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Will cultivate for spirits Empty Will cultivate for spirits

Thu Dec 09, 2021 1:13 am

bump bump bump

The cart rolled down through the cobblestone street, the bumps only increasing as the mule pulled it from the cobblestone onto the dirt roads further out from the village.  Asahi rested on the backend of the cart, feet dangling off the edge, swaying in the light breeze.  His pipe was lit, wafting aromas of vanilla trailed after the cart.  A light gourd that had been converted to a water bottle bounced against his hip with each bump.  Periodically he would take a swig, but after awhile Asahi Yagami would lay back, head resting sans the inconvenient bounces.

He'd been tasked with performing one of the duties that all Tanbo nin were required to perform.  Helping in the rice fields.  It was, supposedly, a mission that all of the village shinobi had to take turns performing.  He had been informed that today was his turn the day before.  Wither that had been planned so as to prevent him from backing out or not he wasn't sure, regardless.....he was here now.  Dressed in a short white kimono, wooden clogs in place and hair tied back in a pony tail, he was in model work attire.  A thatched hat rested over his face in-between breaths from his pipe, preventing the sun from adding to the burden.  

Soon they arrived, and Asahi hopped off, entering into the fields.  It was with a lot of eye rolling that he got to work.  Making sure to never let his pipe extinguish he would use the loaner scythe to cut and harvest filling a whicker basket.  In an uncharacteristic display it was one of the quietest that Asahi had ever been on a mission.  His mind was not on the rice, but rather on the ghosts held deep within the castle.

He had been back one other time, this time with incense and spirit tags.  He had burned the herb and placed the tags, hoping to lure out the spirits that resided within the walls of the castle.  Still, there had been no luck so far.  It had been a frustrating few hours, to go and achieve nothing.  Still spirits where not so easily persuaded at times.  he was determined to go back at the light of a harvest moon.  it could be said that some tasks needed were a bit on the cheesy side, but regardless he couldn't help but feel a connection to old types of magic such as those.  

The rice would soon be harvested and loaded back.  His hands blistered and the back of his neck burnt from the sun.  His exhaustion left him to tired to complain and before he knew it he was back home.    Collapsing in his bed, he would quickly drift off to sleep.  His minds eye would take him back to the winding halls of the castle.  Even here though he was doomed to be filled with frustration, as neither apparition would show themselves.   Perhaps it was time to see if Yasahiro had any information on the matter.  It couldn't hurt after all.

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Will cultivate for spirits Empty Re: Will cultivate for spirits

Thu Dec 09, 2021 9:44 am
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