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Uchiha Madara
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Tryin to learn a new element Empty Tryin to learn a new element

Mon Dec 27, 2021 5:21 pm

The day starts of as any other within the walls of Hoshigakure, the steady hustle and bustle of city goers moving along at their normal pace. For one budding kunoichi though, this was not the case. Madara would be in fact, waiting at the base of one of the rather large trees within the outskirts of town. It was only a quick run away from the city’s surrounding southern wall. The woman stood there with her normal attire on her person; gray shit and pants. The only thing out of the ordinary was that Madara was minus the bag of equipment that she might usually bring out with her when she left the city, but she knew that this would be a relatively short trip. It was odd of her to have this off, because so much of her sense of security relied on having something she could throw at an animal if she had to run away.

As she stood for nearly 5 minutes, Madara would become rather bored, opting to sit down at the base of the tree until whomever was meeting her came to the meeting location. As she waited a small whistle broke from her lips, the tunes rather catchy if anyone was to be in the near area. As the young Genin whistled, she began drawing in the dirt with her right index finger... what she was drawing, even she didn't know. For every time it looked like it was becoming something, Madara brushed the dirt back into the finger marks, hiding the incomplete drawing from view of her as well as anyone else.

Just as Madara attempted another drawing, a rather aged man came into veiw, her short white hair becoming the most visible thing on her body in the distance, then came the darkened skin tone, the shape of her body, as well as the aged skin appearance. Madara's Sensei had aged quite nicely for someone of her age, but the man looked rather old nonetheless. With the man's appearance, as well as Madara's attitude change when noticing the man, it seemed the genin was waiting for her all along. They exchanged greetings in a rush, which seemed odd, but all-in-all, they had a long day ahead of them.

Madara had wanted to broaden her abilities, and this man knew almost anything Madara needed about the various elements. This day in particular, the aged man began telling Madara about the manipulation she would be attempting today was something to help her learn the wind release. As the old man went over this with Madara, the young woman would nod everyone in a while, to show her that she was paying attention. Madara was a great listener, and picked up on things rather fast, academic wise, but when it came to manipulation, she was just like all the rest, she would have to train for this, and hard.

As they started, it took some time for Madara to attempt this manipulation. her prior knowledge of Fuuton Manipulation were only small bursts of chakra, and molding it into a rather small form. This manipulation was the exact opposite. Instead of moving, this manipulation was a solid form of pressurized air, as well as being as big as a side of a house. Madara listened to what the man had to say, focusing her chakra within her hands while holding the bird hand seal. While not thinking, Madara immediately attempted the manipulation, pushing out in front of him, but the manipulation failed, only releasing a decent sized gust of wind. After realizing that she needed more chakra output, the genin would try again and again, focusing more chakra within the technique... but nothing.

After 2 more tries, Madara was perspiring quite rapidly, as she had exhausted nearly half of her chakra source just by attempting this manipulation. the woman sat down to think about what she was trying to do, but it seemed like she was following the old man's advice to the tee, which confused Madara even more. Madara would go to stand just moments after her rest, the woman’s right hand massaging her forehead. "What am i doing wrong?" This comment was directed at the Old man, and a comment was returned. "You have to focus on the wall itself... you have a decent amount of chakra flow going into, but your not shaping it very well."

AS Madara found this idea, she began forming the needed chakra once more, while holding the Bird hand seal. As she attempted the manipulation once more, a physical form began to burst into existence, but it was fairly weak, and did waver quite fiercely. Not only could this 'wall' be seen, but any and everything could pass through it... not to mention it was only about 2 feet long and high. As soon as it was created, it burst into nothingness once more. It looked like Madara had met her match. Was this manipulation too hard for her level of training at the moment? or was she better off just staying at her home village, drinking expensive tea with people that only cared about you if you were rich? These questions clouded her mind to the point she was furious with herself.

Her next attempt was fueled with hatred, using almost all of her chakra, molding it with the same Bird hand seal as before. As she went to complete the wall, the chakra erupted into life, forming a rather large block of air, though still noticeable, it grew to about 10 feet wide and 5 feet tall, still way off the intended size and appearance. The attempt only lasted for what seemed like 3 seconds, as the Young Genin collapsed onto the ground, unconscious.

As she would awaken, she would notice she was in the Hospital, sitting on one of the beds in the non-emergency rooms. she wasn't hurt, but her chakra was so low that her body seized up. The doctors and nurses informed her that the old man had brought her here. And the man told the nurses to tell Madara that she only wanted to see the end result of her manipulation, once she mastered it. It was up to Madara to complete it on her own. hearing this, Madara gently went back to sleep. It looked like she had a long day ahead of her.

