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Rice, Ruins, and Ramen (IO) - Page 2 Empty Re: Rice, Ruins, and Ramen (IO)

Wed Feb 02, 2022 8:32 pm
He wouldn't have done it. Not normally, well maybe he would. It was Yamato's reaction that had stirred the idea, and then when the man got distracted just to come back to concern, well it was a bit to much. As he was about to speak Asahi feigned a choking noise, holding his breath and straining in a way to make his face go red. With one last heartfelt look and a gasp he allowed himself to collapse on the table. His feigned death would only last about 5 seconds before he burst out in laughter.

"I'm....sorry......Yamato!" he would say catching his breath. "It was just too good of an opportunity. Besides if there are two things Monks know how to do its preserve books and brew alcohol." He'd wipe the tears from his face and reexamine the works in front of him. "I can't say I know much. Some of the symbols....I vaguely can make it out. From some old books back home in the Land of Iron. Still, not enough to make much out." He'd lean back looking around the room, taking another swig of the burning liquid. He'd drank stronger and worse stuff, he was sure of that fact. "My best guess is its talking about spirits. Not good ones though...." He'd put a finger on a kanji that was roughly scrawled as though the ink didn't want any part of being placed on the paper. "Still I don't really know. We should take a handful back to Okada and put some heads together like you suggested, maybe make some sense of it."

He'd stand and explore the area more. In total his findings netted him a few more scrolls, several small lion dog statues, bowls with various herbs and incenses that he didn't recognize, and an ominous red Oni mask. All of which he placed in his satchel to take home with him. Some he would give to Okada, the herbs, statues, and scrolls for certain to get their opinions and identification. The mask however, he felt would look nice in his small one room office.

Coming back to Yamato he would listen to what he'd found. Yokai, spirits, evils, and stones. It all matched in some ways with what he himself had gathered. Still, it wasn't malevolent spirits that he often associated with. Disgruntled ghosts sure, but beings of evil.....Just not so much. "I can't say this is my direct area of expertise. I know some of it, but......its just not what I normally deal with. Still, I might have some books back at the tea shop that would help. Let's finish up and we can check them at our leisure. This place has hung on this long, why not a little longer." He'd shove the bottle in with the rest and make his way out. Unless something were to come up the trio would leave, doubtful anything too ominous could occur.......Right?

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Yamato Tanaka
Yamato Tanaka
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Rice, Ruins, and Ramen (IO) - Page 2 Empty Re: Rice, Ruins, and Ramen (IO)

Fri Feb 04, 2022 1:16 pm


Yamato chuckled. He was glad that Asahi didn’t seem to be bothered by the rotten alcohol too much. The man was really as healthy as one could be, and this little act of bravery (or stupidity, depending on your point of view) was not enough to kill him. It didn’t seem like anything would be. Still, there was a bad feeling in Yamato’s gut. It didn’t sit well with him. The mission ending like this. He had more questions than answers. Still, this was a discovery that seemed important. These writings, drawings… Hopefully they were not the scribblings of a madman. Yamato had hopes that all of this meant something, anything. "It seems like our work is only just starting, Asahi." he told his friend, "I for one am not disappointed.".

He started gathering as much material as he could for the investigation he was planning to launch when the two shinobi got back to their village. He was picking what seemed most interesting and packed with information. The second aspect he was judging his ‘loot’ by, was how easy they were to carry. It seemed Yamato wasn’t as prepared for every situation as he thought he was, as he had joined this mission without enough bags to carry everything in this cave back to town in good condition. He had to carry whatever he chose, on his person. His attire did come packed with pockets, which were handy. He also did have his ninja pouch on him at all times, but that was already overflowing with small weapons and items that Yamato did not intend to drop and leave here. The good thing was that nobody seemed to have entered this cave in a long time. So it was highly doubtful that anybody was going to raid this place while Asahi and Yamato visited Tanbo. It didn’t seem like anything was in the way of Yamato returning here with more bags (and possibly some helping hands) and grabbing everything they left behind the first time.

Regardless, he tried his best to carry as much as he could on this first run. He was packed. He seemed a lot larger with the amount of books shoved into his jacket. Hsi silhouette now had the proportions of a vision of Yamato from the future if he kept drinking as much as he did, and did as little exercise as recent weeks. His arms could hardly move, his body could hardly turn. With big, slow steps he started walking towards the exit of the cave. "Ready to leave when you are, Asahi." he reported to his friend. "We can discuss our next steps when we’re back in Tanbo. Don’t think you can follow the rest of this thread without my aid, friend. I’m here to unpack this mystery with you, on top of the spirit research and work I already signed up for.". He breathed heavily. He was not built to carry the weight that was currently resting all over his body. "I don’t want to get too sentimental, but I feel the need to say that it’s been a joy working with you.".

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Shinrei Yamato
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Rice, Ruins, and Ramen (IO) - Page 2 Empty Re: Rice, Ruins, and Ramen (IO)

Fri Feb 04, 2022 4:10 pm
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