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Zaled Uchiha
Zaled Uchiha
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(private) wild lands voyager Empty (private) wild lands voyager

Sat Oct 16, 2021 6:14 pm
zaled having made the last of his promises, headed off into the depths of the swampy lands, his goal was simple, to from afar take another look at hoshi, and to head off and continue on his way. The point was to start this difficult journey to begin with. The mid day was with an warm but muggy heat. it was humid in this area, signifigantly diffrent from the desert heat from hoshi, and volcanic heat from the volcano lands. Working his way through the area zaled eventually made his way from the thicker area of marsh like untravled swampland. To the more natural foresty thickets of  nature.

With his now more attuned senses thanks to working his chakra sensory zaled made a small game amid his travel to practice  and further his understanding a bit more, after all the importance behind this was not so much spontanious discovery of things, but a graduel growth.  For most of his day the smallest bits of critters became a bit easier, and more often then not  This was unaccounted for land, but the occasional induvidual here and there worked, or occasionally robbed or otherwise murdered was nothing of a surprise to zaled. But thankfully this little ability helped.

By nightfall zaled had noted that the ground was more stable. and suitable for rest,  the mainland was much more massive then volcano's islands, and with a little effort zaled  decided for precautionary cases to scan the area a few times, with both natural vision, and his sharingan, only for a few hour shifts for rest he would set up a few shadow clones, considering for a few moments at a time to create and make due with thoes space time realistic clones  that one girl hinata taught him, but recalled that it still required much effort, and  he was unsure, but it didnt feel like it was his own work. He could improve upon it. like with his sensory or other jutsu, he just needed the drive and time.

Dawn soon came after he did a few shifts of being prepared, and with ii came meal time, after another set of scanning with his sharingan and eating some dry bread, and a few sips of wine, zaled accounted to travel a bit more, the old map failed to show much, but he knew hosi was north, and so zaled  kept to it, and headed further north. All the while wondering what it was that was diffrent between his own eyes and a strangers. While yes he had his 3 tomo sharingan, and was well aware of its numerous advanced stages  beyond it, the question still begged. perhaps the hunger of hunting for some eyes could be avated if everyone was more on equal terms.  But the question was where to begin?

This zaled mulled over as he travled through the now solid ground into the now glorious river based areas. Noting the immediate diffrences. Occasionally swapping the sharingan on and off as he travled and considered the diffrences. Where as what zaled  knew was considerably simple, sharpend  minute to instant details were a given. and a minor quantity to the induviduals chakra to his point, but there was a distinct diffrence. In his nature the vision was more second nature, granted he was mature to this distinct diffrence to normal vision, and his family line blessing. The fact was in developing such a method it required him to in theory have his chakra, or others tie further into his ability to detect finer details.

i suppose it is like accurately guessing another persons motions,To work backwards from the bloodline or not it is not to rival, but otherwise simply grant insight into what you are seeing, and why. two of the five cardinal questions, but otherwise where,when, and how, are for the safest methods challenging. Just like how i can read chakra its important to develop this to not only read,but accept the results. It will have a large pull of chakra since its not like it runs through the blood, and genes of a person, but  who is to say that it does not have its merits.

zaled though through a timy break. And took another swing of wine washing down his meal of wild cooked, and dried boar meat, taking another glance around with his sharingan. and once more did a bit of chakra pooling practice into his eyes. The method of practice was archeic to say simply. Unlike many this was not something simple.A jutsu always had a method, and a direct goal, as did its results that were given, and accepted.

Amid his travel he spotted the long awaited companion and smiled, It was a work in progress, but familiarity was a help in these lovely times, the uncertaincy was good.  The steps of an fellow soldier in question in tune as he spoke up from behind the wandering path.

"lo willamson, you decided to hide out in these backwoods, like the ambush of stratuns creek? At least the river water ale was an religious experience eh?"

zaled spoke with a hearty grin as the now white ringed haired man with a set of dark woven robes stepped into the woods. The man stopped and smiled at zaled, as his green eyes lit up with joy.

"well breaker the ale got better with dust, and after the fighting we did'nt care, I got a brew for you to try if you desire. Or are you on one of your odd "trips" of refreshing, but its really the trips of brothel, booze, and snooze refreshers?"

the playful jab made zaled chuckle and he shook his head, as he followed the old adversary, he only sighed and spoke up as they walked after a moment of laugher.