As Madara woke up, she would notice that anew day had broke free from the darkness of the Night, the shun shining brightly onto the covers that draped over her body in the Hospital. It seemed the woman had slept longer than she had wished, but the rest had revived her enough to get out of bed without dizziness, and it seemed she was rather on the healthy side, most of her chakra restored from the previous day. It wasn't close to 100% but it was enough to keep training.

Madara left the hospital when the nurses discharged her, the sun already beaming overhead as she left. Without eating, the woman seemed to sprint towards the training area where she was just yesterday. Looking around, she would hope her Sensei had shown her face, but it seemed as though the Old man kept true to her word. she didn't want to see the woman again until she had fully learned the Fuuton element.

Given the situation, Madara took her own pace, thinking about what went wrong the previous day. It irked her that she didn't pick up on this manipulation like she had the others before her, it was just so different than she was used too. As she remembered this fact, she’d come to a conclusion. she needed a way to visualized the entire wall all at once, rather than a burst of chakra. As she thought this, she’d remember how big the wall was actually suppose to be, while walking towards the outer wall of the Village. This trip didn't take long, for she was only around 50 meters from the wall itself.

As she came to the grand wall of Rock, she’d study the markings on it, using the markings as a guideline to the actual sized of the jutsu. After actually seeing how large the technique could be, the teenager seemed to stare in awe, and defeat, as the walls she made yesterday were no where near the size she needed. Madara instantly shook this doubt from her head, concentrating on the manipulation at hand her chakra would begin forming into her hands once more, while holding the Bird symbol. As she did so, she imagined the size of the wall in general, attempting to create such a feat with her ether.

Forcibly throwing her hands out, another gust of Wind erupted, spanning over the amount of space provided, but it wasn't in a solid state, once again. The size was right, but the consistency wasn't. After another try, the same result. Some how the woman would need to find a way to keep the chakra consistent. As she pondered over this fact, Madara sat down on the edge of the wall. looking towards the village. What she saw surprised him. Two young kids had created a miniature crowd while watching her train. They stared at her in awe, as if they were the greatest person they had ever met in their life. Madara gave them a small wave, but felt extremely bad about failing so many times in front of these children. she was here to protect the village, yet she couldn't even master a low ranked Skill.

Madara would stand up with a new found energy, the kids given her hope as they watched on. she wanted to prove her worth to the village, and it seemed it started with these two children. As she began again, she mustered up a decent amount of chakra, holding the Bird seal once more. As she did so, she thought of not preforming an attack, but visualizing a wall of protection, something that could protect the village if needed. Once she did so, the manipulation erupted from her hands forming into a Semi solid state of wall, hardening by the second. As it did, the visibility of it reverted to almost nothingness. The manipulation became a reality only 5 seconds after the attempt. It looked almost perfect. Madara's eyes widened as she had finally figured out the manipulation, but fell flat as the manipulation burst open with a giant gust of air, Pushing her back a few feet. "So.... its solid, and invisible... but not stable..." This she muttered to herself, as the Children behind her cheered her on.

Almost out of the chakra she had gained from the nights rest, Madara decided it was enough for the day, as she became extremely hungry from not eating the entire day. As she cleared the area, the two children followed her back to the city, claiming she was the best kunoichi ever. "Boy are they wrong" the young genin would think to herself. As they entered one oft she main roads, the children left her side and went back home, as Madara attempted to find a barbequed pork restaurant in the nearby area.

As the Dawn broke on a new day, the sun became blocked out of the sky, a large storm has bloomed over night, darkening the day will its blackened clouds and constant rain. Most of the villagers made a good choice of staying inside for its duration, that is, except for Madara.

The determined kunoichi began walking back to her training area, determined that this would be the day she would finally figure out the manipulation. Madara didn't mind the rain on bit, to her, the rain was just a refreshment, something to wash away anyone's troubles. The rain washing any doubts from her head as she finally reached the training spot.

It didn't take long for Madara to attempt the manipulation once more. she had gotten down the feel and body of the manipulation, now just to maintain it would be her next battle. As she formed the manipulation once more, the form of the wall came into existence. Just before the manipulation blew up in her face once more, Madara notice the rain had encompassed the walls form, slashing off the tops corner, and running down the wall. Figuring this out, it seemed that Madara could actually do better at training this manipulation within the rain, for its form was clearly visible.

