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Fri Dec 10, 2021 12:43 pm
The season had turned in the recent weeks, the winter snows of the shitty little border town Takamora resided in had settled. The work he had done recently for the nearby villages was ample enough to keep himself supplied, and when he had no money for food he was adept enough at hunting to feed himself. However on this particular night, he had returned from one such hunt, a rabbit slung over his shoulder. As he entered the cave he had been using as a hideout and laboratory it was evident it had been ransacked and all of his belongings taken, not that he owned much in the first place.

Takamora, the chemical brother sifted through the wreckage of his makeshift home and tried to find anything that was left behind and was still usable, but he ended up leaving the location only with the terms he took hunting with him and the rabbit carcass. He decided that it was time for a new location and he would travel out of these shitty minor villages and attempt to make a more permanent home in a larger country, one that would appreciate his skill as a doctor. Over the next few weeks, he traveled the borders of many minor countries and made his way towards the Land of Wind, it seemed like a good place to start, perhaps he could find work in one of the bigger Shinobi villages to get a headstart on a new life and stop living in squalor. 

Traveling to Wind Country
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Moving On Empty Re: Moving On

Sat Dec 11, 2021 12:30 am
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