"not quiet comrade, a trip and job gone afoul, but a trip none the less, im not as young as i used to be as you and i figured, its been 20 years since the creek ale, its still fresh on my toungh as both the worst, and best post conflict ale to share among comrades. If it was any worse i woulda gave it to zoones horse."

Both men laughed at this as they arrived at the lovely wooden hut, with an middle age woman knitting on the porch, zaled recongnized her as the good mans wife and shot a wave to her.

"so you two left the city a few years back eh?"

zaled asked as his freind headed inside for a moment and the lady chuckled softly adding a small snip with scissors to her work and sighed. It was not easy leaving home, and zaled knew this well, after all it was all of their homes. Her reply was slow.

"it was easier to adapt here then the new of forces there. Perhaps the royals saw fit to add an new element, but it became too much zaled, you perhaps since you limited your strings, but it was from armor and forces, to small teams and throwing your blade. Even practicality was thrown to the winds, now here we are. We are too old to let an assumed child lead a man with hair on his chest, and a girl to lead a mother. Our conflicts are not theirs to run as you say."

zaled nodded solemly and noted his freind arriving with a few glasses and two bottles one finely made, andcthe other worn for the best and half full. like the day it was denied by others in the company. The scent alone was much more mature and he chuckled nervously.

"Ah it aged sims? well bless me. nothing like the river ale."

zaled spoke  as he made an excuse to  chuckle and face away from the scente of the bottle, it was more less a putrid mess now,the definition that where inmates in old prison blocks had the heart to make due with what was there, but even they knew this concoction of a mess was either a dying mans quick ticket to an unforgettable experience, or an desperate mans hope for a buzz. The trio glanced unfavorably at the bottle knowing what they do now then not before the mess of an fermented alcoholic beverage was made.

the shot glasses were up tho so not braving and hoping to push past the dreaded taste zaled took the first shot. The taste of alcohol was rather the saving grace and even the welcoming of his bread was the save choice. It was recreated and nowhere near as bad, but was unsure if by tasting it and swallowing it did he shsve a few years off his life.

how the hell did we drink this in the treanches and not drown in our own vomit.

he thought as the husband and wife duo gagged but suscessfully downed their shot. They hastely threw the bottle away and ran for the good stuff which zaled was half inclined to take the bottle and bolt to the woods. But he was a freind and knew a drjnk alone only brought demons out to acompany him.

"now that we have relived a moment of our war times old freind, what brought you so far from home? even though im retired i can tell you have still kept your buisness zaled. why not settle down and take your pension for the years of work?"

zaled took a thoughtful bite of now cheese offered by the wife and sipped a relife filled sip of the finer wine and nodded his head in thought.

"well to be frank, i just cant let down the guard. I settled once,and well that village and my lover burned, But likewise it is the same nowadays. I found a lovely nation with islands and these great mountains of volcanoes. A sight  to behold, the exotic fruit, and various spices and dishes. But by settling even before that you lose your edge, becone grumpy, and of course let the younger generation just stab themselves, and us for almost nothing. They still will,but i figured i wanted them to make sense."

zaled spoke  a bit with a drop of sadness.

"its hard to change you know, and see change around you.But yet it all be just like new paint on a old house. I thought wars and messes would end once some semblence of a shinobi force to prevent interior discord from occuring, but it is no diffrent. We are merely wearing diffrent armor and now taking a farm, another life, while most did not deserve the conflicts at their door. The factor being if i had a choice i would say maybe even our plights were as unjust, but it is diffrent when others careless but care about the knowledge you posess and how they can get it. We stabbed the nosey in our buisness, but now. it doesnt matter if you slap a child on the wrist, you may as well have said "nooo dont do that.""

zaled gestered as he took a bite assertive stances meant little if fools were to simply run head first into a village without regard for their own life and safety.

"Had to kill one few months back because he considered its safe to run into a place without saying hello, or not sneaking around. In somecases they walk up and flood a place because of whimsical desires. Hardly can reason with them without some calling of glory and willingly running a mytrdom based ideaoligy. You wouldnt find me simply risking myself alone for blank ideas. Instead of vengence i walked off and re thought my process,only to realize if im living life it is because why toss away my life for nothing short of blindness. There are so many people that desire much less and yet live to be twice our age."

