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Toxic Gingerbread

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Suika Yuki
Suika Yuki
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Toxic Gingerbread - Page 3 Empty Re: Toxic Gingerbread

Tue Dec 28, 2021 6:59 pm

Take a sip, take a sip, take a sip

Suika stood there, listening to her Kage careful; her eyes flickering between the people they had been grouped with; a soft inhale as she proceeded to clear her mind of the events leading up to this moment. ‘This is nothing more…’ Her icy blue eyes would remain fixated on Mizuki; ‘Question our summoner’ a grin would creep across Suika’s face, the excitement would cause her heart to nearly skip a beat, but within that second of excitement, Suika would find her inner peace, and nod.

She would hear the doors swing open, a small ‘thud’ as they shut behind a woman, this didn’t seem to surprise Suika… Although not all women could be, but the actions they laid out seemed to be more on the side of a woman scorned by a lover… Destroying the things he had worked hard for… She would speak to the group, the glee across her face was… Disgusting to say the least; although once more – not one of shock. ‘Great service’ Nearly making Suika snort; she didn’t feel as if any of the followers of ‘Yoi’ were in any danger.

And within moments, almost as if one could have missed it if they blinked – As Suika watched Mizuki take a hold of the fox creature that was addressing them; as she went to reach for the star… ‘Get the door.’ She would hear the order and without a secondary thought, Suika would move and close the door, focusing her chakra as she froze the entire door, making it a solid block of ice – no one was getting in; or out unless Suika would allow for it. Her eyes returned to watching, as Mizuki would have her sit… She would begin mentioning how these tasks were done, but that all these lies… The group kept note of them… As she would take note of Mizuki glancing towards her and nodding; Suika could feel the verbal agreeance between the pair. A small nod would be returned, Suika would move towards and behind Itazura; her icy cold hands being placed upon her shoulders, making sure they her own skin would touch bare skin.

Suika would once more take a calming breath, focusing her chakra, the room would become notably colder; the light blue chakra would begin to radiate off of the small woman, brightest at her hands as a frost would begin to creep from her finger tips, the skin that Suika would touch, a small radius at first around would slowly begin to change color – at first it was simple frost bite, fixable but highly painful. Suika would wait several moments, the woman known as Itazura trying not to move or fight against it; before she would let out a small cry of pain – this would only make Suika hold onto the woman tighter; the frost creeping further down her body; “Who and what are you?” Her icy eyes staring towards Mizuki, searching for answers from Mizuki as she continued to increase the coldness that she was letting out, the temperature of the room falling along the lines of the sheer coldness.

The others, save Mizuki, would notice the temperature drop, they would begin to see their breaths, where Suika and Mizuki would not – for Suika’s body would match the temperature of her surroundings, being immune from the cold. The woman would remain in her state, screams every now and again, but not answering… This only amused Suika. She would move to the front of the woman; staring into her eyes as she formed a very sharp almost knife life icicle within her hand. “You can remain to refuse to answer,” Suika would state, the woman’s shoulders were almost picture black, the skin crystalized where Suika once had her hands.

But I don’t think that’s very smart…” She would hush her voice, brining her face closer to Itazura’s, the icicle moving across the woman’s cheek and jawline as she moved it down her body, stopping on her right side, just above her hip. This spot wouldn’t kill her, nor would she bleed out anytime soon – but Suika knew from experience it hurt like a bitch. “What…Are you?” She would ask one more time. Once again, no answer… A smirk; and one mighty shove as the ice ripped through the woman’s body, the screams loud enough to wake any dead man. But the sound muffled by the ice block of a door, “You can’t see your shoulders… But the rest of us can, and god do they look awful.. Awful and permanent. Frost bite like that leaves damage like you wouldn’t believe…” Suika would raise her hand towards the woman’s face, “I wonder what you’ll look like with my hand print permanently across your pretty face.” Suika would state her eyes staring directly into Itazura’s eyes.

Of course the group had no idea what this woman was, why her plans were what they were… But a liar was a liar. Had she just been honest, Suika would have taken the mission just based on the money she was being offered… She was sure the others would as well… This was her chance to prove to Mizuki who still had a hold of Itazura’s wrist as she preformed the interrogation. The blood would drip from the icicle as it stayed sticking through the woman’s body. Suika would grasp the woman’s face, the lower half with her hand as she focused her chakra once more. “One…” Suika would begin to count, it was a known fact that frost bite begin to set in at regular temperatures of -48 to -54 degrees Celsius within two to five minutes, but Suika could emanate a much colder temperature; and at a much more controlled rate – with the temperature of Suika right now; it would only take a matter of five seconds before frost bite would set in, minimal damage. After 10 seconds, it would leave small scarring but nothing that couldn’t be healed… However much like the woman’s shoulders, that was permanent damage; it would heal, but the damage would be unfixable, she would miss portions of her shoulders, they would need to be cut off.

By the look on Itazura’s face, she even knew this… Which gave Suika enough assurance even when Mizuki would release the fox woman; whatever she was – she wouldn’t be able to fully recover from this. And by the vanity of the woman’s wear; as well as the actions she made them take, her face just might be the stopping point… “Two.” Suika would continue to smirk; she could see the frost begin to spider out across the woman’s lower face, the tears whelming in the eyes of the fox creature… “Three.” Suika’s voice got darker; something about this interrogation was brining a darker side of the Ice Princess – something that was locked away a long time ago… The rooms temperature dropped even more, risking the others their own form of frost bite. Suika had never done something like this with others in a room with her; she had amazing control of her powers, but the side effect of the temperature surrounding her was simply something that she couldn’t do anything about.

