrary of the previous era where her pace of development were still acceptable. It simply gave Yuri an uneven vibe much like the real world her maker is living in now.

Back to her current state of slump, Yuri knew deep down her core revolves around her style of using weaponry. Her youthful part of it relied heavily on her pace that got rendered invalid, locking her away from the world for a period of time for her to reconsider what would be better for me from back then on; She went through a series of ordeal after reintegrating herself. Fast forward to her current predicament, it is snowing from above much to her delight keeping her thinking head cool.

Back then she had nothing when she first embarked her path as someone giving protection services; A part of scope that defines a professional shinobi. Now, she got her pool of knowledge to tap on as she had been to places, there are some choices open to her although the path to supremacy had long passed her by. Of all times to be disturbed, a beast from the swamp would appear. Clawing its way towards Yuri treating her as its next potential meal. 

Although fear didn't get to her, this would be the first time Yuri had seen something like that; It is at least twice of her height with its legs spanning across thrice her width. Her cutting techniques seems to have found their use as one of its pointy legs raised up above her and did a strike aiming at her head; It got Yuri to parry that hit cleanly with her kunai shifting her position slightly in the process with a few handseals done on the other hand. Before the thing could do its second attack, one of its legs gave way to its weight as Yuri got to hear its groaning thanks to the her techinque before continuing its way in the direction that saw Yuri coming. To prevent anymore surprises on her, Yuri moved away from her current spot of thought and back to safety.

At her current abode, Yuri concluded the ways to go for her current development. Hopefully, the beings residing at the skies above wont be the major causes of her roadblocks again.

TWC: 463
463/937 to gun

Last edited by Yuri Yamikumo on Thu Dec 30, 2021 10:02 pm; edited 1 time in total
Kita Hajime
Kita Hajime
Survived 2021
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Disturbed thought Empty Re: Disturbed thought

Thu Dec 30, 2021 3:13 pm
Heyo Yuri!

Just a heads up, you can't claim AP in the same thread as using your max stat discount, it has to be one or the other. Plus there was a slight miscalculation on the discount. That jutsu with the 25% discount would be 937 words. Holler at me when corrections are made and I'll approve it!
Wan Senju
Wan Senju
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Ryo : 6404

Disturbed thought Empty Re: Disturbed thought

Wed Jan 19, 2022 10:07 am
Approved after proper edits were made on (December, 30 2021 at 10:01PM).
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