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Meeting Ashe Empty Meeting Ashe

Wed Aug 18, 2021 12:19 pm
“Ughhh.” Nasu had just woken up and he was still really tired. He woke up at around 9 am but then slowly drifted back to sleep. He thought he was going to wake up but sleep just pulled him away. Nasu had just started dreaming. At first he was just floating. It felt like he was in a timeless void where he couldn't do anything but just float there. Normally that might wake Nasu up but this dream was different. He couldn't open his eyes. He knew he was asleep but he just couldn't force himself to open his eyes and wake up. Nasu then saw something else floating in this driftless space. He couldn't really make out what it was at first but over time it started to drift towards him. Well Nasu thought it was drifting but it was really slithering. When it got up close Nasu realized it was a snake. It got closer and closer to him until it finally devoured Nasu. Nasu knew he couldn't die in a dream but normally you wake up to the panic of death. But for some reason this was still different. Even though he would be dead in the real world he was still just floating right now. The only difference now is that he's floating around inside of a snake. Then something starts to speak to Nsau. It wasn't normal speaking but to this point normal didn't matter. He was already floating inside a snake that had just eaten him. This kind of talking went right to Nasu’s brain. It was like telepathy. Something said to Nasu “Young one, I am the snake known as Ashe. I am the main medical snake amongst all the snakes of ryuchi cave. My medical skills are unmatched. I would like you to learn how to summon me. You have already signed a contract with us with blood which means we are all connected already. Once you learn how to summon not just me but also the other of us snakes you would be able to go on higher rank missions with our power. I personally will be able to heal you and your fellow shinobi. But  first you must learn the summoning jutsu. Because of your connection to Space time techniques you don't need any hand signs for summoning us. With a small amount of blood and the seal on the ground you can summon us. The blood offering does not have to be a lot. If you just bite the top of your thumb that should be enough. The snake's head then reappeared and Nasu woke up.

Nasu was panting and sweating as his body shot straight upwards. He was just sitting in his bed catching his breath. Nasu now had something to do at least. He slowly regained his breath and started to get up. He went to his bathroom and did his normal daily routine. He brushed his teeth and then got into his shower. He had a quick cold shoer because he was hot and sweating after his dream. Could Nasu even call it a dream. He didn't really know himself. It was probably something Nasu should ask someone else about but he wasn't bothered to. Instead he just went right to making breakfast. He knew he had a big day of training ahead of him. So Nasu decided to go make some scrambled eggs for breakfast. He had some bagels left over from a recent dinner. He put a bagel into the toaster. During that time he started on the scrambled eggs. First thing to do was grab out everything he needed. Nasu got two eggs, a chopping board, some tomatoes, onion, peper, some fresh chives, some old bay, some salt and pepper, some smoked salmon, milk, and lastly some ground allspice. He grabbed a bowl and a whisk as well. Nasu cracked his two eggs and cracked them into the bowl. He then whisked his eggs nicely. He made sure the yolk and egg whites were all around the bowl instead of still in just yolk form. Nasu then started adding some spices. He put in the old bay, salt, pepper, and ground allspice. Nasu took the whisk and slowly whisked it until seasoned all around. Nasu would then place down the chopping board and grab his knife. He started to cut up some tomatoes. Nasu would go through cutting the tomato in half a bunch of times. He would start with the whole tomato. Then he would cut it in half once. Then with one side he would cut it in half again. Then with one of the new smaller sides he would cut it in half again. All the way down to the perfect size to have with your eggs. Next up was the pepper. He started by cutting off the top of the peper. Then he would cut lines of peppers that you would normally snack on. He would then dice those up until they were down to the perfect size as well. He would then finely dice up the onion as well. He would take all the bits and throw them in with the eggs. After some more whisking the basic scrambled egg formula was complete. Now onto the next bit. There was still some cutting to do. He cut some smoked salmon into smaller pieces. He also then took his chives and diced them up. Those two ingredients were for the end though. Nasu grabbed out a wooden spoon and finally got ready to cook the eggs. He poured the egg mixture out of the bowl and into a frying pan. He would then begin the hardest step. Not fucking up the eggs. He would go around the edges of the frying pan with his spoon. He would scrape off any sticking egg. Then after going around the sides twice he would start scraping up and down through the center. He would repeat this over and over again until the eggs got closer and closer to finishing. When they were just about finished Nasu took his cut up smoked salmon and put it in the pan with the eggs. This would allow the fish to be nice and warm but not grose and cooked. Then about 10 second before the eggs were finished Nasu took a bit of milk and poured it into the eggs. At the same time he turned off the heat of the stove. The milk would be absorbed by the scrambled eggs but wouldn't make them soggy. The main point of the milk is to stop the cooking of the eggs. And it's one of the best cooking tips he has ever learnt. Nasu then grabbed his bagels and put the egg mixture on it. He then topped it off with fresh chives and a bit of shredded cheese. When Nasu took a bite of his food he was kind of amazed by himself. He makes food almost every day but these were definitely some of the best scrambled eggs he has not only ever made but ever ate. Nasu thoroughly enjoyed his breakfast. You would get the nice creamy taste of cheesy eggs. Then there would be the juices of the tomato and pepper. The nice tangy taste of the onion and fresh chives. And then seasoning all blended together. Then there was the smoked salmon that just topped it all off. Each bit was perfect and tasted like it got better and better with each bite. Nasu knew he sadly couldn't spend his whole day eating food though. Especially after that really weird somewhat dream thingy he had. So soon enough Nasu got his things together and started the walk down to the training facilities to try to summon this weird dream snake Ashe.