Given this fact, Madara attempted the manipulation for at least the 12th time. Focusing the chakra into her hands, and pushing it forth. As the wall formed, the rain continued to bounce off the wall's surface, making the form completely visible. The genin instantly watched the corners of the manipulation itself, and bulges that surface, Madara was quick to suppress. After maintaining the wall for around 10 seconds, she released the manipulation, this time, the manipulation didn't burst open, but faded.

With this happening, Madara became ecstatic, it seemed she had mastered the technique, for the most part. But it needed to be structurally sound without having to watch it. Several more attempts we taken, each getting better and better at each try. The last one as near as perfect as any others. getting this realization, Madara ran to the old man's house, exclaiming that she had figured out the manipulation.

the old man followed Madara out to the yard, watching the woman with stern eyes. the rain falling heavily down on the old man's face, magnifying the wrinkles on her face. Madara pumped chakra into her hands for the last time, while holding the bird symbol. As the chakra filled just as needed for the technique, Madara thrust her hands outward, while spouting: "Fuuton!" As soon as her arms spread wide, the manipulation manifested itself before the old man, the rain crashing down on the clear wall before him.

"Just three days? that's all it took?" the old man seemed a little surprised. "You didn't show any progress on the first day... how did you?" it seemed the man was at a loss for words. Madara saw this and smiled. "it wasn't easy.. but i had some help from a few friends... so do i pass?" The genin was eager to add the element to her arsenal, but she needed the go ahead from the Old man. "Lets see... its generally correct, but you can always train more and more to perfect it... i would say so." Hearing this Madara graciously thanked the man, running back home to change clothes and go out to celebrate.

As the day begin to close, and the celebrating came to an end, people were heading home after miserable rainy day. That is, everyone except a young Genin that seemed to be too stubborn to rest. While celebrating, Madara couldn't help but wonder why the old man has said she had managed to get the manipulation "generally correct". It seemed to Madara that she hadn't completely figured out something... something important.

As the woman walked to the training area, she would wonder about the wording at hand. As soon as she hit the halfway point, passing the last building in town, an idea hit her like a ton of bricks. "I don't know if it can withstand a hit or not!" Finally figuring this out, the woman ran at full speed towards her home, grabbing her bag, and heading back to the training area.

As she reached her familiar spot, Madara completed the manipulation once more, forming the necessary hand seal, while piling chakra into her hands. As the chakra came into fruition, her arms would expand outward, forming the wall once more. This wall would sustain itself as Madara lowered her arms. As she did so, both of her hand would reach into her bag, pulling out a total of 5 Kunai, two in her left, and three in her right. Once this was accomplished, the woman launched four kunai near the corners of the wall, and once at the exact middle.

The kunai hit the invisible wall with a soft thud, harshly bouncing off the wall. They landed near Madara's feet, though she didn't care about the kunai at the moment. she was seen glaring at the wall, making sure no imperfections were found, and none were. It seemed the manipulation was completed, but like the old man said, practice makes perfect. The manipulation was quickly dispelled afterwards, Madara picking up the kunai she had dropped, and placing them back into her bag, and heading home.

Madara would be seen moving through the massive early morning crowd making their way to each of their workplaces. It wouldn't take long to reach the Old man's house, meeting with her to figure out what her training would be that day. As she knocked on the door, it would open slowly, revealing the old man's wife, who looked like she had been cleaning. The dust on her Apron had given it away. "Is your husband home, ma'am?" Madara stated, moving into the home as she was let inside. "I Do Believe is waiting for you at the normal training spot. she said she wanted to set the field up for training before you got there... But here Honey, take this drink with you, you might need it." The old Woman reached out to present Madara with a soda, she smiled and thanked her, then made her was out of the house.

The genin continued through the crowd, walking quite a distance to reach the outskirts of the village, noticing the grand rock walls that hid the presence of her home from intruders. Once in sight, Madara picked up speed to greet her Sensei before the man spoke. "Well Madara, it seems you've gotten a better understanding of the Fuuton Element, so i want to teach you a technique that applies great concentration and chakra control. It is the Wind Jump. Let me give you a demonstration...." The old man stopped moving, completely concentrating on this certain manipulation. As she seemed to be taking forever, Madara glanced around at the training field. Instead of the fake tree, and obstacles, it was completely baron. This puzzled the woman, because hes usually so adept at gathering her surroundings, and wondered why it took her so long to notice.

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Tryin to learn a new element Empty Re: Tryin to learn a new element

Wed Dec 29, 2021 2:33 pm
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