And within those next moments Itazura would break; agreeing to tell them everything; Suika would release the woman a bright redness where her hand once was, “If you lie. We’ll know, and I won’t stop the next time. If you deflect any questions. I will resume. If you try anything funny… I will simply slit your pretty little throat after I carve your face into a new decoration for my Kage.” She stated, not looking towards Mizuki at this point – she had remained herself as anonymous; never once stating she was a Sunagakure kunoichi, not releasing the information of Mizuki. “Speak truths, or prepare for my wrath.” Suika would state… She would stand, and move herself to the side of the room, nodding to allow Mizuki would get the answers she wanted; but never taking her eyes off of Itazura.

As Mizuki would finish off the interrogation, with the threats Suika had laid in play; she began to feel something fuzzy… Something strange? A pit in her stomach… “M…Mizuki” She would speak once her Kage was finished, “Something….Is….Not…Rig—” And with that Suika would dissipate from the room, her body basically turning into dust, disintegrating before everyone.

Suika would feel a rush into her body as she flew up, shocked in her breathing as she looked around the room – it was covered in frost, her sheets were basically thin sheets of ice at this point as she breathed in heavily… “What…The hell…” She would mutter, her mind thinking back to what happened… Was it a dream? Mizuki was there… The others she didn’t recognize but she knew their faces… And she was sure it wouldn’t be the last time she would see them either. She would stare at her wall for a moment before nodding, she would seek out the Kazekage… This couldn’t have been a dream… And the only person who would know would be the woman who was also there.

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And a trip, and a trip, and a trip

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Niko Kazan
Niko Kazan
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Toxic Gingerbread - Page 3 Empty Re: Toxic Gingerbread

Thu Dec 30, 2021 6:20 am
Niko would meet the others at the meeting area. He would wait for the others. He would notice a slight agitation about Mizuki but would choose to ignore it. Maybe one of Suika's ice crafts had struck true? Niko honestly had no idea. But when Mizuki talked of questioning their employer Niko would speak.

"As wonderful as that would be I'm not so sure we should be provoking someone that can teleport people across the world with a single piece of paper ill sit this one out." Niko knew better than to provoke someone of such skill. Niko would stay outside of the center of the interrogation instead of opting to stay outside. He would speak to his teammates before they entered the room.

"Mizuki I will be awaiting that question. Suika that's some interesting jutsu. You have some proficiency. and Ryuzaki, kid shoot for the stars not many others will." Niko would await for Mizuki to get out the door but after a few short minutes, he would notice himself start to dematerialize. Maybe this was a sign of the gods. 

"Huh, I guess she will never be able to ask that question eyy" Niko would then fully dematerialize waking in his bed just a few short moments later. Man what a dream. But for some reason, it's like he could still sense a bit of the.
(TWC 2294) 

Claiming chakra signature memorization of Ryuzaki, Mizuki, and Suika.
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dropping off the remaining 117 into the wind.

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Kita Hajime
Kita Hajime
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Toxic Gingerbread - Page 3 Empty Re: Toxic Gingerbread

Thu Dec 30, 2021 9:24 pm
Claims approved up to this point!
Ryuzaki Nara
Ryuzaki Nara
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Missing-Nin (C-rank)
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Toxic Gingerbread - Page 3 Empty Re: Toxic Gingerbread

Fri Dec 31, 2021 6:56 am
It seemed Mizuki was in agreement her chaotic expression shown once more. Leaving the Nara concerned as to what her next move would be. She stood abruptly and moved her face disturbingly close, causing his cheeks to flush as he looked to Suika for aid. Umm... He was about to speak his mind on his nervousness by the invasion of space before an arts and crafts project was placed between them. "This is the mind control device!" It wasn't even a question the Nara would take the star and plunge his hand inside. "Its not even made out of conductive material!" He would say not ignoring Mizuki's question merely displaying his displeasure by then tossing the star on the ground and stomping it under heel.

Itazura entered saying a few words about how Yoi was saved. Ryuzaki wasn't buying it but before he could even move his lips Mizuki pulled him behind her as if she were his parent. Odd crazy lady, odd. There wasn't much to add Mizuki was in control of the conversation. He just found her protective instincts odd for someone she'd just met. The pull was seemingly deliberate however as she began making seals again. Shit. An idea of things to come was clear it wasn't good. She had tagged Itazura was something and yelled get the door! The fingers of the puppeteer flickered wildy as Trapman sprouted to life quickly flitting toward the door, but he was beat by the ice of Suiki his Christmas Angel.

That image didn't last long as she began to deep freeze Itazura as part of her intereogation. Leaving black frost bitten marks wherever her hands touched. Its okay your first crush is a psychopath. Oh no, I hope thats not my type. As the freezing went on the angel became more a devil in disguise. Which was both good and bad. That crush was over quick. Its sad but like she was a lunatic.

Ryuzaki didn't even think to cut in on these ladies fun. "I'll just watch and learn. Sometimes they best way to help is do nothing and stay out of the way." He would back up a bit and just watch as Suika and Niko got sucked into a portal. "Where did they go?" Ryuzaki asked as he was also sucked through a portal holding his rewards leaving Mizuki and Itazura on their own.
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Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
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Vagabond (A-Rank)
Survived 2021
You've completed the Christmas Event of 2021 and qualified for the last reward, by partisan you are awarded this fancy badge!
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Toxic Gingerbread - Page 3 Empty Re: Toxic Gingerbread

Wed Jan 12, 2022 1:17 am
- time out for posting - making claims now:

TWC 2937
Using 25% Max Stat Discount
2053 towards Noppera-bō 3750/3750 previous words The Return of a Kyuketsuki
884 towards Mystical Palm Aura [V7] 884/3000
Ryo : 16800

Toxic Gingerbread - Page 3 Empty Re: Toxic Gingerbread

Thu Jan 13, 2022 6:18 pm
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