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Akiorama Senju
Akiorama Senju
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Warm feelings Empty Warm feelings

Sun Dec 12, 2021 7:58 pm
;;I should get up....I can’t sleep in all day....;; Akiorama thought to himself as he laid in his bed. Surrounded by pills, books, and an empty plate beside his bed. He struggled a bit, wanting just a bit more time to rest. But he knew he needed to continue on if he wanted to make large strides in his progress. He simply sighed and pulled himself out of bed. His eyes were nearly closed and were practically begging for another round of dream time. But he denied their request as he went to rub them. Hot tea was right beside him. ;;Probably dad...Yeah that'll wake me up. Thanks, pops.;; He smiled and grabbed a hold of the hot cup. It didn't burn, more so just felt a higher degree of warmth that spread all through his hands. It felt nice. Like a tender hug given by a gentle and warm person. Though Akiorama knew that the cup was a lie. The tea itself was absolutely piping hot. He knew his father made this very recently though he didn't really notice him around the house. Perhaps he had left to buy a few things at the market. More soil never hurt. Akiorama looked at one of his books. ;Fundamentals of non-elemental ninjustu; that he had been reading till he slept. He found the topic of space-time to be the most interesting. Concepts of the universe that are infinite in theory and ones that can be seen everywhere. And the most intriguing is how a ninja could use them and bend them to suit their needs. The possibilities are potentially endless. Akiorama studied it very much till he passed out. He let out a deep breath and started getting out of bed slowly. He held the tea in his left hand as began walking over to the screen door.

Upon opening it he was greeted with a beautiful field. He could hear the birds chirping and the bugs buzzing. There was no breeze, however a calming warmth radiated from the sun. A peaceful day. He sat by the porch and let his feet touch the ground below him. The tiles heated up nicely thanks to the rays of that bright star in the sky. Akiorama in this moment had forgotten all of his worries and plights. He was filled with pure and utter serenity. The steam coming from his tea started to climb up towards the sky. Akiorama watched it rise and continue to rise. “One day…I’ll be just like you. Never stopping for a moment, Always trying to reach higher. And even when the wind blows me away? I’ll have made my mark.” His mouth creaked open into a smile and closed his eyes. The image of himself growing to higher heights was so tantalizing. He quickly opened up his eyes. He shifted himself and began to lay on the porch. He watched the sky, placing the tea right by himself. He loved the sky. It gave so much and could be interpreted in so many ways. It can change how people feel when it’s cloudy or sunny. It can bring light or fill the world with darkness. Watching the clouds, his thoughts would shift inward. He asked himself if he really could step up and be anything to his friends and his family. Can he really go forward and make his mark on the world? There is no guarantee. Akiorama knew the life of a Shinobi was typically short. Perhaps his disease didn’t truly matter in the grand scheme of things. At least when it comes to life expectancy. Akiorama, however, was set on living a long life. He didn’t know when or how he’d find a cure but he would. And he didn’t know if he’d ever be killed in battle but he wouldn’t allow it unless it was absolutely necessary.

He’d lay for a while. Pondering. Listening to the beautiful world outside with a neutral expression on his face. The steam started to die down. He’s head turned to look at his tea. His hand would grasp over it once more. Yes. Warmth. Once again. Warmth that wasn’t surface level but what felt deep into his core. As he began to rise like the steam did, he’d sit up and slowly place the tea in front of him. The cup held it together, the tea itself created the base for the steam, and the steam would attempt to go as high as it could. A cup of tea. This was how life seemed to be no matter who it was for. He’d finally take a sip. It washed over him. It felt so calming. So nice and rejuvenating. A warm smile appeared across his face as his lips parted from the edges of the cup. “Wonderful” Akiorama would say as he looked at his reflection in the tea. Yes, this was his life. He should reach as far as he can go.

His stomach growled loudly. All that thinking and waiting must’ve made him hungry. Tea was nice but tea with dango was better. He’d stand up fully and go to enjoy the rest of his day.

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