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Goro Tanaka
Goro Tanaka
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Mon Sep 20, 2021 5:54 pm
Goro Tanaka was registered as a fuuinjutsu specialist in Kirigakure's database, but like. He's never actually done anything with it. The obvious solution was to find an instructor of some sort, or perhaps browse the library for stuff he had the clearance to read, so of course, he did none of those things and went straight on to live experimentation. Previously, the green haired dumbass had been experimenting with chakra resonance and fluctuations between different people- there were records of a Unity Seal in the Kiri archives, but given that it was a B rank technique and he was obviously a fresh (not really? just completely untrained. Honestly, the assumption was offensive, and he wouldn't stand for- oh, was he rambling? His bad.) genin, so the librarians responsibly told him to fuck off.

So uh, he decided to practice what little he could see by his lonesome. It LOOKED close enough, which was pretty good in his opinion. But apparently, it needed to be applied to a living being- which was considerably less convenient. Animals hadn't been extensively tested with the Unity seal, nor had summons, so he responsibly decided that it wasn't a good idea (see? he can make good decisions sometimes) and jumped straight to people. Brilliant.

Unfortunately, his reputation as a walking, breathing example of how lab safety regulations weren't supposed to work preceded him. The manic energy, yellow apron, and goggles were distinctive enough that most shinobi (and a few well informed civilians) gave him a wide berth in the streets. Bummer.

Hmm... A metaphorical light bulb shines above Goro's head. Maybe he could ask Koutaku? He practically skipped forward with a spring in his step before-

"Oh! Hi! Penguin lady!" he vaguely recalled running into her on that mission, but couldn't remember her name at all. How embarrassing. "Do you have free time? How interested are you in live research projects?" Clearly, to Goro, the offer sounded pretty good. But to anyone with more than a few brain cells, that may not be the case...

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