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Yet Another Training Session! Empty Yet Another Training Session!

Sat Dec 18, 2021 11:57 pm
Kita stood in front of the receptionist's desk of the Kirigakure Military Training Facility, clipboard and pen in hand as he filled out the necessary information to rent a room. He'd been here many times before, and it had always seemed to do him good when it came to training, so the boy figured why not give it another go? Kita filled out the last of his information on the form and slid it back over the desk towards the receptionist, who seemed to be a friendly looking elderly woman with heavy laugh lines on her face. As Kita slid her the form, she gave him a small smile.

"You'll be in room D3 sweetie. Enjoy your time here!"

Kita gave a silent nod, acknowledging that was to be his room before taking a sheet of blank printer paper from his pocket. Taking another pen from the desk, Kita quickly scratched out a small note and walked towards the front of the building, pinning the hastily scrawled note to a nearby cork board. To those who chose to read it, it would say:

"Hello! I am looking to do some training with my fellow shinobi! If you're looking for a training buddy, come on down to room D3! The door will be unlocked, so feel free to walk right in!"

Kita gave a nod, satisfied with his work. He turned around and made his way towards room D3, opening the door and walking inside. It was a simple room, being one of the simple, padded sparring rooms with a wooden platform in the center. Though whether he would be sparring today, Kita had no idea...

Deciding to do something productive while he waits, Kita would do sword drills until someone walked through the door to join him.

Word Count - 297
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