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Moyasu Nokoribi
Moyasu Nokoribi
Ryo : 71000

The First Step Empty The First Step

Sun Nov 14, 2021 8:50 am
Mission #1:

Mission #2:

Mission #3:

It was yet another beautiful day in the Village Hidden in the Clouds. The weather was glorious with the sun set high in the sky as it bore down on the cobblestones of the roads that were worn by the many shoes that constantly abused it on a daily basis. As people were walking by and enjoying the fruits of the day's mercy through its warmth and glow there was one ninja among them... who wasn't having the best time. Sitting along a bench surrounded by three young toddlers was Moyasu Nokoribi, his face showing a deadpan expression as a toddler tugged at his cheek while laughing thinking it was the funniest thing in the world, as he was in the process of completing the first mission he had been granted by his superiors upon his successful promotion to a Genin: babysitting. His superiors had told him that the parents of the three children were going to need someone to watch the kids for at least an hour outside of a store they owned that was backed up and needed their help at least for the short term. Moyasu had known that missions as a Genin were going to be total grunt work when he applied but this was ridiculous as he sat on the bench while the toddlers played with his body like it was something they could play with at the playground.

Luckily his babysitting time was almost up as he quickly checked the children he had been tasked with protecting and watching to make certain they hadn't somehow developed injuries or illnesses. Upon doing so he had found that they remained unharmed and a few minutes later he was relieved as their parents stepped out of the shop, thanked him for his time in watching their children, and he went on his way down the street towards the mansion in order to report the mission as a success. He felt a bit downtrodden that he couldn't get anything to eat in between his mission and the next but he had been ordered to report to his superiors directly after completing his mission. He had no clue what they had in store for him in the next mission but he knew that it was probably going to be something that was going to test his sanity much like the previous mission. Hunting food and cooking it was easier than looking after some children. Thank God he wasn't married and had kids himself... yet? Maybe in the future he'd find mrs. right but right now he didn't have any interest in relationships and children was one of the main reasons why.

Upon receiving his second mission Moyasu was nodding his head with a look of annoyance on his face as he walked down the steps from the mansion back into the streets of the village. Everything he had thought was true as he was cursing himself for being right. His next mission was another rather annoying mission in which this time he was going to have to be going after animals, something that he was akin to doing in the wilderness, as these animals were small and known for being rather frisky when it came to strangers. His mission was now to find stray cats and dogs on the streets in order to take them to the local pound so that they could possibly be placed into loving homes. His quota was three cats and two dogs. Luckily this was the cloud village which had more than it's fair share of strays roaming the streets and there was a food district nearby which he knew was where a stray would most likely turn up. Thus after deciding his next destination he started rushing towards his objective to start his mission.

Upon making it to the location of his next mission he was upon the roof of one of the many restaurants that was littered along the side of the road. He looked with his glowing orange eyes around for any cats and dogs walking around as he walked along the rooftop and noticed his first kitten that was along the roof with him. It was hiding scared and shivering behind a chimney as he made his way towards it and noticed that it was together with two more kittens each that was also scared and hungry looking. Doing some quick thinking, knowing most likely the kittens weren't going anywhere, he decided to hop down into the street so that he could get them something to nibble on and gain their trust even if just a little bit. Upon landing in the street he looked around after hearing a slight whimper and he noticed two puppies sitting right next to a stall and sniffing in the air as they looked ready to fall over in hunger. Moyasu felt that luck was smiling on him this day as he got enough food to feed all of the animals he had encountered and brought them together in order to transport them to the local pound.

After dropping off the animals at the pound and leaving the building with another report of completion under his belt he took in a deep breath and stretched out his body as best he could for he had been told his last mission for the day was going to be the most strenuous of the bunch. He was going to have to pick up the trash around a certain sector of the village. He was also in for a lot of trash picking as he was going to have to go to at least 50 houses. He thus walked along the streets of his home, the stones of the ground clacking as his heels dragged along the pavement, as he was reminded how boring being a ninja could be at times. As he thought of all this he finally made it to the sector in question as he looked around at all the houses and took in a deep breath before focusing all the chakra into his feet getting ready to work fast and hard with all his power. As he concentrated he felt his chakra within his body burning hot and bright all along the inner workings of his chakra network.

With a flick of his ankles and toes he was off, his speed taking him to every trash bag that was waiting outside of every house, as he took the time between picking up each bag and tossing them in the air. When he managed to fling five bags into the air he focused his chakra and concentrated on a new move he had been practicing in the wings. His chakra responded by flaring out, his body becoming engulfed in a rather hot feeling flame, as he gathered energy into one of his palms and flung a fireball up at the trash pile in order for it to burn and explode in a burst of fire and embers. Smiling to his accomplishment he continued with his run, flinging and burning bag after bag, until he was finally done with every house taking care of their trash in record time. He could see a few of the occupants of each house stepping out in order to thank him as he relaxed his chakra and the flames that had been surrounding him died down into nothingness. With a stretch of his neck and arms he walked up to each villager, shaking their hands and asking them all if they had any more trash that needed disposing, before finally making his way back to the mansion in order to report his completed missions.

After finally being done for the day he left the mansion in a huff, getting a cigarette out from within his pocket, as he flicked his thumb up causing a flame to appear along the end of it. He lit his cigarette and took a big puff from it before blowing out a plume of smoke and walking along the road once more towards one of the many restaurants along the road. He was going to spend a bit of the hard earned money he had made today in order to enjoy himself a nice meal before turning in for the day and resting for the rest of it. He entered a BBQ joint that was his favorite growing up and ordered one of his favorite plates. As he waited for the plate of food to arrive, turning on the stove that was built into the table he was sitting at, he kept smoking his cigarette as he leaned back in his chair and relaxed. It had been quite a beautiful day today and as he looked up at the sun that was still beaming down upon the village, a cool and gentle breeze wafting through the flaps of the shop doors and the curtains hanging over windows, it was only going to get better from here on out. He would make certain of it.

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Claiming: Mission rewards and Blast Furnace (25% max stat discount)
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The First Step Empty Re: The First Step

Mon Nov 15, 2021 5:45 am
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