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The Great Furry Escapade (Mission, Shin) Empty The Great Furry Escapade (Mission, Shin)

Sun Oct 24, 2021 12:53 am
Mission Specs:

She was sitting upright in a shady bar, a clear glass in hand and bitter taste on her tongue. The smell and bustle was recognizable as Yugakure- the past few days had been rife with odd dreams and visions that took her and others in and out of the location, but some otherworldly force seemed to prevent her from recalling too much of them. The ninja looked down at herself. Black leggings, black long-sleeved shirt, socks with sandals (don’t judge, fuck you). A tanto was strapped to her side- not her usual weapon of choice. Lachesis swished her mouth around. The liquor was unrecognizable, though she’ll freely admit she wasn’t one for alcohol. A quick look behind the counter saw various bottles of rum, sake, and other bottles with illegible names.

The leather stool creaked under her weight as she stood up. There were a couple other people in the bar, but something- dream logic, mayhaps- compelled her to walk towards a bulletin board at the back. Numerous small papers and notices littered it, but tacked in major letters with a few flecks of browned liquid read the following:


Werewolf Head - 6,000 ryo

(inquire inside)

On it was depicted a crudely drawn wolf, more a caricature than an actual reference. Lachesis had her doubts about whether or not this was an actual werewolf as opposed to a bandit or ninja. There were many clans and techniques out there, and the possibility of one that granted wolf like features and attributes- especially in Yugakure, a place that used to be a hidden village- were much higher than some mythical… Hm.

She flexed her back, working out knots in her shoulders. These dreams had exit conditions- like a fucked up mission. Apparently this one was to hunt down and exterminate a ‘werewolf’. But… Every other dream she had been through, there’d been someone else with her. Whether or not they contributed was a different matter, but there was no reason that this would be different.

Her tanto weighed heavily on her waist. It wasn’t one she recognized… Delicately, the Yuki plucked off the bounty letter from the board and looked around. In the dreams, many people had hazy qualities. Perhaps they were people she’d met in passing, or people she no longer remembered- but one stood out. Was he lucid with her?

She approached the corner slowly, holding up the contract as she did so. To a ninja like him, the gesture was meant to come across as non threatening. Should he permit, she’d slide the parchment over to him, only speaking up once he had either voiced a thought of his own or read the paper in its entirety.

“Some kind of fucked up dream, I think. Only way out is to complete the constraints, which… Seem obvious.” her voice was surprisingly high pitched considering her size. Lachesis paused for a moment before continuing to elaborate. “I’ve been having a few, I think. Hard to remember when you wake up, but the ryo is sure as hell legitimate.” She certainly was speaking from experience- and sure enough, the ryo wasn’t taxed, either. Half of her weaponry at the moment was paid for by whatever mysterious dream entity saw fit to bring her here.

Thank you, mysterious dream entity.

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[Total WC: 549]
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The Great Furry Escapade (Mission, Shin) Empty Re: The Great Furry Escapade (Mission, Shin)

Tue Oct 26, 2021 8:46 am
The Assassin could be seen within his natural habitat, a rather seedy looking bar frequented by the scum of society. The imposing Hyuuga could be seen standing in one of the back corners of the bar, his Byakugan active as he studied his surroundings with a frown painted firmly upon his face… this entire scenario was wrong to him. He had simply falled asleep as usual after a day of missions and training, but as consciousness left him he found himself here in these unfamiliar surroundings, although he was grateful that he was at least in his normal outfit rather than his nightclothes. The area itself… It felt as though it were a dream, and most of the people in the area were little more than filler material, their faces and voices hazy and impossible for him to really memorize or even remember for more than a minute, something that bothered the Hyuuga more than anything else. He had been in this position, simply observing everything around him, for hours now and he doubted much would change… he didn’t trust this at all, and he wasn’t about to let his guard down for even a moment within this unnatural area. 

There was only one other in the area that he could actually pay attention to, and that simple fact made him focus almost entirely upon her as she moved through the area, grabbing hold of a bounty that he’d seen and read earlier in the ‘night’. He wondered what part she was playing in this, because it was rather obvious that she was different to everything else… and that thought was only confirmed for him as she began to make her way towards him. The black clad woman would raise the bounty for him to read, and The Assassin would give a small snort of amusement.