Nasu was walking down the road while on his way to the training facilities. It was a cold day in kiri. The mist was thick and blocked the sun. It made the whole place dark and cold. Their perfect day if you didn't want to be seen. “Ahhhhh help us.” Nasu heard some screams coming by a nearby house. It wasn't surprising that there were going to be robberies on a day like this. Nasu walked towards the house and had a look at what was going on. There were a total of 4 people in the house. Two of the people had kunai and the other two were on the floor screaming and crying. Nasu watched as the two people started to load stuff into a bag. There was a window with a gap you could sit in and that's exactly where Nasu was. He was just taking him time. He didn't see a point in rushing in there so he just waited for a bit. He took off his head band and then decided to have some fun. Nasu came bursting through the front door. “Mom Dad, are you guys alright. I heard you guys screaming what's going on.” The parents played along with it which made this all even better. “Get down son their robbing us.” The two people looked at Nsau and one of them grabbed him. They took their kunai and put it around Nasu’s neck so he wouldn't move. They then pushed him away and Nasu looked at both of them and stared into their eyes. Nasu’s eyes then turned red. He had activated his sharingan and used his sharingan genjutsu. Both of them realized what was going on after seeing Nasu’s eyes. Nasu then put his headband back on and told them “You guys made a big mistake.” Nasu started making illusions. He had the ground split open from under them and had them feel like they were falling down. Then Nasu launched the dream snake he saw at them and had it swallow them both. They both then fell unconscious and Nasu would deactivate the jutsu. “Thank you for helping.” “it's no problem. I'm a shinobi and that's what I do. Just contact some other shinobi to come and pick these guys up. I've got to go though sorry for your troubles.” Nasu then went right back to going to the training facilities. He still had a long way to go. The path down is really annoying because the road doesn't go straight down there. Instead the road bends going in different directions and eventually ending up there. You would have to go past so many different shops and the park to even get halfway there. It's the main reason Nasu isn't there very often.

Nasu did eventually end up there though. He walked through the doors and instantly remembered the whole building. Not too long ago Nasu was there everyday learning a bunch of new jutsu. He wanted to get stronger so he could go on higher rank missions. Maybe even become chunin at some point. But those were all just future goals. With the power of these summons though, who knows what Nasu could do. It wouldn't even be his power though so would he still be able to go on high rank missions. Nasu then remembered why he was here. Those thoughts shouldn't matter to him much right now. The only important thing would be to learn how to summon the snakes so Nasu would be able to protect his friends and hopefully use them as a power edge as well. All things that would be nothing but useful to Nasu. First thing Nasu had to do was go find a place to practice the summoning jutsu. He had no idea how big the Ashe would be so he went to go and look for an outdoor field just in case. Nasu walked past the entrance desk and showed them his headband. They let him in and Nasu started on a walk to go and find a field that isn't in use. Nasu walked and passed a lot of different shinobi training. Nasu saw some people sparing. It reminded him of all the times Travin would beat him in a fight. Nasu hadn't spared anyone in a while. Maybe he would come and train with Kain at some point. Nasu didn't have a current way of contacting him so maybe he would ask him on their next mission. Nasu then walked past all the kunai and shuriken training. Nasu watched as a lot of younger shinobi practiced there. It looked like a trip from the academy. Nasu had never gone to the academy so he didn't know what it was like. Nasu had just gone straight to a genin through his parents training him. He watched all the little kids taking turns. Nasu never struggled with kunai and shuriken thanks to his sharingan. He could probably throw one of his kunai to hit one of the kids one with perfect accuracy. Nasu didn't try though. He might rebound one back at the kids and then get into a lot of trouble. There were a couple of fields Nasu walked by as well. All with people training jutsu. Nasu probably could have shared with others but he doesn't really know what the snake is going to do after he summons it. After about 10 minutes Nasu had finally found a good place to practice. It was a giant open field. The ground was nothing but dirt as well. It was good that nothing would get destroyed then. It also meant Nasu could finally start his training.

