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Hafuma Pendragon
Hafuma Pendragon
Stat Page : Hafuma Stat Page
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Clan Specialty : Bukijutsu
Village : Kirigakure
Ryo : 58400

Cleaning up sand Empty Cleaning up sand

Wed Oct 20, 2021 5:26 pm

Hafuma walked through the streets of Kirigakure, he did so in plain sight now as the local food shops recognized him now, although that didn't mean some we're still suspecting him of being trouble, after all he became a Shinobi for the village, his headband tied this right arm instead of his head that seemed to bother some, whispers of his promotion to Genin all about the streets, as well as the fact he hasn't done a single thing yet. 

Hafuma was aware of the rumors, he knew how to spot discomfort in the general populace years ago, so today he was going to start his duties as a Shinobi officially by doing his first mission. Talking amongst the villagers he was in good relation with, Hafuma found his way to the village mission board, missions of low to higher ranked Shinobi available, as a squirt Hafuma knew not to bother looking at anything above his rank, he knew his limitations well. Looking at the lower risk level missions Hafuma sighed because even they seemed a little too taxing for him, so finally Hafuma looked at the lowest paying and risk level ones and his eyebrows rose as he saw a few that seemed no more than basic cleaning duties for the village.

One in particular caught his eyes. It was one on a street he was familiar with that sold the best meat buns he ever had in his entire life. The shop owner, a kind older lady that didn't seem to care that he wasn't a native and treated him warmly. If he could help her he didn't mind any physical labor, not that it mattered anyway since cleaning was basically a cake walk compared to his previous life problems, looking at the pay he saw that the same amount of money that took him a year to build was just being handed out for just cleaning, oh yeah. He wasn't regretting his choice now. Especially since he was flat broke. 

The street the missions was located on was a bit further away from where he was, however he didn't mind as it gave him a chance to silence his mind, he could feel his chakra flowing through his body, his stomach acting as the center in which his chakra flowed through him, honing his senses on that feeling Hafuma leapt several meters into the air at a upwards incline landing on a building roof, leaping another fourteen meters as his arms swung behind him allowing to reduce wind drag on his body as he traveled through the village quicker as he maintained s connection to his chakra making sure to memorize the base feeling of chakra flowing through him, just as his father taught him to do. 

Finally after about a minute or so he made it to Mrs. Jasmine shop, landing on the back alley next to it and then walking to the entrance opening the door causing the small bell to ring , " Welcome~ Oh Hafuma it's you." Mrs. Jasmine said entering the room, a slim waist finely cladded in a jade Kimono, make up ever so subtle but enchanting her mature aura that made him calmer, lacking a mother he supposedly made him feel this way.

"Hello Miss Jasmine, can I borrow your broom?" Hafuma said facing her as she looked over to it's direction getting it for him as he grabbed it, "Sure but whatever for?" "Today Im doing my first mission sanctioned by the village, to clean up the sand of the street. It's bothering you because customers are complaining, correct?" Hand moving over her mouth, Mrs Jasmine seemed surprised. "I'm surprised you remember something in have surprisingly good memory" Hafuma chuckled, "I am a Shinobi, a bad memory could get me killed much sooner. Thanks for the broom" Hafuma said walking back outside and beginning sweeping the sand on the road to the sides so they were no longer a nuisance to the shops. 

While the job itself wasn't any real difficulty it was a tedious task because of the sand build up but just like his travels Hafuma silenced his mind and focused oh the feel of his chakra to increase his control, additional he couldn't stop sweeping so he moved his arms with steady movements that worked his muscles in some form of exercise while accomplishing his task. After several minutes he took a break, sitting in front of Mrs.Jasmine shop rid of the sand, a cup holder in his left and a cup of peach flavored tea in his right, taking a slow sip Hafuma supposed physical labor and doing tasks for the village was one way to get a better reputation.

Finishing his break Hafuma returned to his mission of sweeping the sand off the streets and away from the entrances of shops, finally after nearly three hours of work the area described in the mission was clear of sand, Hafuma returning to the broom to Miss Jasmine

Returning to the mission board Hafuma went to turn in his mission with some of the villagers approval of it before heading home to meditate and train his chakra control more. 
Ah, but first he had to go back to Miss Jasmine's shop to get some fresh hot meat buns, he totally forgot to get some while he was there. How silly of him, this new life was starting to make him a bit soft. 


9 stat points: 4 Chakra / 5 speed
Genjutsu Release: 250/250
Genjutsu Release(Mastery): 250/250 (Zero Handseals)
Earth flow spear: 414/1000
Mission Completion: 1000 ryo(+100 for Genin)/ 5 AP
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