“As interesting as that hunt sounds, I am not one to waste my time like that in a strange dream… you seem to be quite different from all the other faceless ones here, so I am forced to conclude you play some part in this, the only question now is what part that is exactly” The Assassin would say, his voice not what you would expect from one that looked like he did. It wasn’t all that deep, all things considered, nor was it all that gruff… it was quite smooth and even in both tone and pitch. His featureless white eyes unblinking as he stared straight ahead, his head and body unmoving as he continued to watch the entire area as the woman spoke, and her words only confirmed a couple of his suspicions and answered some unasked questions… although they also ended up giving him a couple more that he knew wouldn’t be getting answers anytime soon, and that frustrated him to no end. 

“I see… Well, in that case, we should probably go and kill this mutt as quickly as we can… I don’t trust anything about this situation, and I’d suggest you try to do the same. The money might be good, but this entire thing is making my danger senses scream… it’s entirely unnatural.” 

With his piece said, Shin would push himself off of the corner that he was leaning against and begin to make his way towards the door. Assuming the woman would follow his lead, Shin would turn his head a little to the left and speak over his shoulder.

“Oh, and strange dream or not I suppose I should introduce myself. The names Shin”

WC: 589
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The Great Furry Escapade (Mission, Shin) Empty Re: The Great Furry Escapade (Mission, Shin)

Tue Oct 26, 2021 9:08 pm
She remained largely impassive at his comments, not stopping to add her own two cents until he- Shin?- had finished talking. “It’s some fucked up cultist thing, from what I can tell. I don’t like it, but I’d rather wake up as quickly as possible if it’s all the same to you.” Lachesis paused, tapping her forearm. “Onomori. Call me that- or don’t. Doesn’t make too much of a difference to me either way.” Who else was there to talk to here, anyway? The faceless, hazy figures skirting at the edges of her vision? She deliberately didn’t comment on his Byakugan, but part of her wondered if what he saw through his eyes was different from the things hers could pick up.

Gray eyes scanned the bounty image- if it could be called that- once more. It said to collect information from the front desk… But then again, the dreams hadn’t much cared either way when she ‘cheated’ out of their expected walkthroughs. She wasn’t punished at all for sending clones through the suicide puzzles after all. The Yuki clansman took one last look throughout the bar- spotting nothing of interest, before following Shin out.

The streets were an odd mix of deserted and active. People bustled to and fro, but no litter, no smudges, no imperfections littered the surrounding town square. It was as if all the little details people looked over had completely disappeared, or perhaps never existed, and only now that she cared to look could she tell that something was deeply wrong. Her fingers twitched minutely towards the tanto- unfamiliar as it was, it was still a weapon. There were no immediate signs of a werewolf, or missing ninja, or anything else that would stand out to the two of them. Hm.

Were they missing something? She brought her fingers up to her chin. It wasn’t until the final traces of daylight momentarily caught her eye that she felt dumb. Oh. Werewolves hunt at night... Or something. They’d probably have a few minutes to prepare. Her gaze travelled upwards- what was undoubtedly a full moon was partially obscured by clouds.

She glanced back to Shin, wondering if he’d caught the same information. Should he ask her, she’d reply with what she had noticed. But they still had a few minutes…

“Any preparations you need to make beforehand? Feel like we should probably try evacuating under other circumstances, but if we cause too much of a commotion, the target would become that much more difficult to locate.” The numbers of the faceless crowd were diminishing, but not nearly fast enough to leave the streets empty by the time the sun would have set entirely.

A small sigh left her lips and she unsheathed the tanto. She inspected it with barely restrained interest, checking for signs of wear, construction material, even potential signatures left by a blacksmith. Oddly enough, all she could find was an odd symbol at its hilt- a triangle entirely enclosed by a circle.

Regardless, the weapon seemed sturdy enough to last for a skirmish. She wouldn’t bring it to anything serious, but these dreams tended to hand hold more often than not.

Even so, her mind travelled back to the mark of unknown origin.