It was a point that others merely lived and let live,the few that were no more then pillagers and suddenly grew hungry and decided to treat themselves on the dime and time of fellow hard workers were themain parts of the problem. It only saddened him that there were no true ends to chaos.

"but its for revenue in the end. mercensries and weapon dealers too gotta eat and feed their kids too. i suppose"

wilmson spoke glumly and looked at the closet inside the house. Zaled knew he was glancing towards his old set and reminencing.

"we are not getting any older zaled, you might just want to relax somewhere outside the mess of drama and you know live. Fish, explore. you stained emough soil and frankly you look tired of it. To the point you willingly run to the wilds for comfort vs samson the barber."

willmson spoke up honestly and zaled taking another sip and pouring another shot of wine soldmly nodded, His allies either parished or have gone on to retire, perhaps the old guard was beyond its needed time yet they were all there, it was only to luck he guessed but it did not settle the inner feeling of dread. it was perhaps sn existancial feel that impacts and efforts were fruitless.

"will.... did we do right joinimg conflicts old comrade? was this all right as unified we were. i do not shudder to feel that should leaders have felt the urge, our actions and now all these kids actions mean nothing in the end. It only makes us wonder over wine the real problem. perhaps we choose for honor, servitude, but all for what. look at us. left by deed, and then cast aside, our own suscessors well now we are left wondering if even they will push for peace.... these last 10 years left me thinking, thinking about  wether our fight was wise, even when i saw the world, and while assemblying among the  shinobi, learning tactics, and underhand methods. Whats the point? we are left to fight proxy wars and finally still spill blood.... i did not want to kill the child. i broke my instrument in greif, and yet i try to live passively. is it for nothing?"

zaled glumly took a bite out of his bread and the trio sat in silence in thought. before willamson spoke up.

"A child will not know the depths of a grown man's grief, its why even showing sympathy is diffrent drom relating, in many cases like our fallen bretheren you wept because it wasnt right for countrymen to squabble and stab one another. Another miller gone, Another empty plate. You cannot really expect them to take thoes boots unless they too have seen both sides, while some may be around a decade or 2 younger, now i suppose its fine for some too be based on merits of unseen acheivement to be the determining factor for their leadership qualificitions. They no not the fury of a mother saving a child, nor the wrath of a kind man willing to protect his family. Nor should they, but they choose to willingly fight due to like a child. They want the sun, moon, and stars to proclaim theur name, and remember their acheivements. Something we all did in the service, untill we realized we all bled red, and sweat causes blades to slip. under the armor, we sre muscle, fat, and dreams.  nothing more special then the other. It will take them years to understand this, and the only thing we can do zsled is hope enough heads roll untill they realize."

Zaled bowed his head and williamson patted his bsck while his wife fetched a rations pack and recent leftovers for zaled.  The lady had much foos which surprised zaled  while williamson waved him to take as much as he needed, simply because he couldnt eat like he used to.

"you two sure? ah yes the game around here is great. But this is alot?"

zaled implied as  He looked at the pack of food, several days worth with enough if he was sparring for a few weeks, and a few bottles of wine, But the look of williamson reveling in the moment of knowing that zaled was in for a treat. The man motioned to zaled as he headed out behind the house into a wide field full of grapes and buckets.

"the bottles of wine are but a small price to an old freind, We mske our own you see, and sell it to traveling merchants and people of all kinds. Helped our pay from service was so nice to extrovate and repurpose  the land for vineyard and fremation growth. Of course it is easy to give this all to you. Its too much for us two alone."

willamson gave a booming laugh of joy as zaled nodded and smiled, it was easy enough to take the food, and bottles of wine. but it made him wonder if he too should invest in the extravogance  of the wine and dine industry.  

fine food, and fine dining along travel routes, but as nice as it is poaching is all too prevalient, we still walk on foot, or carridge, and even buisness may run slow, so perhaps distribution like williamson is a good move, once all this is done snd over with.

it was a thought as he turned and shook williamsons hand, followed by the salute from the knights core group. The both put their right hand over their left breast and bowed their heads speaking.

"for the light of the deseret star"

zaled let out a sigh thinking back since he last used the salute and teared up slightly. He missed the order, and discipline behind it, as well as the comrades he had and lost. Now he was as best be an old man.

