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Stat Page : Sarutobi, Raleth
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Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Sunagakure
Ryo : 19000

An Afternoon at the Monkey's Uncle Empty An Afternoon at the Monkey's Uncle

Thu Aug 26, 2021 3:33 pm
The wind brings a cooling breeze to the village hidden in the sand. The sun, having passed its zenith, brings a temperate day to Kazanagakure. The villagers go about their errands, chores and jobs as usual, money and goods are exchanged in their predictable ways. Those who find themselves off of work, either because of a day off or scheduled break, and travel around the south eastern district of the village will find a sweet and attractive aroma emanating from one of the buildings. To those who catch it, they will see visions of hot food, sweet pastries and warm tea. 

If they were inclined to follow it, they would walk the narrow streets until they found a path nestled between two buildings. As they walk down the path, the aroma strengthens, and soon their stomachs and pallets would ache for satiation. They would find a quaint building, with small steps leading to a door that's been branded with a smiling, cartoon monkey face holding a tea kettle and hookah piece. As they opened the door, they would be greeted with a dark-wooded interior with warm lightning. Humorous renditions of cartoon monkey's would be branded on the dark-wooden walls, giving a cozy atmosphere to the tea shop. 

As those who came scanned the room, they would find the stern-and-stone faced owner, the ashen-haired man known as Cliff-Splitter, Raleth, sitting in in a corner table, sipping a small cup of green tea with a lit pipe resting on the table.

As of now, the owner has not seen much business and has decided to take an impromptu tea break. If a customer were to walk in, the owner would stand from his table to greet them, seat them, and offer them a menu. As of now, the aged-shinobi sips his tea and smoke his pipe.

WC: 305
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