“Oi, Shin, you recognize this?” she angled the weapon better so he could see the inscription. Perhaps he’d be able to identify it?

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The Great Furry Escapade (Mission, Shin) Empty Re: The Great Furry Escapade (Mission, Shin)

Thu Oct 28, 2021 5:51 am
Shin would simply give a smirk at the words of ‘Onomori’

“I couldn’t have put it better myself, the sooner we’re out of this the better… doubly so if this is the work of some idiot cultists playing around with forces beyond their ken” The Hyuuga would say with an air of irritation, his face betraying him as his thin brows furrowed into a frown. After the creation of his dimension he’d come to the rather startling realisation of just how easy it would be for some idiots to, theoretically, break or destroy the reality that he and everyone he had ever known existed within… and most of those possibilities were idiots playing around with forces beyond their understanding, much like it seemed was happening here. The sooner he was out of here, the sooner he could try to hunt these fools down and end them before they fucked up reality more than they already have. 

His blank gaze was fixed straight ahead, but any that knew of the Byakugan and how it worked would know that he was not unaware in the least… he could see EVERYTHING within 100m of their current position, and frankly, he was more unnerved by what he couldn’t see. Everything that one would usually see within an inhabited area was simply not there… well, all of the small things that most wouldn’t pay much mind to. For Shin, and anyone with the Byakugan, those small details were next to impossible to miss, even when one wanted to… but now, the absence of them was making his mind scream. Truthfully, he was fighting the urge to simply create some Black and White holes all throughout this area to wipe it from existence, but he understood that logically he simply needed to find this damned wolf and put it down. 

He would note ‘Onomori’ looking into the sky, before looking back to him and asking whether he would like to make any preparations

“Hmm, sometimes in order to draw out a predator you need to cause some chaos amongst the prey. With my eyes I’ll be able to see everything and everyone, and I will definitely be able to pick up the difference between panicking prey and a hunting predator. I have some experience dealing with Lycanthropes and I can tell you that they don’t actually require the full moon to transform… but as this is little more than some fucked up cultists dreamscape I can’t say whether that will hold true here. It’s quite frustrating really… knowing that my knowledge is worthless here because this cultist may simply be ignorant to the actual mechanics of the creatures they’re imagining.” The Assassin would suggest with a grim smirk, knowing full well that what he was suggesting was extremely immoral but also the quickest way to kill their quarry and escape this situation. At the end of his explanation he would briefly express his frustrations and give a small sigh, before closing his white eyes for a moment, giving ‘Onomori’ a chance to either suggest a plan or her own or agree with his plan. 

WC: 518

TWC: 1107
Ryo : 6000

The Great Furry Escapade (Mission, Shin) Empty Re: The Great Furry Escapade (Mission, Shin)

Thu Oct 28, 2021 7:11 pm
Normally, the ninja would be against collateral damage on principle. She could cite numerous reasons- ethical and moral dilemma, getting footed the repair bill, not alienating future clients from Konohagakure... But ultimately, these weren't people, were they? The manifestations were just props, if even that, to make the landscape seem more lively. Whatever happened in this dream didn't carry over, and thus hardly mattered. "Do what you feel like you have to." she had little in the range of long range techniques, and she wasn't super comfortable revealing her bloodline to a total stranger, but... "I use primarily melee weaponry myself, and though I don't specialize in short swords, I could use the tanto in a pinch." she drew the offending weapon, giving it a few practice jabs into the air. Not one of the strange illusion people seemed to react much... Or at all.

In the resulting chaos from whatever Shin did, Lachesis would keep her eyes out for any stray stragglers- though Shin would likely spot any before she did, relying solely on the abilities of someone else (a stranger, no less) was a quick way to get yourself killed. She'd seen what those bounty missions did to the unprepared, after all- more than a few nameless Konoha nin had gotten themselves carted back to the village in a matchbox due to their misconceptions.

