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Kita Hajime
Kita Hajime
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Sun Dec 12, 2021 11:54 pm

Kita Hajime grumbled as he read the latest mission report that had slipped its way underneath his apartment door, munching absentmindedly on a glazed donut that he had picked up earlier in the morning and sipping on the most sugary frappuccino coffee he could get his hands on. He was honestly surprised when he had first seen the letter, as he hadn't been given a mission letter underneath his door frame in quite a while now. Usually he just went ahead and saw what they had waiting for him in town, though he supposed he had been lacking somewhat in the missions department, having taken perhaps less missions than would be expected for someone of his rank. It was only a matter of time before they decided that it would be a good idea to send him missions instead of waiting for him to pick them up on his own.

Though unfortunately Kita was less than happy as he picked up the letter and ripped it out of its sealed envelope. To his unfortunate dismay, it appears that they had set him on dog duty, tasking him with picking up meat for the first mizukage's dogs. A deep sigh rose up within the boys lungs, and Kita set the letter down before rubbing his temples.

"New rank, same boring bullshit."

Perhaps the young man was being unfair, though he still wasn't particularly thrilled about doing another mission as a delivery boy. After all, he was a chuunin now, wasn't he? He was supposed to get new, more exciting missions. Though Kita wondered if he was even ready for such missions. He still wasn't quite the same person that he used to be. Additionally... this mission in particular made the boy's heart hurt. A pang of guilt ran through the young boy's heart as he remembered the partner he hadn't visited in a while. How long had it been since he had last checked up on that monkey? A week? Two? Kita could hardly remember the last time he had done so, and that made him particularly sad. The poor guy had broken his legs months back, and Kita couldn't even bring himself to the hospital to visit. The boy winced, his mind flashing back to the event where it had occurred. The event played over and over in the young shinobi's mind, haunting him and making him feel worse about not visiting the more he reminded himself of it. Fighting the murderer in that town square and leaving Bobo behind in the hole that the criminal had created. Listening to the pained cries of the poor monkey as his legs were caught underneath the earth. Bringing him to the hospital and realizing that his bones were almost completely shattered in his legs. Hearing about the months it would take for the bones to heal, and even longer for the physical therapy to learn to walk again. Poor Bobo may never truly fight the way he used to, bringing Kita no end of displeasure in that thought.


Kita shook his head, pushing the thought out of his mind for the time being. He could visit Bobo later today! Though for now he needed to finish this mission. Thankfully they had given him a fairly simple one to handle, one which Kita had no doubt that he would be able to deal with. It was a simple matter of picking up the meat from one side of town and giving it to the dogs at the other, no sweat. Kita turned to look at the clock on his wall, taking note of the time. 11:34. If the boy hurried he could make it before noon. A grin swept across Kita's face as he prepared to stretch his legs, setting his donut and coffee down of the counter before making a full sprint towards the window. Dextrous hands opened it quickly, and a rapid hand sign allowed the boy to body flicker, pushing him to unreasonable speeds and propelling him across the city at a rapid rate. Within a few mere minutes he had made it to the deli for pickup. Perfect. Kita rushed within and grabbed the waiting meat from off the counter, flashing a cheeky grin to the butcher yelling at the boy to show some respect, and dashing out into the streets before the man could finish his rant. Another stop to go, another body flicker, propelling Kita towards the penitentiary where the dogs were held. He quickly opened the door to find a surprised receptionist clacking at the computer.

"Here, catch! It's for the dogs!"

Kita chucked the bag towards the startled woman, causing her to stumble back in her chair, and Kita quickly took off once again. One final stop. Kita once again did the body flicker, pushing himself to the limit and bringing himself to the hospital Bobo was to be staying at. As Kita burst into the lobby, he threw a glance at the clock and grinned. 11:57.

"I made it Bobo."

Word Count - 839

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Mon Dec 13, 2021 9:22 am
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