"i miss thoes days so i will go bsck and pay tribute to our home, it may be diffrent, and i msy need a new home, but it is still a good reminder.  to what was and is. A reminder and a fond hello will suffice, but hopefully by then i can find perhaps an inkling of why i am still driven to run around, perhaps even try to make a buisness of my own. We simply served a long service, There has to be more to the current world then combat, and bloodshed, and its my goal to find where it is of course williamson. I suppose its why i am traveling still."

willamson gave a soft nodd, knowing that zaled was one of the few that lead a life in determination, and was not one that gave in easily, he instead understood that for the most part zaled lead a life to find other ways sround problems, notike the straight path of violence, it was only one reason he was known as the breaker. It didnt matter the issue, or challenge, there was a will and way,even if he had to back off and study a situation. The solutions would come. A tactician in a warriors body, but the soul of a freind.

"You seek more then anything peace, but you know sometimes it could not be helped zaled. The problem with less travled paths, is that unless you can see how something came to be, dismanteling a house can be challenging. But you have proven us wrong before, so its why i tell you, you are allowed to go on without restrictions, and use all means nessccary to reach your goal."

it helped zaled with this talk as he felt a slight bit of relief, The note of one that understood that reaching peace beyond a means of violence and assumed exploitation. Zaled stood and with a profound pat on his old freinds back. He headed back to the front of the house and took a profound sip of the wine. The sweet taste was  wonderous, a  refreshing reminder of hard work and dedication to the craft.

Zaled waved off the couple as he headed vack on the road with now the fresh food, and wine,he was going to cook tonight in his isolated thoughts. And was more determined then ever to reach a means to his goal. At least if he needed to he desired to create a place all of his own as well. The problem was something like a village was nothing short of personal efforts torn by the whim of others.

there has gotta be a place first, then the action of forging peace. A place where at least if things go south, it is not something that could be broken, destroyed, or just simply invaded by some whimsical induvidual, and better yet will not cost me even the slightest of ryo to complete. Idealisticaly i need a place i can sip wine till i feel mentally set to do stuff, the grind of these years catch up, and its a wonder why people my age fall over dead due to stress.

Zaled thought as he travled and by the evening zaled had already set up camp and began cutting into the meat,once more taking to another lonely evening at the campfire, meeting an old war time buddy was wonderful, but it was nothing short of a bitter sweet reminder of his life before shinobi hood. The small bit of an reminder that the past was behind him. Zaled sat back, and watched his meal cook as with the help of the salts and seasonings the couple gave him it would suffice well enough to create a fufilling meal. But once again it brought zaled to wondering what would his own location created be similar to. Well it was a simple start at the first.

Zaled checked the meat by taking a kunai, and cutting a bit of meat off. the searing meat was warm and the juices dripped into the fire. He waited a few minutes for the meat to cool, and took a bite, to his liking he desired a few more minutes of cooking for the meat at least. Taking another bite to make sure, he finished the small peice, and set out his eating utensiles, and took a sip of wine. enjoying the fire and the tender cooking meat. A few moments passed by and zaled was busy cutting down the meat and working out the bones, and as a usual lover of nature set out a few peices for the wild life.

His meal was in silence except for the roaring fire, and his thoughts, each bite a reminder of his soldier life, each time he sipped the wine it was another reminder of peace he yearned for this world and the youth. It was a solem evening where his innermost desires kept a constant nagging in his gut. The problems were never an ambitious draw of fighting. It was more a result that a place was needed of neutrality, beyond whimsical desires. And scores could be settled one on one. No interruptions,but a place to be, if zaled was  in another universe perhaps he would've had the means to settle scores in freindly competative money matches, but the ninja world there really was not a such  thing.

if only it was that simple, i can only do so much in this world, and even with unlimited power i doubt it would be possible, perhaps a means of concious combat, or battles of the egos, or even fake street fighting.

The man mulled as he went to sleep.

The next dawn had zaled up bright and early, he finished a bit of his meal, and set off towards the north, the colder climates were needed now as it was a long time since he has seen and noted the snow capped mountains, And from his memory it was closer to hoshi for his quick visit.

"precautiins will have to be made of course, but best to set them up in the wintery lands for scoutable cases. ill just use the technique hinata taught me for better or worse simple matters of interacting with induviduals. it would for the best be the easiest means of handling stuff."

he spoke to himself as he held back a yawn and doubled his traveling pace.


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Sun Oct 17, 2021 4:19 pm
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