A few harsh sounds were what first caught her eye, oddly enough- many of the sounds made by the villagers were... Uniform. The shuffles and screams sounded more like repeated, distorted recordings than anything special. Her head whipped around, barking out a quick warning to Shin about the target's location, before she thrust out her tanto with near blinding speed. It wasn't as strong as she could have made the attack, in theory- she used the weakest one she could- but the Temple Style: Bark made a near deafening noise nonetheless as the resulting wall of force roared across the town square. It easily missed shin by several meters, and it would not register as a technique that contained chakra. He'd likely be able to pick up on its location due to the way the wind travelled, or whatever weird stuff the Byakugan did- but hopefully he wouldn't walk into it.

The wave sent the werewolf (hm, that shitty drawing was... surprisingly accurate?)- and a few nameless civilians- flying backwards into a wall with enough force to paint them across the concrete foundations. It wasn't quite strong enough to break it, of course, but spiderwebbed cracks spread out from their locations of impact.

She turned to Shin after a few moments of quietude before asking a certain question about an odd symbol on the hilt. Right as he began to speak his reply, however, the world shifted oddly. Not in terms of perception, necessarily, but she could feel that she was waking up nonetheless. Dammit- she wanted answers.

Perhaps they'd meet again...

[WC: 488]
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+15 stats into chakra
+1 stat into speed
+6,500 ryo from rank
+30 AP
+8 tickets
+1,600 words into

and a tentative friendship with shin
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The Great Furry Escapade (Mission, Shin) Empty Re: The Great Furry Escapade (Mission, Shin)

Wed Nov 03, 2021 6:57 am
Shin would give a rather feral grin at the woman's response, his rather prominent canines clearly visible as he began to go through a familiar set of hand seals. He would, of course, listen and take note of what his partner had to say, nodding when she mentioned her focus being close quarters combat. This was good, as Shin himself was worse than useless in that specific form of combat. With that though, The Assassin would select a point 25m from his current position and activate his Imitation White Hole, with the activation point in the middle of a rather large crowd of the faceless beings. The results of this action were quite easy to see for both Shin and his partner, and the ‘screams’ of the fleeing faceless beings almost made The Assassin chuckle… He wasn’t one to take pleasure in the suffering of others… but this was simply too surreal for him to keep his composure, seeing as the sounds being made were something he would usually hear in bad B-rate horror films, and they were simply on loop to boot. 

With his eyes active he could see everything and everyone in the area, the most minute movements being carefully studied and watched by The Imposing Hyuuga… and there was one figure that stood out clearly amongst all the others. While they tried to maintain a facade of fear, their ‘run’ was still too deliberate, their path already chosen and their act poor… someone truly panicked wouldn’t be able to move with such purpose. Thankfully, he wasn’t the only one to notice this, and ‘Onomori’ would quickly thrust her Tanto towards the target along with a barked warning to him. He would remain still and simply smirk as he made some hand seals of his own, allowing the womans technique to simply continue past him without a care in the world. As added insurance he would activate his Singularity 3m to the right of the creature, smirking as it was caught and trapped, before being hit by the technique of his current partner. 

The result was rather amusing, as the force behind the rather small thrust sent both the creature they were hunting and a few unfortunate shades flying back towards one of the ‘buildings’ behind them… with enough force to make them all paint said building a rather nice shade of crimson. 

He would give a low whistle of appreciation at the power of the technique, before hearing the question posed to him by his temporary ally. As he gazed at the symbol on the blade his featureless eyes would widen minutely in recognition.

“Oh of course those crazy fucks are the ones behind this. I believe they worshipped a ‘deity’ they call ‘Jashin’, a name I only really recall because of just how stupidly edgy it is for a cult of nutjobs to worship something that literally translates to Evil God. I’ve been to some temple of theirs in the past, and this damned symbol is everywhere… crazy fucks.” Throughout this little rant, Onomori would fade away… and Shin himself would find himself losing consciousness, although he wouldn’t even take note of it until it was too late.

WC: 532


TWC: 1639

1639 words towards Reverse Summoning: Wraith, 505 words remaining

1600 words towards 32AP, claiming

+6000 ryo, 30AP, and 8 tickets (Mission rewards)
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The Great Furry Escapade (Mission, Shin) Empty Re: The Great Furry Escapade (Mission, Shin)

Thu Nov 04, 2021 12:10 am
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