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Hearing About Tea Spilling Secondhand [Chuunin+] Empty Hearing About Tea Spilling Secondhand [Chuunin+]

Sun Nov 21, 2021 11:33 pm
An emergency meeting has been called, and the village is abuzz with activity.

For the first time since the disappearance of the First Mizukage, the large chambers in the heart of the administrative district have been put into such use. While a number are absent to take care of village security, and the genin have not been summoned, a very large slice of Kirigakure's forces are present.

At the head of a large table sits the interim Deputy Mizukage, Chizu Hyuuga, with Rune Rentei on her left. Rumors swirl as to the purpose of the meeting - the list of possibilities for why it has been called are very short. Even Murata's unexpected death is unlikely, striking out a situation like that of the prior meeting. The murmurs reach a similar conclusion - outright war.

"Good evening, everyone," Chizu calls, voice crisp and clear, speaking into a microphone to amplify her voice across the large chambers. Despite her age and unassuming demeanour, her voice demands the attention of all present, both it and the village's natural discipline calling a hush over those in attendance. At the table itself sit largely the ANBU and senior Jounin, with Dreamer close at hand, the outer chambers crowded with the Chuunin and younger Jounin. "As you all know, tonight a summit is taking place in the Land of Tea to negotiate our village's relationships with Sunagakure and Konohagakure. Developments have occurred which have necessitated calling you all here. Rune, if you would," she says, passing the micophone next to her.
Kain Wraith
Kain Wraith
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Hearing About Tea Spilling Secondhand [Chuunin+] Empty Re: Hearing About Tea Spilling Secondhand [Chuunin+]

Mon Nov 22, 2021 12:00 am
Rune had gotten word from Travin at the summit, and as ordered he called upon the interim Deputy Mizukage Chizu Hyuuga. Who organized an announcement to the upper ranks of the shinobi of Kiri. It wasn’t long that Rune found himself sitting beside Chizu in front of Shinobi that outranked him. However, thanks to all the work he had been doing with the Rentei conglomerate, he had gotten used to dealing with people of higher station than himself. This didn’t bother him, as he just looked at it as another business meeting on the part of Travin. Except this time it carried a lot more weight than just thousands of ryo. 

He sat quietly and respectfully at the table sitting straight and hands on his lap next to Chizu, as she talked first, letting everyone know that both Murata and Travin were at the summit in the land of tea to negotiate village relationships with Suna and Konoha. Before sliding the mic over to himself. He simply reached for the mic and brought it close to his face where there wouldn’t be any static coming through, and he would be easily and clearly heard by everyone. 

I have gotten word from Travin via our telepathic link. The summit has brought good news and bad news” he would allow a pause, taking a breath before continuing. “The good news is that Lady Murata has negotiated peace with Konoha in exchange for some of their forbidden jutsu.” Rune looked over the crowd, getting the expected reaction from everyone. Not many people really cared about the leaf village anymore and were fine with letting it go for some hidden jutsu. 

Now on to the bad news, during the talks the Kazakage took every opportunity to try and create a divide and stop the peace from happening. From talking bad and making fun of the Hokage to trying to pick a fight.” The crowd at this point was hooked on every word that Rune was saying, wanting to know the news. “The Kazakage seems to have gotten her wish as she had angered both Travin and Lady Murata who lost their temper’s. By insulting the pride and power of our great nation, hinting that she would be able to easily defeat the two and meet the Hokage at Konoha.” The attitude of the crowd turned at this point, and anger could be seen throughout at Suna and the Kazakage. 

Know this we did not come for war, we came for peace and apologies, and Suna picked a fight with us. They started this, and Lady Murata and Travin intend to finish this. Sadly, the battle still wages on, and I am waiting on further intel from the sight. This was all passed down to me just moments before the fight was about to break out, as the Kazakage made the sky bleed over the building, taking the first move of the fight. I know most of you have already figured out what this means, but for you who don’t know we are now at war with Suna, and I will hand it back over to Deputy Mizukage, Chizu Hyuuga." 

Rune would slide the mic over to Chizu as he watched the crowd start to get going, some were ready for war and wanted to move out now, while others were more hesitant. Rune would lean in covering the mic “I didn’t over sale it did I” he would ask Chizu.

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Cosplay Queen Saya
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Hearing About Tea Spilling Secondhand [Chuunin+] Empty Re: Hearing About Tea Spilling Secondhand [Chuunin+]

Mon Nov 22, 2021 3:19 pm
THere was a great shuffling down the street as an odd sight came into view. PupAIt, Freyja, and the coach puppet strolled down the thoroughfare with purpose, heading towards the Mizukage estate where they had once met the lady Murata and done some.... Intense redecorating. It would be a normal sight seen across the village except for one specific fact. There was no saya. As they stopped, the shuffling of the Coach puppet's body continued, even as he stood still, making it clear something was going on. There was a muffled grumbling from inside his chest cavity where everyone's favorite protagonist sat cross legged and quite upset to have been taken from the comfort of her house out into the misty village and across town.

"Aya. Less grumbling, more listening. I believe they'll be starting soon. You were summoned by the Mizukage for official village buisiness and you know how important that was. Were my true body also called you could have stayed home, but I've not yet reached the rank you are so Pino and I had to stay home, so like it or not i'm afraid you'll have to deal with it. " There was more mumbling for several moments, and then the hatch on the back of the Coach puppet, between the shoulder blades, popped open to reveal a disgruntled tiny senju girl who crawled out to sit on his shoulder.

"I'll be here, but I won't like it. I could have been making so many things today, or like. Pretending I was going to practice my ninjutsu and made a bunch of stuff instead. " It was a shallow suggestion. She wasn't going to practice ninja arts today. They all knew that, both from being used to the tiny terror and from literally sharing the same mind. She just didn't want to have to stop the project she was working on in order to go to some boring meeting.

(TWC 321)
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Hearing About Tea Spilling Secondhand [Chuunin+] Empty Re: Hearing About Tea Spilling Secondhand [Chuunin+]

Mon Nov 22, 2021 4:16 pm
(Everybody go home this is voided with love.)

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