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Yurei's Notes  Empty Yurei's Notes

Tue Dec 21, 2021 11:27 pm


Yurei sat at the fountain side, splaying out the bit of parchment he’d managed to purchase, He could smell its age. It was nearly intoxicating, and it carried with it an air of nostalgia. What sat behind him was a figure carved from stone. Etched in what made its head was the face of a woman, a headband displayed on her forehead. A memorial of some kind, though Yurei could not make out the symbol she adorned. The statue seemed to be old enough to have been erected during the Fourth Great Ninja War. Age seemed to have taken it in its grasp, but Yurei could still see the craftsmanship put into it. The soft, rounded features. The thin but strong face. Water flowed around her, swirling, suspended, in the air as if captivated by some sort of jutsu. If it had been constructed to do so, decades upon decades of steady chakra output had kept it in place. 

Yurei studied it only a moment longer before returning his eyes to his parchment. With the flick of his wrist, his brush fled his sleeve and came to his hand. He dipped the utensil into his ink, and the Uchiha began to write. 

Everlasting flame
In each, our ready hands 
Willing to receive
But not to understand

Now my hand is yours
And yours extend to mine
But you snuff mine out
It’s not what you divined

Yurei examined the words, looking up and down the parchment. He sighed, grasping its ends with his fingers, and tearing at the borders. Folding the scrap parchment, he placed it in his robes and flattened what remained onto the pool’s wall. 

Entry 97:

I believe we’re nearing our end here in Forest Country. The bingo book for the area is almost clear aside from common household chores. I respect the little things, but we can’t stay here much longer for fear of being discovered. Damon’s asleep, but we have a long road ahead of us. 

I’ve noticed something, working with the villagers here. Most are superstitious, and most of my interactions with them have been indirect - either by action or a consequence thereof. Using the transformation technique, Damon and I have blended in with the common folk before, but I think it’s time to be amongst the people once again. If these are whom I wish to help in the end, I need to know all about them.
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Missing-Nin (B-rank)
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Yurei's Notes  Empty Re: Yurei's Notes

Wed Dec 29, 2021 9:57 pm
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