Nasu tried to remember everything that the snake Ashe had told him. All Nasu could remember was that he had to put his hand onto the ground and then summon the snake. Nasu didn't really know what to do then to practice. He put his hand down on the ground and obviously nothing happened.  This wasn't his first time touching the ground so he wasn't really expecting anything. So Nasu’s first idea was to pump chakra from his hand onto the ground where he wanted Ashe to be summoned. So that's exactly what he did. Nasu focused his chakra into his hand and then placed it on the dirt ground. He then pumped his chakra through his hands and expelled it into the earth. The only thing that happened this time was that a bunch of creatures that were in the ground started to dig out of the dirt so Nasu stopped what he was doing. This was definitely going to be much harder than Nasu was hoping it would be. Things can just never be smooth as a shinobi especially when learning jutsu. Nasu then realized he already knew how to do this. This wasn't his first time using some sort of summoning jutsu. Nasu remembered back to one of the last times he was at the training grounds. Nasu had learnt a lot of jutsu but among them was the summoning iron snake jutsu. So Nasu decided to use that jutsu to get the feel of it. Nasu formed some hand signs and then placed his hand down onto the ground. Then the iron snake arose from the ground. Nasu realized the trick to it all. When he places his hand on the ground he creates a jutsu formula that brings forth what he is trying to summon. In this case he would make a formula to summon this iron snake. So if he just tried to make a formula to summon a regular snake maybe that would make a difference. So Nasu got to work. He knew nothing about jutsu formulas so it was going to be a lot of praying that it would work. Nasu started by just altering the iron snake formula. If he could figure out what part was the iron bit maybe he could get rid of it and just summon a snake. Each time he tried though nothing would happen. He didn't understand this at all. He kept on going at it over and over again. Eventually he got too tired from using up chakra and he passed out. 

While passing out, Ashe came back to Nasu. “Young one, you have done a great job trying to summon me. I will put the summoning formula for all snakes directly into your mind.” Nasu then woke up. He knew the formula now. It was weird but he suddenly felt like he had known the formula forever. Nasu went right for it. Nasu placed his hand on the ground creating the summoning formula. Nasu activated the summoning jutsu and in a puff of smoke a giant snake appeared in front of him. “I am Ashe, the medical snake of our race. You have succeeded in summoning me. You are very strong indeed.” “Hey im Nasu Uchiha nice to meet you. So just how strong are you exactly?” “My strength probably exceeds yours by 10 times.” “Is that a challenge?” “If you'd like to try, I would gladly take you on in a one on one fight.” Nasu agreed and their battle began. Nasu didn't want Ashe to think that Nasu wasn't in control here. Nasu decided he would end this quickly. Nasu activated his sharingan and at the same time Ashe came right towards Nasu to attack. Nasu then used genjutsu binding. Ashe would then not be able to move. “You're not as powerful as you look Ashe.” “you are definitely stronger than I thought but this won't stop me.” Nasu then realized Ashe was using her chakra to dispel the genjutsu. If Nasu hadn't noticed he would probably be dead. Because he did though once Ashe had dispelled the genjutsu Nasu went right into another one. Nasu used his sharingan genjutsu forcing Ashe to stop. “I am your summoner and your master. This was a friendly fight. If you try to kill me again I will not hesitate to kill you first.” Nasu then made some more handisgns and placed his hand on the ground. Nasu used the iron snake jutsu. Nasu would wrap Ashe within this iron snake. The Snake then spoke to Nasu using telepathy. “I am sorry for my actions. Would you please free me.” Nasu listened and then freed Ashe. Ashe then summoned herself and Nasu had collapsed. He didn't think he would be able to beat such a giant snake. But Nasu took it with pride. He was very tired though after being out of chakra by a great amount. Nasu would end his training there for the day. He knew if he kept on going he may use up all his chakra and die. Nasu didnt head straight home though. He started by going to the beach. He was tired so a nice time just lying down on the beach would probably do him a lot of good. Nasu spent a good hour with his eyes closed on the warm sand. Again he was drifting in the timeless void. This time though there was no snake. Nasu got to keep his void all to himself. It started getting late though so Nasu decided to start heading home. One he arrived at the shopping district he decided he would get himself a meal. After all he had done a very good and long day of work. And the effort he put in repaid him with more power than before. He also gained some knowledge out of it all. Nasu can control summoning creatures using his sharingan. Nasu wondered what the extents were. Nasu saw a nice ramen shop and that's where he decided to eat. Nasu had sat down at a bar and waited to be served. Nasu ordered miso pork ramen with seaweed, scallions, corn, an egg, some meat, and some fishcakes. It took about 30 minutes for his food to return to him. The ramen was warm and tasted very nice. It was exactly what Nasu had needed after the day he had. You could taste all the different flavors within the broth. And the meat tasted really nice. The egg had a great seasoning on it which definitely boosted the meal. Then there was the seaweed which always tastes good. Then the fish cakes added a nice flavor to it all. It took Nasu a good 20 minutes to finish his food. He then paid the waitress and left. Nasu finished his walk home and opened the door to his house. “I'm back.” Nasu’s parents were both sitting in the living room watching some TV. Nasu was still drained of energy so he went right to his room. Nasu brushed his teeth and got into some pijamas. Nasu then got into his bed and slowly drifted back to sleep. He was back into his timeless space. Nasu was just lying there drifting around. There was nothing there. That was the way Nasu had liked it. Having a place he could go to and was just for him was his favorite thing to have. So Nasu stayed there and enjoyed it the best he could until morning would come again.

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Missing-Nin (B-rank)
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Meeting Ashe Empty Re: Meeting Ashe

Wed Aug 18, 2021 4:02 pm
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